CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County Commissioner Dave Hardy hasn’t changed his stance on the future of Prosecutor Mark Plants.

“There’s no question in my mind that Mr. Plants should step down or resign,” Hardy said Friday.

Kanawha County Commissioner Dave Hardy (left) once again called for the resignation of county Prosecutor Mark Plants.

The commission met with Plants Thursday night for a second time to discuss the ever-increasing bills to pay for two special prosecutors to handle cases connected to Plant’s domestic battery charge and violating a domestic protective order from earlier this year.

So far the county has shelled out more than $60,000. Hardy said that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Earlier this week, Plants entered into an agreement to participate in an 8-month Putnam County community corrections program that would result in the charges against him being dismissed, if he completes the program.

Hardy said while that may be a good solution for Plants, it’s a costly one for the county.

“When he entered into the 8-month pre-trial diversion, that’s a quarter of a million dollar piece of paper for the tax payers because we are spending about $30,000 a month on special prosecutor fees,” explained Hardy.

Plants made an attempt to convince the commission he’s off-set some of those fees by cost-saving measures he’s put into place for his office over the past five years. Hardy wasn’t convinced.

“He brought us some information on dollars that have been saved during his time as prosecutor. I respect that a lot,” said Hardy. “He has done a decent, good job as prosecutor. However, the situation that we find ourselves in now has nothing to do with his duties as a prosecutor. It has to do with his personal conduct.”

Putnam County Prosecutor Mark Sorsaia has denied Plants entry into the community corrections program. That could complicate an already complicated situation. Hardy said the only way for the county to get out from under the debt is for Plants to do the right thing and resign.

“His personal conduct has left the taxpayers holding a bill for a pretty penny!”

Plants did not make any references at the meeting of his willingness to step down.

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  • Gary Karstens

    Mr Plants,

    STEP DOWN.....YEESH!!!!!!!!

    This unfair to the taxpayers and the Gazette was right with their scowl with this man's trip to Orlando where no credit was received...YEESH! This guy's career is like a soap opera. No place for it in our high offices...YEESH!

  • Ole Sasquatch

    This good people is why you make every effort to avoid govt. in your lives. Intransigent, bureaucratic hogwash. If I were running a company and like I've seen in the private sector this would be resolved in half an hour..

    • Diaspora

      No comparison. Plants was elected by the people in a free election. You can not compare it to the private sector.

  • Tom

    I'm just happy carper's mindless babble was left out of a story.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    How embarrassing. Individual honor and dignity is at stake here.
    I side with Mr. Hardy.

    Remember though, these are Fatcat Politicians.

  • Aaron

    Mr. Plant said that before he allowed to build run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars he would resign. Of course he also made a promise to his wife and that he would be faithful and to the voters and then he would uphold the law. He broke both of those so why should this lie be any different?

  • Justin

    Why don't the have an assistant da
    That could do the cases

  • Karl

    Enough of this story/drama. Mr. Plants isn't going to step down. Nobody is going to start the process io impeach him. The tax payers (minority middle class) are going to pay to get use thru the next 3 years (remainder of Mr. Plants term). There are more important stories Metro News can report on.

  • Jim N Charleston

    Well Kanawha County taxpayers want a special prosecutor that doesn't cost $30k a month or $1k a day more. The F'ing US Attorney General don't make that much BANK and he/she handles greater cases/crimes than domestic battery.

    This "SPECIAL PROSECUTOR" who only handles a limited class of cases makes more than the Governor, any 2 members of the WV Supreme Court, 3x what the WV Attorney General makes, and in 1 month about what a State Senator or a WV House Delegate makes in a year. Oh and 3-6x what any County Prosecutor makes in the Great State of WV.

    What a job to have. God Bless political favors in WV, but Dave Hardy, you Go Girl!

    All I got
    I'm Jim N GA

  • arp

    Plants should not resign--he was elected by the people, just as Mr. Hardy was. It was Judge Bloom who caused these extra costs by his ruling that a special prosecutor was required. Plants made some bad personal decisions, yes, but it does not merit his removal. Obviously, Democrats Carper and Hardy would like to appoint one of their own as prosecutor--is that what this is about?

    • Aaron

      A special prosecutor was required because Mr. Plants demonstrated zero we go hard for the law in violating a DVP. How in the world is he supposed to enforce that same law on others?

      • Aaron

        Zero regard, not zero we go hard.

    • Jason412

      Blaming it on Judge Bloom is quite a stretch. If there wasn't a special prosecutor, all the cases Plants prosecuted while facing his charges could be challenged and probably overturned. A special prosecutor was basically the only option.

      At first I wasn't rooting against Plants, but now that he's continuously tried to circumvent and change the law in order to get out from under the charges, I hope he can't get into a diversion program and has the domestic charges on his record for the rest of his life. But I'm sure he still wont resign regardless of what happens.

      • arp

        It's a Charleston Gazette-lead lynch mob out to run Plants out of office. I have zero personal stake in it, but it's easy to see this has heavy partisan overtones.

        • clueless arp

          Really "arp"? Are you that clueless that you believe the newspaper is behind all of this. Yes, I know, the newspaper made Plants beat his child. Yes, the newspaper made Plants violate the protective order. Yes, the newspaper made the Judge appoint a special prosecutor at all those costs. Plants has no honor, no ethics, and is out only for himself. He needs to resign now. And no newspaper is behind that sentiment as the overwhelming majority of the public wants him out now.