MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Martinsburg man in connection with multiple stabbings that took place early Friday morning at a Berkeley County bar. 


Elan Bell-Veney

Deputies said two women got into a fight at Shipwrecked Bar and Grill along McMillan Court. The women and a group of men were asked to leave the bar and investigators said that’s when, for some reason a man, who police have identified as Elan Bell-Veney of Martinsburg, then got involved. He had a knife.

Investigators said Bell-Veney was swinging it wildly and stabbed five men including one victim in the stomach and another in the chest. The injuries were serious but not life-threatening.

Police are looking for Bell-Veney. They found his car Friday afternoon. They said he’s been out on probation or parole in connection with previous crimes.

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  • One Shot Only

    Well there ya go and they want to take guns away from the American people. All it would have taken is a CCP customer and one shot and they would not be looking for him. They would have planted him by now. O hell way spend the money and plant someone like this. Send him right to the city dump where he belongs.

  • Leroy

    We need to do background checks on people who purchased knives. Knives are dangerous in the hands of criminals

  • DWL

    Not a single person would have been stabbed by this POS had the liberal, leftist, socialist, (d), democratic appointed Parole board hadn't released in less than 1-1/2yrs into a 6 year sentence for a felony gun related case. Gotta just love the liberal idealology! Continually repeating the same failed ideas at everything.


      Hmmmm interesting given the fact Republicans run the entire show in Berkeley County. Blame the liberals lol
      think twice! Republican appointments honey bunch

      • Jonus Grumby

        The prison system is run by the state, not the county. Fail.

      • DWL

        He was a ward of the STATE's (democratic controlled) system. They are the one's who freed him back on to society - THE DEMOCRATS! Lord you all are dense!

  • chasmo

    We hope that this POS is found AFTER he has fallen on his own knife OR with bullets in him; save us TAX MONEY ! What a worthless POS

  • jm

    Sadly this what Martinsburg has become. A safe haven for scum like this. They still haven't found him yet. If they are even still looking

    • Jonus Grumby

      Trust me, he will turn up sooner rather than later.


    hang this low life!!!

  • DWL

    A byproduct of Plea-Bargain Pam. It's another Tiffany Time!

  • terry laird

    Yea this dude is a real piece of work shot and killed my brother gets six years and they combined his drug charges in with it know look what he does now he will walk away from that because his parents will rub pockets with the right people in that town judges lawyers prosecutors and investigators victims rights is some b.s. in that no good for nothin but strippers heroin and prostitutes why would you wanna be known for that

  • chasmo

    Its truly AMAZING : same POS names all the time for the various crimes here in the panhandle. Same Names , Day in and Day out , same names-- and then, BACK ON THE STREET

  • John Doe

    Did he play football for Martinsburg?

    • DWL

      You would think he should have, but no. That was the rest of the starters.

  • Jonus Grumby

    They said he’s been out on probation or parole in connection with previous crimes.

    So much for rehabilitation.

    • StarInWV

      ...hence his mugshot from the ERJ.