CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A man jumped to his death Friday morning along the interstate in Charleston according to police.

Lt. Shawn Williams said the man had pulled off I-64/I-77 south near the Leon Sullivan Way exit at just before 8 a.m. Charleston police officer Matt Hill was dispatched to the scene to check on the situation. Williams said Hill established a conversation with the man and noticed something wasn’t right. Officer Hill then offered to follow the man to work and the man agreed. 

Photo courtesy WSAZ-TV

Man jumped from the elevated interstate in Charleston Friday as a Charleston police officer hung on.

“The man went to turn his back and he essentially leaped over the interstate bridge. The officer grabbed a hold of him and tried as heroically as he could to hold on him and simply couldn’t maintain a grip. The man fell below to the railroad tracks,” Lt. Williams said.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officer Hill suffered several scratches on his arms.

“His arms are pretty tore where he was drug over the concrete barrier,” Lt. Williams said. “One, we’re lucky he didn’t get pulled over as well, but again the fact that he tried desperately the save the guy’s life is pretty heroic.”

Officer Hill is a military veteran who served a few tours of duty in the Middle East.

Police are investigating what may have contributed to the man’s decision to take his own life. The jump happened almost in the same exact spot as an April 2012 jump by a Putnam County man that claimed his life.

Lt. Williams said Friday’s victim is from the local area.

“It’s a tragic end to this victim’s life but if someone is intent on doing that it’s almost impossible to stop,” he said.

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  • Todd

    Gee, you sound like a lot of the self absorbed, selfish punks that like to frequent the comment board.


    Satan is out to destroy each & everyone of us & without Jesus in our lives he has a good chance of destroying you how ever that may be he wants your life!!! pick up his word holy bible KJV & read it start with new testament. try Jesus if you don't like him Satan will surely not only take you back but take you out of this world!!!

  • WSC

    That is EXACTLY what is wrong with this country! You have no idea nor do I what was happening in the mans life! You have not the info to call him an idiot! Thanks to this officer who had compassion, he was there, and he had compassion and risked his own life to save another! That is what this country needs more of, caring and compassion for our neighbors! This officer performed in an honorable fashion and should be awarded for his efforts! God bless Him and the families involved!

  • Renee

    How tragic for all involved, God bless them! Jeff, Karl and IRON HORSE you said it right! Amen
    We never know what another may be going through..but God does and is a loving God. No one else need sit in the judgment seat.
    How traumatic for the officer as well, may he be restored in every way!

  • DWL

    The officer should have never put himself in that position. That can be deadly. Glad he only has scratches. The other guy .......

    • WSC

      This Officer is a heroe in my book!

      • Jonus Grumby

        I agree, but I wonder if the officer thinks he's a hero. It's possible he doesn't as the guy was successful in ending his life. Regardless, Officer Hill put his personal well being in jeopardy to help the guy. For that reason alone, he is something special.

        • DWL

          He went completely against his training. That's what gets officers killed.

          • DWL

            End result would have been the same, Todd, wouldn't it? People like me are the only ones who realize people like you are what is screwing up society. Every last tree hugging, bleeding heart liberal, socialist, leftist, (d), ding dong democrat has screwed this country up. Besides, its neat to watch them bounce.

          • Todd

            I guess by your logic the officer should have just shot him in the head, called it a day and had pizza with the gang. People like you are the reason that society has turned stone cold and evil.


    YES so sad!! thanks to officer that tried to help this man .Our world is in a such mess I feel that it returning to anything good is very slim! the problem is that people have gone away from god only he can help us in difficult times & give us hope & peace! may this family seek god's help in coping with the loss of this man & how he died.

  • Karl

    Yes Jeff, I agree. So sad. We are blessed to have such professional, dedicated law enforcement officers in WV.

  • Jeff

    My condolences goes out to the family of the man that died. & thanks go out to officer Matt Hill for trying to save a human life-God bless everyone involved!