MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — State Division of Natural Resources officials say a black bear attacked a Monongalia County woman when she inadvertently got between a mama bear and her cub.

Kelly Dale, who lives in the Mayfield Road area outside of Morgantown went to get something out of her car Wednesday night when she realized the she was between the bear and her cub. The bear stood on its hind legs and swatted at Dale. She started screaming and the bear gathered its cub took off. The entire attack lasted just a few seconds.

Dale suffered a lacerated scalp, bruised ribs and sprained ankle.

DNR officials say the bear was tagged with two orange tags, indicating it has been classified as a nuisance bear.


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  • Boo Boo

    Should be at Jellystone Park with Yogi.

  • northforkfisher

    Hopefully the this bear ends up at a zoo and not turned loose on Dolly Sods or Spruce Knob, then down in my back yard. Bears like this that took a swing at a human has now lost of it's fear of humans cubs or not.

  • arp

    Yeah, that is highly negligent for the DNR to allow a "nuisance bear" to live near humans. Either move it or kill it!

    • WV Hillbilly

      Arp. How do you know they placed it near population. They do travel.

  • Bill

    You can't cure stupid!

    • DNR

      You would know ....

  • Tom

    No such thing as a nuisance bear. Only nuisance people.

    • FNP

      We are the reason these animals come around. We've driven them from their homes and pushed them into more populated areas.

    • WVU 74

      BINGO !!!

      • Mountainman


        • Chuck

          - 2

          • Tom

            So are we at zero or minus one now??

  • Shadow

    If it was a nuisance bear, why was it allowed to be there? Pack 'em up and send them to Central Park where the Elites can enjoy them.