NEEDY ROAD, W.Va. — A person was hospitalized after being shot in the face early Saturday morning in Berkeley County.

Police said it happened on Needy Road at about 3:30 a.m. The victim was in critical condition.

Berkeley County sheriff’s deputies and State Police troopers are investigating.

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  • Tom


    • Jonus Grumby

      We would happily return to Virginia, where we belong before the corrupt state of WV stole them away.

      • northforkfisher

        This whole state needs returned to Virginia, seeing how we was illegally made. Virginia was already succeeded from the union when Lincoln put in a puppet government to grant the split.

  • DWL

    The dancer at Vixen's Gentlemen's Club bit the big one! Anyone care to venture a guess as to what "extra curricular activity" she may have been engaged in? I guess the knitting club meeting next week is off.

    • jm

      While yes its upsetting thatthis young lady past away. But they are saying her lifestyle is going to be the cause of this. The SO has said she was known to frequent a home that is known for illegal weapons, drugs, and prostitution. They also say this is probably gang related some gang that calls themselves 401 gang or something like that.
      There was also a drive by shooting in martinsburg on northwestern Ave Saturday morning no one was injured in that

      • DWL

        The North Western Ave shooting is not related to this one and two subjects have been arrested for that one.

    • Damon wright

      Bit the big one?!? That's someone's child. People really need to think before they speak. Just because they were a dancer doesn't mean they deserve to be shot. You have no idea what prompted this. Maybe some sick pervert was stalking her and because she said no they retaliated as only a coward knows how.

      • Ash

        And that's exactly what happened Damon

  • Gary Archer

    The gun nuts must realize that carrying a gun does not make your penis grow.

  • Gary Karstens



    Why is anyone allowed to have these?? Every day there's another story about someone getting injured by one. Police are the only people with any actual need for them.

    • Jonus Grumby

      Yes, because an inanimate object is able to create all this carnage without human intervention.

    • Mburg

      Hi Northforkfisher,
      I wonder which one of the people you voted for served in the military and fought for this country - George Bush? Dick Chaney? anybody? These were the draft dodgers who sent our sons and daughters to war to enrich the oil buddies. Instead of wishful thinking and beating your chest about war and guns why not wake up and thing for a minute. You are probably a poverty stricken, minumum wage earner Republican who believes listening to Rush makes you like him. Wake up and smell the "preverbial coffee."

      • northforkfisher

        Yes I voted Republican for little Bush and he served in the National Guard.
        For you info, the Gulf Wars were not for oil like most of you liberals think, but instead we fought the first war to liberate Kuwait and to keep Israel from attacking Iraq.
        As for being a poverty stricken welfare person, I'm actually college educated and don't blame my situation on any body nor do expect any thing from the Government like most of the bleeding heart liberals.
        Everyone of the liberals blame the Republicans for all their problems but fail to see that when the country has had the most prosperity the Republican party controlled Congress.

    • jm

      Yes, because keeping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens is going to stop criminals from having them. Maybe we should ban cars because they kill people, knives, hammers and other things while you are at it.

      • Mburg

        Apples and oranges Jim - apples and oranges. Come up with a better argument - that one is really stale.

      • William