FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Former Logan High basketball standout Stevie Browning is transferring from the Division II level at Fairmont State to the Division I level with Marshall.

Browning just completed his sophomore season at Fairmont State and led the Falcons in scoring, averaging 16.8 points per game – he also collected 5.7 rebounds and 1.73 steals per game as well. Browning announced his intent to transfer earlier this month, with hopes of landing at a Division I program.

“I really enjoyed my time at Fairmont State and felt like I was part of the family there,” Browning told the Times West Virginian. “This is just a decision I made for myself. It wasn’t anything but that. I loved my teammates and everyone around Fairmont State.”

Browning will have two years of eligibility remaining with the Herd as new head coach Dan D’Antoni continues to reshape his roster. Browning averaged 25 points and nine rebounds per game as a senior in high school with Logan.

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  • Mister Man

    Good luck, buddy.

  • Aaron

    If I'm not mistaken, this young man could have been a preferred walk on at either WVU or Marshall. I'm sure he will fit in nicely in Huntington, particularly as he has a great shot.

    • kidcanplay

      preferred walk-on? what the heck does that mean? is that some honor? a walk on is a walk on? give me a break...
      He's good enough to have played for MU/WVU out of high school....
      Preferred walk on is the schools way of highlighting your at the top of our list of NOT getting a scholarship!
      They ought to do away with that made-up term!!!

    • Mister Man


  • Jabo

    Fattington needs all the help it can get.

  • Jason

    I forgot that wvu had a final four team coming back, I mean they got all those players returning, oops I forgot, some of them left. Never mind. Can't figure out if wvu and Otis (Huggins) is such an awesome place and coach why would good players leave? Marshall got rid of bad attitude players while wvu's good players are leaving because they don't want to be there.

    • Mister Man

      Marshall got rid of bad attitude players? LOL!!

    • Jabo

      I forgot that WVU owns Marsha in everything....oops....I forgot that your coach is a nobody...oops. Go ahead and get more Div 2 players, your gonnna get whipped this winter.

    • mnteerinohio

      Why in the world would you even want to talk smack about WVU hoops. Even with our struggles the past 2 seasons the Herd hasn't done anything to warrant talking trash. Please don't compare head coaching resumes. These schools should be supporters of each other because a rivalry doesn't exist, in any sport. Instead the jealousy the comes from that small town down south is mind boggling.

      • Jason

        mnteerinohio, I don't start smack talk. If you took time to see who started the smack on this article, it is one of your beloved wvu fans. So where exactly does the jealousy come from? I simply counter one of your beloved wvu fans. Every Marshall article has one of your "non-jealous" wvu buddies saying all kinds of non-sense about Marshall. You say there is no rivalry? Why is there always a wvu fan commenting on every article? Why does Marshall and wvu fans love to beat each other? Why are the fb games near sell outs every time the game is played? Why is the civic center near capacity every year? wvu administrators and fans like to hide and say its not a rivalry. I'm going to steal one of your lines its "mind-boggling".

        • Mister Man

          Why is the Civic Center near capacity every year? It's because the WVU fans in the area have a chance to see the Mountaineers play, regardless of the opponent. The number of WVU fans far outweigh the number of Marshall fans.

          • Aaron

            WVU is supposed to win the game the same way OSU or Penn State would be supposed to win if they played one of the lower tier in state teams. Like it or not, that is simply how it is in college athletics.

            To put WVU and Penn State in that category simply because Penn State won 30 some games in a row is not a valid comparison. While everyone knew WV was going to lose, they were on the same level year in and year out while Marshall and WVU are not. There is a difference.

            As to WVU/Penn State, I don't think it was a rivalry because of the losing streak and that's also why there was a lack of uproar when Penn State went to the Big 10.

            Regarding Alabama, if WV played them every year, I think it would be the same situation as with Penn State in that they would likely lose a majority of the time but nationally, they are on the same level. Alabama just happens to occupy the upper echelon of that level while WVU is fighting to maintain a seat somewhere in the middle.

            Saying that, I do hope Marshall runs the table this year, cracks the top 15 and gets the projected bowl game against UGA. As I said, I do support them, including watching games at the Joan, which I think is a fantastic venue and I wish them much success. I also wish that AD Hammrick would have accepted the deal to continue the series as I would just as soon see WVU play Marshall as the 12th games they've had over the past two years. I realize that nationally, no one outside the state cares about the game but in state it's huge and in my opinion, that should be enough for a 12th game.

          • Jason

            Aaron, you seem to have a good head and appreciate your comments. Deep down I don't really care about wvu. Sometimes I get tired of the endless babble in the comments section on every Marshall article and I tend to say something. For a school who claims to not care about Marshall they sure spend a lot of time on our articles.

            To address your point on the attendance. I can assure you there was more than 2100 Marshall fans at the civic center. I also would expect more than 8800 fans to show up for a bb game for the "flag ship" program of WV in the state capital IMO. Like the previous poster wrote that wvu fans show up to support their program no matter who the opponent. I don't agree with that especially since they only play 2 games there last season.

            As far as the rivalry issue. wvu is suppose to win and Marshall is suppose to lose?!? I have never understood that mindset. Is this how you personally felt when wvu-Penn State played all those games between the 60's-80's? You play to win the game. Do you expect to lose when you play Alabama this season? Alabama's tradition, championships, fan base, and fb revenue, wvu is not even in the same ball park. So does Alabama have everything to lose and nothing to gain? That is just a chicken little thing to say. I hope for your program that they don't feel that way. Nothing ever stays the same. PSU would not dominant the series now if it was played. Just like wvu would not dominate the series in FB with Marshall if played last year and this year.

            Basketball series, hate it in Charleston. In the late 70's, I think Marshall and wvu played twice a year for a couple of years. Too lazy to look it up tonight. But it was 1 game in Charleston and the other one in Motown while the other year it was Chas and Hton. Something similar could happen again.

            I agree with you on the "new" fan. But all programs have to and need to grow. So you can't stop that. But wvu has had their explosion during the Rich Rod years also. Fans who only know the winning side and not the rebuilding side. It happens every where, nothing anybody can do about it.

          • Aaron

            Am I to understand Jason that you're basing your assertion that this is a rivalry based on 2153 Marshall fans? Given that nearly 9000 showed up for a game against William and Mary, your claim supports me earlier statement that WVU fans come out to Charleston to support their team.

            As to whether it's a ravelry not, maybe a little for the fans but not for the teams. Marshall has nothing to lose because they're supposed to lose and West Virginia has nothing to gain because they're supposed to win so it's really not played one equal terms which is one component of a true ravelry.

            I understand why Huggins got it out of January and to be honest, where I him if I had to play it it would become a two-for-one between Morgantown and Huntington.

            And before you say I'm just another WVU fan you should read back over some of the comments regarding Marshall. I have strongly supported Marshall for years with my only gripe the Johnny-come-lately's who showed up in the mid to late 80s and 90s. If you're a Marshall fan you know exactly what I'm talking about.

          • Jason

            So fun debating wvu fans because they don't even know their own team. 2013-14 season, wvu played 2 games at the civic center per wvu's website. William and Mary, attendance 8,885. Marshall attendance 11,038. Say again about wvu fans will show up for any game to see their team?!? As usual another delusional wvu fan.

        • Jim Kinzer

          in the time it took to read the above post, Marshall Basketball has lost 2 recruits, 3 current players, and a home game to Gardner Webb....

          • Mason County Contrarian

            Mr. Kinzer, I would be interested in knowing the institution from which you graduated.

    • steve

      At least we have the right brother

  • worth the risk

    He put up an impressive showing playing WVU last winter. If he puts on a few pounds he will see the floor. Great shooter and finisher in traffic.

  • Jim Kinzer

    So moo is resorting to snatching up D2 players now? Is D'antoni going to be able to even field a team for the Capitol Classic this winter?

    • Jabo

      Marsha is getting very desperate. That Capitol beatdown is gonna be bad...real bad for lil brother.

    • Interesting123

      He's a walk-on so its not really much of a risk.

  • Jim

    Welcome to Huntington and Marshall. Marshall has a history of former Logan High School basketball players doing well in Kelly Green and White. Go Herd!

    • steve

      Logan had one in the 60's-James Davidson. Who is on the list that you speak of?