WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — The 2014 Greenbrier Classic kicks off Monday. Tens of thousands of people from across the world will make their way to West Virginia to watch the PGA event. The field is filled with past champs and some of the biggest names in golf.

West Virginia Commerce Secretary Keith Burdette, a guest on MetroNews Talkline last week, said the event is more than just a sporting event. It is a week-long advertisement for the state of West Virginia. From newspaper to radio to magazine and TV coverage, the state is in the spotlight

Burdette estimated the state spent about $200,000 in advertising time for the final day of the Classic in 2013 which aired on CBS and the Golf Channel.

“We spent a couple hundred thousand dollars for 90 seconds on CBS and the rest of the day was free. Because the folks, Jim Nance and the whole group from CBS and the Golf Channel they couldn’t be effusive of their praise and admiration for the state of West Virginia,” according to Burdette.

He said you can’t buy that kind of advertising. That’s why they have a similar deal with both networks again this year.

Burdette said the state will also spend some money flying business executives into the Greenbrier for the week of the tournament. He said it pays off in the end.

“When we get them to come to West Virginia and watch a golf match, we get to bend their ear for two or three days. That is a whole lot better than cold calls and trying to get into somebody’s office,” stressed Burdette.

Prospective investors not only take in the golf game but the food, the beauty of the region, the friendly people and the possibilities of locating a business in West Virginia.

Burdette says the Greenbrier Classic’s business benefits to the state are uncalculable.

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  • stophating

    Does the event promote the state, or Jim Justice's playground for the wealthy?

  • Hop'sHip

    Silas: Have your lawyer challenge Mr. Justice's lawyer to a trial by confab.

  • In da stickes

    I say money well spent. Did you naysayers know that South Carolina finances the Harbor Town PGA event in Hilton Head to the tune of millions of dollars each year since the title sponsor pulled out? South Carolina for God's sake people. Independent View said it very well. This is an investment in job potential for all West Virginians.

  • Mitch

    "Kicks Off Monday".....Great...WHICH Monday? TODAY, or NEXT Monday? Does "Monday" have a particular date to go with it, or is it just ANY Monday?

    Jim Nance and the whole group "Couldn't be effusive"......
    ......or couldn't be "EFFUSIVE ENOUGH"?
    Which do you mean to say? Two VASTLY different meanings....

  • NotSoFastMyFriend

    Is Jim Nance the same as Jim Nantz the award-winning CBS commentator?

  • stophating

    Are all PGA events "state sponsored?" I'm guessing not (but could be wrong).

    With tax payers subsidizing the event, shouldn't WV tax payers get discounted or free entry?

  • Ritchie county guy

    Glad the state is willing to invest the money into this for you people that like bashing the state have you ever sit back and looked at the industrial down cline that we have went through in the last 20 years. Realize this if the state doesn't use taxpayers money to promote this region of our country no will do it for us So stop whinning

  • cutty77

    Well said Young Man.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Love that "Lighten up, Francis" reference! :) A flash from the past!!

  • Gary

    What a waste of tax payers money Corporate sponsors should be paying for this not the taxpayers .They cut the money for Seniors and the roads are a mess and need fixed . While Jim Justine and the Greenbrier get about anything they want.

  • Silas Lynch

    or girl

  • Silas Lynch

    That's my point, ignorant man.

  • WV Educated

    Melvin: Lighten up, Francis , any reasonable person knew what the poster meant and recognized it as a typo.

  • Independent View

    To the Naysayers--have you ever watched PGA Golf on TV? If you have, did you notice that the majority of advertisements during the three-hour telecast are about investments and investment companies?
    Why? Because like it or not, investors play and watch golf. A poor person is not going to create jobs in WV or any other state, but executives of Fortune 500 companies make decisions to invest in plants and jobs and they watch PGA Golf on TV. The Greenbrier Classic is an excellent opportunity to get the message across worldwide that WV has a large, willing, hard working and available labor pool of great potential employees!
    Taxpayer money is spent on "galas" in Charleston such as FestivALL, Live at the Levy, Smoke on the Water, etc. Those beer guzzling characters do not create 1 job, they are just there for the freebies.

  • Andy

    Ever hear the phrase you have to spend money to make money? Look beyond the right now slack jaw. There is NOTHING that happens in the state of WV that gives as much national publicity as this golf tourney. Embrace it, enjoy it, and hopefully reap the benefits of it in the years to come.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Golf tournaments occur everywhere. What makes this one different is this one is compliments of the West Virginia Taxpayer.

  • melvin

    waist= your midsection

    waste=to use or expend carelessly or to no purpose

    Every once in a while, pick up a book. Instead of carelessly expending your time on silly off-topic rants.

  • cb

    Our state rarely gets good PR. The classic is one event where we have national attention and this time it is on how beautiful and great of a state it is. I have heard good things said about the people, the area and how it is a great place to live.

    So if the state spends some money to advertise our state in a positive light how is this so wrong? I am so damn tired of people complaining about the Classic as well. If you dont like it dont go, but dont open your mouth and say there is nothing to do here......

    Like him or hate him, Jim Justice has brought positive PR to the state, and 2 major pro related sporting events, the Classic and the Saints training camp. That is more than anyone else is doing that is on this message board complaining.

  • william

    It's all about MONEY!
    Some people only care about MONEY!
    Money has taken a lot of good people down.

  • Three Questions

    What's a Bo-Bo? What's Hunting Big Foot? What kind of TV do you watch assuming that these are related to TV? Talk about my tax dollars not being spent well on your public assistance checks. Geez.

  • Silas Lynch


  • Silas Lynch

    Now I'm wonder how much we paid the program "Hunting Big-Foot" to come to WV-- and also suspicious how much we paid Bo-Bo to say: "Of the lower 48, WV is my favorite" ---- now that's advertisement you can't buy.... Or did we?

  • Silas Lynch

    Dear Mr. Jim Justice,

    Pay me the money you owe me. I was kind enough to reestablish your credit line after months and months of being delinquent and now you wont pay again.

  • C. F. T.

    What a waist of your and my tax dollars? WV pay to fly private jets for corporate executives, whose corporations can easily afford the cost. Then, like Barretta, No Joe Manchin runs away with his anti-gun support.

  • I'm honest at least

    Does it get to anybody else that this state spends money on golf advertising but can't fix the roads?