MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — State Police say a murder investigation from the weekend happened in an area that is not known for violent crime.

Taylor Hawkridge, 22, was shot in the face as she returned home from work about 3:30 a.m. Saturday at the Andelusian Court Apartment Complex.

“Somebody approached her, shot her in the face, and fled the area,” said State Police Corporal J.J. Bowman.

Troopers say for now the only description they have on any kind of suspect is a dark colored vehicle fled the area.

“At this point, there’s no sign to say it was a robbery,” said Bowman. “We have some witnesses in the area, it was a town home complex, so some people saw some stuff.”

Bowman said troopers are following up a number of leads generated by the witness statements, but so far have not been able to develop any suspects.

Hawkridge lived with her boyfriend at the apartments.  She died a short time later at the Winchester, Virginia Medical Center.

“The neighborhood itself, we don’t have a lot of calls other than general calls to 911,” Bowman said. “This right here is out of the ordinary for that area.”

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  • Franklyn

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  • concerned observer

    The family is absolutely devastated about this. I am a personal long time friend of her father and I know she was a beautiful young lady that loved her family very much. She was a wonderful mother and daughter. No one deserves to die like this! I just pray they prosecute this murderer soon. They have destroyed many lives especially her baby daughter. Its absolutely heartbreaking and their lives are forever shattered. Just disgusting and horryfying!

  • cabin creek

    God bless

  • Concerned citizen

    It was obviously personal so why not look back into what may have caused it. Yes it is so sad she was taken from this world, but that doesn't excuse what she may have done to make someone feel they needed to take it that far (may I add there is never A reason to take someone's life no matter what) but at end of the day digging into her background may be wha is needed to solve this crime. No one waits in a parking lot with a gun with murder on their mind for no reason. May she RIP and no disrespect intended just puttin it out there

    • Mike S

      The police are not stuck on stupid

    • BH

      She may not have "done" anything to the person who murdered her. So sad.

    • Jonus Grumby

      I seriously doubt the state police have missed that possibility, Inspector Clouseau.

    • close friend

      The nerve of people. Imagine if it were your daughter? Or sister? I knew Taylor personally she didn't believe in hurting people. She was always genuine and very loving. She was an awesome mommy and loved her baby girl so much. Something I always commended her for was how she always made her baby her first priority. We miss her and she was and always will be truly loved. Rest in Peace Taylor.

    • Josey

      I love people that sit back and thinks police are doing nothing... Get a clue and some education. You couldn't walk one day in a troopers shoes!

  • 72 nova

    I think we need god in our lives and go back to an eye foe an eye. This will stop over crowding in jails. I say kill em all and let god sort them out. Stop plea bargaining. If you commit a crime you lose your rights.

    • concerned observer

      I hope you don't have any children of your own. You would not say this if this was your daughter that was shot in cold blood.

  • rhonda beckett

    so sorry for ur loss

  • Doyle

    Martinsburg is a sewer

    • Josey

      Rats live in sewers!!! Move!

    • Jonus Grumby

      This did not happen in the city of Martinsburg.

  • Mark

    Word of mouth from friends to the cops will end this quickly. Somebody knows why this happened and who did it. Come forward. Otherwise, it will quickly subside and go unsolved. Posters on this forum are only pointing out the obvious problems in this county that are happening unchecked. Greedy builders, unscrupulous real estate agents and bankers, politicos, cronyism and a lack of leadership amongst law enforcement is the catalyst and obstacle to a solution. Prayers to the family are certainly offered and well wished.

  • concerned friend

    As a deeply saddened friend I don't think this is the place to argue over politics in your county. A beautiful young lady was murdered. Taken from her family and friends forever. We all hope and pray justice is on their side. Before you choose to comment remember her family and friends might be reading your posts. R.I.P. Taylor Hawkridge

  • christopher mccoy

    Please. find thé killer

  • Facts Only

    Who said anything about Mexicans. Heck, there isn't enough space on this forum to discuss how many illegal acts they have committed in our country and the impact their illegal immigration has had on our infrastructure and domestic support. There is a legal immigration process in place. But the liberals aren't satisfied with it so they ignore it. Berkeley County is riddled with drugs, murders, theft and corrupt or inept city and county leaders. It will get worse before it gets better. Heroin overdoses have taken over the local ER's. So the cops target everyone in lieu of those who are actually distributing it. No real organized effort.

  • Gary Karstens

    Another instrument of death that should have been banned. YEESH!

    • Renee

      WOAH!! The "BLACKS"? You Mike Walters, have some serious issues. I'd be more concerned about you than ANY of the Blacks, Hispanics or ANY other ethnic group running around town.

      • Josey

        Me too Renee

  • Walter

    The cops are young guns and incompetent and the prosecutor plea bargains everything in this county. Not sure about the troopers. We'll see.

    • In da stickes

      How about the Mexicans Walter? I think it's the Mexicans.

    • Martinsburg Resident

      Sounds like Walter has all the solutions to Berkeley County's crime problem(s). Easy to criticize if you have never walked in thier shoes! I personally have respect and faith in our law enforcement (including the prosecutor)... perfect, absolutely not... I pray this "Thug" is apprehended quickly. Prayers going out to the family... very sad.

      • Just the facts

        Hey Martinsburg resident, he didn't offer solutions you nit wit. He gave us the real facts. Everyone who has lived here for over twenty years or more has watched the decay of the local law enforcement skills and attitude, the inept City Council and senile mayor and the corrupt and contractor crony laden County Council. It's Kanawha and Mingo on a smaller scale. So go pound sand. You are just another crony or family member endorsing corrupt and incompetent behavior from less than professionals.

        • Josey

          Then get your butt out and vote your city council out of office!! If they have facts do you really think they would publish it in the paper? Former WV resident

        • Roosting Chickens

          Karos is an old coot for sure and clueless about this town. He was at a give away for less than fortunate kids and said, "I didn't know there was this much need in the community." He's mayor for one reason only and that's to look out for his business, Patterson's Drug Store which he inherited. BTW, did Majoritarian find a new venue?

        • Martinsburg Resident

          Proverbs 12:16

  • eric

    Shot in the face sounds personal. Somebody was very angry.

    • Roosting Chickens

      I believe so, too. Someone lied in wait and knew her routine.

  • Jonus Grumby

    3:30 in the morning? Perhaps coming home from a local watering hole? Very sad. My condolences to her family & friends. Hope the perp is caught quickly.

    • northforkfisher

      You need to reread the story she was coming home from work. Most night shift manufacturing jobs get off at 01.30am . To her family my thoughts and prayers are with you.
      I hope that they can catch this pos. Anyone who can just shoot a person point blank is a serious threat to society.

      • Jonus Grumby

        The story was updated. That information was not included in the original article.

        • northforkfisher

          Sorry didn't know.