CHARLESTON, W. Va — Whether you’re a sports fan going to cheer on the Mountaineers or a college student coming home for a home-cooked meal, the trip from Charleston to Morgantown has never been easier. The inaugural bus trip for the new I-RIDE 79 service left the Greyhound Terminal in Charleston on Tuesday morning.

I-RIDE 79, created by Barons Bus Lines, will make daily trips between Charleston and Morgantown with additional stops along Interstate 79 in Clendenin, Flatwoods, Weston, Fairmont, and Clarksburg.

Patti McIntyre said she’s happy she can easily send her grandson, who is a West Virginia University student, back to Morgantown with no hassle. “We’ll go up and come back the same day which is a five hour trip, plus your gas and your time. We enjoy being with him the whole time, however it just makes it easier. He can get on the bus and sleep, where he’s usually in my car sleeping,” McIntyre said.

In addition to saving time and energy, people are saving money by using the service. Round trips from Charleston to Morgantown can cost more than $40 in a typical car. Fares for the I-RIDE 79 service begin at $3 and do not rise above $15 for the full one way trip.

Kat Monday said she is excited about the savings and other opportunities that the bus service offers.

“I have a gas hog and I like to travel home at least once a month. This is an opportunity for my family to sit and let somebody else drive us home to Morgantown to visit. For $15, it’s not that expensive at all. I can see day trips and Game Day trips. I think it’s a wonderful service that they’re providing for us, ” Monday says.

Officials with Barons Bus Lines said the transportation service is part of a solution to growing traveling costs in West Virgina. The federally funded I-RIDE 79 line will also connect with other Greyhound bus services in Charleston and Morgantown to provide access to other cities like Pittsburgh.

Each bus is equipped with WiFi, power outlets, and flat screens. Every seat in each bus also has a seatbelt.

In celebration of the new I-RIDE 79 service, tickets are free through Monday. To view the bus schedule or reserve a seat, call 888-378-3823 or visit

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  • Cathy

    Read brigegirl comment...Less people driving on the roads help maintain the roads.
    Not all of us have the luxury of being able to drive.
    I'm able to see my family now
    Wish they had evening service for all the shows in Morgantown

  • Cathy

    Can't get scheduel online.
    Just shows Mr. Monopoly and gets stuck there.
    Want to see bus stops. When I called one stop was at a Wendy's. Where do I park my car so it wont get towed.
    Live this service though. Can see my Grandson!!!!!

  • Kathy

    I think it is a great idea because I live in Huntington and have family around Clarksburg. I can ride a bus to Charleston and then catch the other bus to Clarksburg since I no longer drive. I am going to ride it soon!!!!

  • Toll Tired

    It would make more sense for the WV Turnpike to run a bus from Princeton to Charleston so folks could get a break from the $12 each day cost not to mention fuel costs.

  • bridgegirl

    Someone please help me understand the logic behind this?

    The W.V.D.O.H. has openly stated it does not have the state funds or Federal funds to safely and adequately maintain the roads we have.

    We continue to build new roads ( Corr. " H " , Route 10, King Coal, Coal Fields Expressway, and not to mention the ingenious plan to have contractors finance the remaining 14 miles of 4 lane Rt. 35??

    The Blue Ribbon Commission was to look at ways to save our failing EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE; because it was absolutely agreed that the gas tax could not maintain our roads let alone build new expansion projects.

    And now the Department of Transportation accepts federal money to subsidize a bus trip for 153 miles???

    Not only does this take money that could be used to pave a road or fix a failing bridge; it further reduces the ability for the State to collect gas taxes that are designated to fix the very road this Entitlement BUS will travel daily at a loss that is subsidized by every hard working, Tax paying resident of WV.

    I drove From Charleston to Morgantown tonight and it cost $ 28.69 in Gas. I needed to be in Morgantown; so I did the responsible thing:


    Can anyone else but me imagine living in a State or This Great Country where everyone like me is O.K. With Paying for what we need and want in life.

    I Never Dreamed in my lifetime that I would live to see a nation that people were willing to except something for nothing and being O.K. with the notion that others will pay for those not willing to pay for the true cost/value of a service.

    • jbob

      In that $28 u spent only a very small percentage went to road tax but these people are paying 15 a ride to the state multiply that by how many seats there are now compare how much the state is making to ur measly $28 please think before u post please

    • J the C

      Well then, dare to dream the dream, Ms. self reliance.

      • bridgegirl

        J the C

        the dream is a nightmare!!!!!

        Because the working class is paying for the Entitlement Class!!!!!!!

        Enjoy the subsidized RIDE

    • ViennaGuy

      Welcome to the "I'm tired of carrying the water while other people drink the water" club. This nation was a lot better off when EVERYONE helped carry the water.

      • J the C

        There has never been a time when "everyone carried the water", so get off your right-wing horse.

        • bridgegirl

          Maybe you should try and carry at least one gallon

        • ViennaGuy

          You are correct that there has never been a time when 100% of the people "carried the water." But by the same token, there has never been more people drinking the water and fewer people carrying the water as there is now. Be honest - do you think that's a good thing?

          Making an observation that there are too many people on the public dole is not a political thing, unless you are of the opinion that we should be giving as many people a handout as possible.

  • Low Rider

    Great for the college kids along the route, but the "federally funded" bus ride will be bleeding red ink in no time.

    • ViennaGuy

      It bleeds red ink from day one because it can't run at $15/rider without the federal subsidy.

      • 1Smartone

        I would assume you would need 30-40 riders to break even at $15. Is the bus a 60 passenger? But I am not sure this thing is made to make money.