CLARKSBURG, W. Va. — A former Harrison County process server has plead guilty to two felonies.

Jason Lee Marple, 35, entered the plea to U.S. Magistate John. S. Kaull on Tuesday, admitting to aiding and abetting distribution of oxycodone within 1,000 feet of a protected location — a Clarksburg city park in the Northview district which qualifies as a playground– and possession, use and carrying of his Harrison County Sheriff’s Department firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense.

He faces a minimum of six years in prison when he’s sentenced by U.S. District Judge Irene M. Keeley at a later date.

There is no parole in the federal system.

The plea deal was arranged by Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Shawn Morgan and Federal Defender Brian Kornbrath.

After a extensive period of questioning conducted by Kaull, Marple said he entered into the plea agreement on his own, without any outside influence.

Marple met with an undercover officer in the Clarksburg K-Mart parking lot to sell oxycodone pills back in March, according to the evidence presented by Morgan, and pulled up next to the undercover officer in a Harrison County Sheriff’s Department cruiser while wearing his uniform. The undercover officer voiced concern the situation. Marple attempted to alleviate his fears by saying, “I’m just a mail man with a gun.”

Marple met several more times with the undercover cop and informant because he did not have the pills on him on several occasions.

The undercover officer provided the informant with money to buy the pills from Marple at the park.

The pills were positively identified as 30mg oxycodone pills after initial examination from on medication identification website and after being sent to the State Police Crime Lab for further tests.

A pre-sentencing investigation will be conducted before Keeley takes over the case.

There are eight other defendants named in this case and five have entered guilty pleas or are have a plea hearing scheduled.

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  • His wife

    Umm... to the person talking about getting out of dui's and lost paperwork... you realize that this is JASON marple right? He has never been in trouble that he needed getting out of. The DUI's etc. that you are talking about were his brothers, not his. He's never had a parking ticket before this, but yes he plead guilty to what he did. So, even though i'm used to everyone having an opinion on my family these days, for once I wish i'd see an actual fact or two. I know what the newspapers have reported, but ive also sat through every second of every hearing and I know how twisted it gets by the next morning. Anyway, just clearing that up.

  • Jima

    Carl Tomblin did a friend of his a favor and caught caught up in it- Marple was greedy and money hungry pill pusher-a pusher! Tomblin on the other hand had a addiction to thee medication that he was prescribed.

    • Jason412

      Are you kidding me? How did he "do a friend a favor"? He sold almost $4,000 dollars worth of pills over a period of at least 8 months. That is what he has admitted to. He not only supplied the confidential informant on 5 different occasions, he has admitted to selling to other people as well. I suppose they were all "his friends"?

      Was he also doing a friend a favor when he was stealing property in Tennessee?

      What B.S., here's a news flash, most West Virginia drug dealers have a drug addiction. How do you know Marple didn't have a drug addiction?

  • Dave

    This guy should have been in jail years ago for the DUI(s) his parents, a "magistrate" and an ABCA official, scammed him out of. Something about lost paperwork. Yeah right. And the sheriff's department had no idea this was going on. Again, yeah right.

  • northforkfisher

    He should get house arrest and probation, then allowed to continue with his job. That away he would get the same fair shake like the Governor's brother. Unfortunately he's not so they will throw the book at him and considering his job they should.
    I know it's not fair that one gets hand slap and the other gets slammed.

  • Jason412

    This guy gets a minimum 6 years in a federal prison, the governor's brother gets 8 months at his house. Country roads...

    • Hambone

      The governor's brother has had it easy his whole life. Hell, ol Earl Ray had the Logan Farmer's Mkt. built through the WVDA with state funds just to give lil' brother Carl a job as market manager. He spent more time out buying and selling dope than at the market.