MORGANTOWN, W.Va.– Kelly Dale had never seen a bear in the wild, so when bears started nosing around her family’s property in Monongalia County she was excited about the prospect of catching a glimpse of bear in the woods.

However, Dale got more than what she had bargained for when she was attacked by an aggressive mother bear.

“We have many pictures and videos that I was terribly excited about getting,” says Dale. “They’d travel by here and you could stomp your feet or clap and yell and they’d take off. It’s been between 7:30 in the evening and 1 in the morning that we’ve either seen them or heard them outside”

Dale went out to her car around 10:30 p.m. on June 25 to retrieve an item from the glove box. She says she was only out there for a matter of a few minutes. When she got out of the car and shut the door Dale says she heard a bone chilling growl behind her she’ll never forget.

“I turned around and that’s when I saw the cub and I knew, without a doubt, I was in some sort of trouble,” recalled Dale on WAJR-AM’s Morgantown AM. “Right about then, the mama bear popped out from behind the car and stands up and shows how big and tough she is and charged after me.”

The bear swiped at Dale and put a gash in Dale’s head then swung with the other paw landing a blow on Dale’s torso, bruising her ribs.

“Then she stood over top of me then spun around with her mouth open like she was going to bite me,” said Dale.

Dale was afraid the bear was going to try to bite her neck and knew she had to fight back. So she started screaming at the bear and apparently it did not like the sound of Dale screaming.

“I had been screaming the entire time but I started screaming at her as opposed to screaming in my curled up ball.”

The bear finally gathered her cub and took off. The bear had been marked with two orange tags, indicating it was a nuisance bear and had been rummaging through people’s trash and getting close humans.

“They’ve become less and less afraid of people and they’ve been coming on our porches and sniffing around the windows. Some of them are huge,” said Dale.

Dale went to the hospital the next day to get her wounds treated and said she must still receive rabies shots as a precaution.

“I beg that I never ever even see a bear again.”

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  • Gary Tannenbaum

    The DNR is now hunting her down to kill her. Is that really necessary? She did nothing wrong. call them.....Colin Carpenter at the DNR 304-256-6947......they could catch and relocate her.

    • WV Outdoorsman

      She's already been relocated... Twice.. Hence the 2 orange tags...
      I'd lay money that they have been feeding close to their house in order to get close up pics..
      So, she and the bear are both at fault.
      The DNR needs to let us kill more bears so that we can help avoid this from happening more often..

  • Pickle Barrel

    Track it down and shoot it. Turn it into a nice rug for someone's cabin.

  • Fred

    How much do you want to bet the lady who was 'attacked' is feeding her cats outside?

  • Kary Garstens

    Mean ole bear. All you bear nuts want bears for the masses and now YEESH a bear weapon of violence is used against another person. YEESH I say again. When will it end? Nobody needs a bear. Buy a dove. Like I told my wife, if you hear a sound outside at night, go out on the balcony and throw a dove up in the air. It will scare anyone away. If the're trying to get in the door, send a badger through the pet door at them. But what's really best to have is the lowly gerbil. Or a gaggle of gerbils (as the correct plural term is). You can never have too many gerbils! At 10 for $20 what a bargain. Yeesh Out.


    I think there is more to the story & think this woman was doing something to get the bear to attack her! weeks later the real truth may surface!

  • Justin

    The orange tags probably meant that it had been in someones trash, which you will have when civilization encroaches on the wild.

    FYI: Never play dead with a black bear that just makes you an easy meal. They are lazy and if you fight back the will normally go find an easier meal.

  • northforkfisher

    They can take a bear and move it as far as they want, but some bear are like an old cat they'll find their way home. Most of the time, they bring these bears up here to the high mountains and they end up getting shot for killing livestock.

  • Jay

    Finish a story, folks! Did she get the item she was seeking from the glove box???

    I guess we'll never know.

  • johnny

    Bear attack. 10:30 at night. didn't go to hospital til next day or tell authorities? Had lots of pictures. Probably had to clean up the feed she was feeding them.

    • thornton

      The "next day" is a mite odd.....considering the injuries.
      Would most folks wait overnight to seek treatment after a left and a right by an angry black bear?

      Familiarity breeds contempt?

  • Willie Pete

    Someone should call the WVSP, they know how to dispatch animals!

  • Duane

    What part of Mon County does she live?

  • Shadow

    Thankful she was only injured to the extent she was. It is an occurrence that should never have happened and the fault lies with DNR. I wonder what DNR's theory is when it puts orange tags in a bear's ear? Is that to warn folks to stay away or is it a cure for bad behavior? Bad bears are bad bears and should be put away like criminals, preferably, to the highest bidder for the meat and skin. WV could use the money.

    • Roger

      Whether its a "nuiscance" bear of not, if you get between the mother and the cub, any bear will try to protect their young if they feel that the cub is in danger. It doesn't matter if its in the deep woods or in Central Park in New York City, the reaction is the same. These mothers are very protective of their cubs, and look after them a lot better than some human mothers do! A momma bear can be a dangerous animal and I'm glad the lady was not hurt more seriously...

      • Fred

        Good point, Roger. Animals are better than humans when it comes to protecting and caring for their young.

        • Roger

          Another point, Fred...Development has ruined the natural bear habitat in many areas, so the bears are forced out and end up in someone's driveway looking for food. I know in Pocahontas County the whole mountain where SnowShoe is now located was a natural bear habitat. The bears stayed there and did not bother anything or anybody, except maybe occasionally one would come off the mountain and become a sheep killer and it was immediately taken care of by local hunters. I have heard of city folks who by condos at SnowShoe and then complain to the county officials about bears getting into their garbage cans....Duh, they encroached on the bears territory, what do they expect. Bears are dogged to death day and night year around by a lot of these so called bear hunters. They are a beautiful animal and its a shame that they sometimes cause a mishap as with this lady...Just my opinion and others can disagree, thats fine.