WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Bubba Watson found himself in a four-shot hole on opening day of the Greenbrier Classic and surmised it was merely a matter of timing.

As in, his afternoon tee time meant bad timing.

Watson finished the day at 2-under and tied for 31st, trailing a leaderboard stacked with golfers who teed off Thursday morning, before the greens hardened and the winds began swirling.

“When you look at it, being a couple shots under par isn’t bad. There’s not too many guys that played in the afternoon that are high on the leaderboard,” said Watson, who started around 1 p.m.

He anticipates the script flipping Friday, when he’s scheduled for a 7:50 a.m. tee time. “Hopefully the afternoon wave can feel what we felt.”

After going 1-over on the front nine, Watson closed strong by finding four birdies on the back side.

“There’s not a single shot I would want to re-do,” he said. “It was just a guessing game with the wind, but my shots were missing right or left.”

Watson debuted his new pink Ping driver, one he claimed he “snuck out of the factory” two months ago. After belting a long drive of 336 yards Thursday and averaging more than 319, he pronounced: “That thing’s sweet.”

Allan Taylor/MetroNews

Bubba Watson tees off Thursday at the 2014 Greenbrier Classic.
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  • MOCO man

    Just pure dumb..........some people just have to cry about anything and everything...........no telling how many millions of dollars are being spent right here at home with people here from all over.......

    • WV Pride

      Well said, each person here is spending money which is taxed by the state. Each business in Greenbrier counting is seeing increased business from this event. It is not just Jim Justice who is profiting from this. It is good to see it spread around. Yes, you see people movie here because of it. They come experience the wonders that are here and want to be a part of it.
      Now, tell me why this is not a good thing for the state, county and people of WV.
      Proud WV

  • WV Pride

    I see WV ended the year with a 27 million dollar surplus. I know a lot of states would love to be able to say that along with having the prestige of have a PGA tournament in their state. Looks like somebody is doing the right thing. I am glad the nation gets to see the beauty of the state both live and on TV. CSX never did that for the state. They just worried about corporate profits.
    Proud WV

  • stophating

    Is WV providing a tax break to Bubba as well as Jim Justice?

    Or is Bubba having a residence in WV the economic boom that was promised to the tax payers?