CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Kanawha County man is behind bars on charges of murder and wanton endangerment for allegedly shooting and killing the man he found with his ex-girlfriend at a Cross Lanes home.

Members of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department’s SWAT Team arrested Dustin Wayne Bodkins, 29, for the shooting death of Timothy Morris from St. Albans following a standoff on Orchard Avenue before 4 a.m. Thursday.

Bodkins was also accused of pointing a gun at the woman involved, identified as Lindsey Winans, and threatening to kill her. The two had recently separated.

According to the criminal complaint, Bodkins returned to the home he had shared, at one point, with Winans for medication. He allegedly started searching the home once inside and found Morris in a closet. There was a fight and Morris was shot during it.

Bodkins later barricaded himself in a bedroom with a gun.

Deputies with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department were investigating.

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  • You all are crazy

    If they were separated she can do whatever the hell she wants! Why is her fault, he made decisions now he has to live with them. Hope it was worth taking a mans life.

  • Molon Labe

    Safe to say that if Timothy was at home with his wife and kids none of this would have happened.

    • Mark

      Timmy was separated from his wife and he didn't have any kids, I grew up with Tim and he was a great guy and didn't deserve what he got, so on that I hope he ROTS in jail

      • Unknown

        No one deserves to rot. People are human, they all made very bad decisions. If you want to say one is worse than the other then go ahead. However I believe there will be only one judge of that and it's no one on this post. Knowing the shooter and my brother knowing the victims brother it's just sad. Have a heart and don't he judgmental. Mark, if this was your loved one on the other side of this I guarantee you wouldn't feel that way.

  • Fred

    One man dead and another one going to prison while some other hound will be getting the 'tang they both craved. Life can be so unfair.

  • Disgusted

    What the hell is wrong with you people? I can't believe how many people are on here talking bad about a man who was just murdered and trying to justify it. There is no situation that makes it okay to kill someone. He had a family who is grieving and it would be nice if you could put yourselves in their shoes and show some respect!

    • SB

      Then maybe we would grieve if he was where he should of been - with his own wife and not
      f ing around with someone else. Then maybe i would feel sorry for him. Who i feel sorry for is his poor wife and 6 month old child that had a man thinking it was okay to mess around on her! Think of that Buddy Boy?????????

  • saphire

    The news didn't mentioned the fact that Dustin was deeply in love with this girl and they were to marry next month - And this Tim guy she was sleeping with was married and his wife just had a baby 6 months ago. She had already been caught once with this same guy and said she would never do it again the day before and it was over - and he believed her and that they would work it out! It is all her fault, this would of never happened if she wouldn't of cheated!

  • Common sense

    Would everyone take the time to read a story that actually has reference to the criminal complaint before jumping to conclusions. Gazzette has a full piece written with actual references to the police report. The difference between murder and self defense or manslaughter is intent. He left the room in which the fight started to retrieve a weapon and then Repeatedly kicked him in the head while lying on the floor dying. This goes beyond defense or anything else and shows pure intent on taking ones life. This is a half brained article that is 99% of the problem with the country. It tells half truths and lets the scramble of emotions get the best of people and turn us into absent minded fools. Who for some reason feel the need to say the first thing that comes to mind with no regard for the truth or how our words can affect another person.

    • Come and Take Them

      Common Sense, there in is the problem, because it is in the newspaper with "reference to a police report" which you likely haven't seen either in it's entirety, you believe it to be gospel to the exact happenings.
      At this time even the police report is filled with hear-say.. Just because the woman involved said it doesn't mean that is how it happened. Agreed?

      • Saphire

        People say a lot of things to cover their own guilt. Know one knows what actually happened but the now two of them. It seems to me that he was so hurt and so distraught by her cheating and distrust and he was out of his mind with rage. And she had to cover up her actions with the police.

      • Common Sense

        Agreed that even citing the police report does not make it gospel and that this is still the country that you are innocent until proven guilty. However it does give much more insight then this vague article, and the court of public opinion will never agree. I trust news sources about as much as I do the weatherman and did not mean to say that another article was gospel just because it included the criminal complaint but simply to try and shed light on more of the story.

  • scott

    lesson learned he wont screw a co-workers woman in co-workers house again. I am sure of that.

    • bg

      how i can not believe what you people are saying you are so f*cked up in the head what if was you or someone in your family then how would you feel

  • Maybe yea just maybe

    Ever think the female didn't tell Timothy about her "EX" .... Smh you all are dumbass's

    • Saphire

      Dustin and Timothy worked together and Tim's wife knew Lindsey - dumb ass.

  • me

    You don't just kill people.he was young and had kids.. I hope Dude rots in jail..

    • Wtf

      Nearly everyone on here is ignorant. Regardless of the situation he didn't deserve for his life to be cut short. Although people are incorrect in saying Tim had kids, he does have loving family and friends. I hope all of you that has said his murder was justified and has cheated on someone or was with someone that was being unfaithful to their significant other, feel like you should have been caught it the act and have been murdered too.

    • saphire

      then he should of kept his weenie in his pants and screwed his own wife.

  • MOCO man

    Gary Karstens, I am assuming you do not own a vehicle. Vehicles cause way more deaths every year than guns do..........according to your logic, vehicles should be banned too.......

  • Megan

    If you kill someone you kill them it's a sin and they deserve life in prison with no parol!!

  • Gary Karstens

    A heat of the moment sees a man pick up a weapon of DEATH! No time to contemplate it. No time to think it over. Just pull the trigger and it is okay....right?

    These weapons of death are out of hand. Ban them and respect life. YEESH! I am tired of reading about shootings every day.

    • Come and Take Them

      ...well Gary, are you man enough to "come and take them"

    • Thecrow2123

      So stop reading. It wouldn't have mattered if there wasn't a gun handy. He would have used a knife or a bat or something else. It was his intention to kill the man and he did. The weapon used is inconsequential.

      I'm not willing to give up my firearms that I use for hunting and to protect my home and family because someone like you is tired of people using them to commit crimes.

      Stop drinking the kool aid and start using your head. It's not about the weapon of choice, it's about the choice to use it.

    • BS

      Yea take away guns and use machete's and pick axes instead!

    • Tracyo64


    • Tracyo64

      Drunk drivers kill more people than firearm incidents, yet we don't hear you whine "YEESH" every time that happens. Why don't you call for the return of dry couties and horse-and-buggies ? YEESH!

    • Archie bunker

      Would it make you feel any better if they were all pushed out of a window?

  • Charlie

    This is crazy... Lindsey was cheating on him and he found out. Then she brings a man into the home that HE BOUGHT! Being a man I can say even if it is the women's fault we always would take it out on the man doing it! I can't believe she walks away safely.

  • Justin

    Don't want to end up dead don't mess around with someone women. It don't take a genius to figure that out!

    • scott

      he shouldve shot her too troublemaking whore

  • SB

    There is no justification for him shooting this man, but the woman most likely caused all of this and she's the only one walking away.

    • Molon Labe

      There was an altercation, maybe this man feared for his safety IN HIS OWN HOUSE.

      I do agree with you about her.