FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — A Fayette County doctor who overprescribed medications and, in some cases, traded prescription drugs for sexual favors from female patients will spend between three and 35 years behind bars.

Dr. Oscar Gosien, 73, asked for mercy during his sentencing hearing Thursday morning in Fayette County Circuit Court.  In addition to the prison time, he has lost his licenses to practice medicine and prescribe drugs.

Gosien was arrested at his Oak Hill office in December 2012 and entered a Kennedy plea to three counts of constructive delivery of a controlled substance in May of this year.

A Kennedy plea is a guilty plea in which a defendant does not admit guilt, but admits the prosecution’s evidence would likely be enough for a judge or jury to find that defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

State Police, deputies with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, members of the Central West Virginia Drug Task Force and officers with the Oak Hill Police Department were all part of what’s called an “extensive” investigation focused on Gosien.

At the time of Gosien’s arrest, Fayette County Sheriff Steve Kessler said pills Gosien had prescribed had been linked to several overdose deaths in Fayette County in recent years.

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  • Fred

    He should be charged with murder.

  • Shadow

    Taking a Libertarian View, if our crazy laws against sex were repealed, this would not have happened. The Doctor would be free and happy and we would have more Police fighting real crime.

    • Jonus Grumby

      Don't kid yourself. The actions committed by the good doctor are real crimes. Try to remember that.

  • WV Outdoorsman

    I disagree with doctors handing out pills like candy. But, it is each individuals' decision to put pills into their mouth and swallow them.
    If they OD, they OD.. Chances are, they weren't contributing much to this world anyway..

  • Ole Sasquatch

    I vote max. sentence too.

  • MT

    I have been in the med field for > 20 yrs, docs think they can do whatever they want and this case proves that.
    Better give him the max sentence.

    Something to think about, how many pill docs are still out there??????

    • Diaspora

      Don't forget.... A predator, preying on drug addicted women who would go to any extreme to get a fix. It is the predator aspect that is most disturbing.