CLARKSBURG, W. Va. — A woman will serve five years on probation after embezzling money from the Harrison County Federal Credit Union.

Lisa Marie Farrell, 28 was sentenced by Circuit Judge Thomas A. Bedell on Thursday.

She embezzled a total of $28,000 from the bank while working as a teller and pleaded guilty to the charges back in May.

Three other charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement between Assistant Prosecutor James Armstrong and defense attorney Tim Gentilozzi.

Farrell was also ordered to pay back restitution to CUNA Mutual Insurance, which averages to nearly $570 a month.

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  • Shadow

    Another "soft tap" for a non-violent crime. Hard time would have been a better learning experience and a warning to others. Why would you bargain down a clear cut case?

  • Randy

    Look at it like this. Someone embezzles $300,000. They didn't take it at one time. They stole $1000 three hundred times. Each time they had to make a conscious decision to steal. If/when they get caught, probably won't go to prison. Someone works for the city. City workers put in their new driveway. They are not scum. They are uppity fine citizens. Someone steals your toaster. They are a worthless criminal and will get locked up. Perspective.

  • Fred

    My neighbor's kid worked at the swimming pool concession stand, stole a roll of quarters which had been left out as 'bait', and received a 30 day jail sentence. In contrast, West Virginia embezzlers, of which there are many, usually receive extremely light sentences, rarely serving jail time. I think many citizens (and apparently our prosecutors and judges) of the state think embezzlement is OK, especially if the victim is a large corporation or a government entity.

  • Randy

    28,000 dollars. Little by little. She had to think about it every time she did it. It wasn't a one time stupid rash decision. She doesn't go to jail. You could break into a vending machine and get locked up for a year. Makes perfect sense.

  • John

    Wish I could steal 30 grand now and make monthly payments on it

    • BR

      Would you take the permanent FELONY record against you too? No matter the plea agreement - that sticks!
      Think job applications, loan requests, mortgages, voter reg., etc., etc.

      I AGREE completely it is a "light" sentence; but don't think she is getting off essentially scot-free.
      I bet for the next 40 - 50 years she will be kicks in the behind that will wear on her conscience!