HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Two people are now facing charges connected to the shooting death of a Michigan man in Huntington on June 23.

On Thursday, Spanish Smith, 23, of Detroit, Michigan, was arrested in Cabell County. He was taken into custody at an apartment in Barboursville and charged with the shooting death of Eugene Scott Walmsley, 33, of Inkster, Michigan.

Walmsley was killed outside of a home on 8th Ave. in Huntington.

A second man, Timothy Anderson, 46, was arrested earlier in the week on an accessory charge for allegedly helping Walmsley hide from police after the shooting. Investigators said Anderson witnessed the crime.


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  • Dumb Liberals

    Maybe what we need is liberal control. The elimination of all liberals. That seems to be the biggest issue that needs controlled. More urbanites from the liberal wasteland of quid pro quo called Detoilet.

    • BIM Job

      We have liberal control. It is called the right to bear arms.

  • BIM Job

    I know I recently had to start locking my guns up. People all around the neighborhood had started turning up dead. Come to find out, everyday as soon as I left to go to work my guns were going crazy and shooting everyone they could find. Honestly, I'm just glad they were only killing people. Could you imagine how much trouble my guns would have been in had they been killing endangered animals.

  • BIM Job

    Doctors kill far more people than guns do every year. Maybe we should ban doctors.

  • Gary Karstens

    Bearing arms in WV! YEESH!

    Another day, another use of one of these instruments if death. YEESH!

    Do we have enough guns in our society? Ban them for the love if it. YEESH!

    • Jason412

      "You do know drunk/distracted drivers kill many TIMES more people than guns; right?"

      That's not true. The total number of traffic fatalities, not just drunk/distracted, barely exceeds the number of firearm deaths. It certainly isn't "many times" more than guns.

      Motor vehicle traffic deaths
      Number of deaths: 33,687
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.9

      All firearm deaths
      Number of deaths: 31,672
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.3

    • Richard

      Are you able to understand it has nothing to do with guns but it has everything to do with Detroit trash.

      • BIM Job

        Well said Richard. Isn't it great every once in a while we get lucky and the trash takes itself out.