BLUEFIELD, W.Va. — Bluefield Police say a brazen robbery from Friday shows just how deeply drugs have affected West Virginia.

A man wearing a mask walked in to the K-Mart Pharmacy in Bluefield. The man passed the clerk a note at the pharmacy counter claiming to be armed and demanding Oxycodone. The clerk complied and he left with the pills.

Nobody was hurt in the encounter and police are looking for the suspect.

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  • Netty

    That's exactly right!! People like him are the ones that are causing the people getting their pain pills the legal way and are in legitimate pain get treated like criminals. Everyone looks at you funny, sometimes they won't even fill your script if they profile you. It's getting worse and worse for those getting narcotics because of people like him. I need those pills, but I would never steal them to get them.

  • Mr.P

    Things are getting so bad they're going to have to hire security for all business locations,armed security

  • BIM Job

    You are confused. Just take some more pain pills and go back to bed.

  • northforkfisher

    The sad thing is some of us have a chemical intolerance making hard to get relief.
    The worst thing about this whole mess is he makes it hard to for the legal person to get their medicine.

  • Jima

    Rick: your opinion does not have any merit as far as I'm concerned-your suggestion(s) sounds as if you would eliminate people with pain-the symptom is the source!

  • Diaspora

    Oh, but lest we forget, that would be regulatory interference upon big pharma by the long arm of Obama.

  • Shadow

    +1 but I live with it with out the pills and that certainly has it drawbacks.

  • Dumb Liberals

    It was an inside job!!!!!!

  • griff

    I have chronic pain but that DOES NOT give a person the right to go steal pain meds. I work in a dr office & 99% of our patients wants pain meds, they dont want the problem fixed. they just want stronger & stronger pain meds. The good thing my doctor says no to them.


    I sure hope Rick doesn't get chronic pain, like 100 million Americans like me suffer from.

    If it weren't for these narcotic meds I for one would have committed suicide several years ago. It doesn't cure the pain, nor does it even take away the feeling of pain, bit it helps manage the pain to a degree.

  • Rick

    I was always trained that to solve the problem, you must eliminate the source, not the symptom. So how about we convince the Feds to simply delete all opiate derived medication from being subscribed unless in a monitored or controlled setting like a hospital or hospice type monitored environment. Do that, the problem will go away in 99% percent of these cases and scenarios. But it will not happen cause it is a billion dollar industry now for the pill makers. What a damn shame.