WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — The crowd surrounding the 18th green told Bud Cauley his tee shot was special.

Cauley wrapped up his weekend at the Greenbrier Classic with a hole-in-one—his first on the PGA Tour—that won $100 for every fan in the grandstands.

“It looked good in the air and I thought it was going to be pretty close,” said the 24-year-old former University of Alabama golfer. “But you never think they’re going in, so that was a nice little surprise.”

And Cauley was a surprise himself Sunday, shooting a 6-under 64 to climb into contention at 9-under for the tournament. His 7-iron on the 175-yard finishing hole was quite a capper.

Officials decided on a back-right pin placement on No. 18, protecting the hole with the notorious hump that divides the green.

“It’s tough over there—probably the most difficult one all week,” he said. “So that’s less that I have to putt.”

Cauley had ended Saturday’s round by leaving a potential ace six inches short. This time he was dead-solid perfect.

As Cauley plucked the ball out of the cup, course security guards roped off the grandstands and prepared to pay the lucky viewers. Greenbrier resort owner Jim Justice had announced a jackpot promotion in which the first hole-in-one on No. 18 paid the $100 to fans in the amphitheater surrounding the green. The second would bring $500 per fan and a third would be worth $1,000 each.

“I actually just found that out,” Cauley said. “I’m happy to help everybody out, including myself.”

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  • Gary

    Wonder how many 100 dollar bills were handed out? Some clown said they averaged 27000 fans a day. I watched it on tv and it didn't look like many spectators to me. The average person in Wv couldn't afford to stay there.

  • just sayin

    Congratulations to Mr. Justice for another great Greenbrier Classic. Congrats to all the fans in the stands for getting a $100 personally given to you by Mr. Justice...to all the haters on here: come down here next year, you might enjoy yourself and get over your miserable life...just sayin

    • william

      Why would anyone want to go down in the STICKS?
      It's HILLBILLY country down there.
      Its only about MONEY down there anyway!

      • GF

        Your mom needs you to come upstairs and do something other than post drivel on every story on Metronews.

      • just sayin

        yep, darn proud to be a Hillbilly from one of the most beautiful counties in WV!!

      • Jesse's girl

        The "sticks" of the Greenbrier Valley are beautiful, as are those of Dolly Sods, Spruce Knob and Blackwater Falls. I was privileged to camp near The Greenbrier as a child and never forgot the beautiful grounds or the beds of giant cannas.
        I always joked to my parents that when I earned my PhD (which I never planned to do), I wanted a trip to The Greenbrier. They sent me and 2 friends for 3 days in 1987. What a wonderful time. I then joined WV Garden Clubs, Inc. and our State Conferences were at The Greenbrier, so I got to enjoy it further. Last fall, WV DAR members were invited to meet the DAR Schools Tour buses when they stopped at The Greenbrier for lunch on the way back to DAR Headquarters at Constitution Hall in DC. Another wonderful few hours.

        As a child we camped: Dolly Sods, Canada, Maine, New York, Great Smoky Mts., Bryce Canyon, The Grand Canyon, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Arizona--all in a tent. I have also traveled: Japan, Thailand, Australia, Panama, Brazil, Scotland, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, the former Soviet Union, Sweden, Alaska, Hawaii (3 times) and a few others. In addition to Colorado and WV, I have skied in Canada and Vermont and twice in Austria. I have lived near and worked in Washington, DC for nearly 9 years.

        One, I do not consider Greenbrier County, Lewisburg and The Greenbrier as "the sticks". I choose to live "in the sticks."

        Let me suggest that there are 49 other states (but alas, most of them also have "sticks"). AND if you follow Barack Obama's pronouncements, there are 56 other states to choose. Choose one.

        • Tom


  • Jesse's girl

    And we wonder why WV has a bad reputation?? Read what you write. Ponder your attitudes.

  • Real News

    I creamed in my jeans. After reading this article. WHO CARES!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Mister G ! I often wandered what an idiot looked like and I still don't know. That being said I now know what an idiot types. You are a sorry excuse for person.