WESTON, W. Va. — An anonymous tip lead to possibly the largest amount of meth labs found in one location ever in the state Monday night.

Lewis County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Nicholas Grant Cutlip after discovering 84 meth labs in his Weston home, two of which were operating at the time.

A majority of the labs were beverage bottles repurposed for the “Shake and Bake” method of manufacturing meth.

Cutlip has been charged with 21 counts of operating or attempting to operate a clandestine drug lab.

Because of the amount of meth labs discovered, the case will likely go to federal court.

Cutlip is being held in Central Regional Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

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  • mark

    Obama's stimulus plan at work, and everyone's upset. I know, he can get a job in coal, nope. It will all get better when we can develop a clean Meth Technology. Unbelievable.

    • billyed

      GOP denies minimum wage, No health care,
      give away to Big Corporate, tax breaks and shelters for the Rich, while allowing the Middle Class to Die. Who wants a job that keeps you living in poverty.

  • FunnyNumbers

    So this is how they have been inflating the numbers of "meth labs" that have been found. Now one lab can be counted as "84 meth labs"!
    Exaggerating the problem does not help us solve it.
    One guy was arrested, one nasty drug lab was shut down. Don't try to take credit for busting 84 labs.

    • Bucknut

      Actually, in WV, this will be counted as one lab incident in reporting. For court and federal sentencing guidelines, it could be 84 separate counts, and used to also estimate the amount of grams produced for relevant conduct in sentencing.

    • Jason412

      How is it one lab? Each shake and bake bottle is a lab. That's how it's always been done, in every state. One lab would make one batch of meth, 84 labs makes 84 batches of meth.


    THIS EVIL LOSER needs gassed how many lives has his money making meth destroyed!!! hang him!!!

    • Roger

      2nd man with pitchfork spotted....

      Still looking for a man/woman with a burning torch.

  • WVU1

    Ahhhhh...Lewis County. What a wonderful place!

  • Jason412

    You mean someone can circumvent the Nplex system enough to cook 84 different batches of meth? Shocking revelation.

  • FatCigar

    Excellent manufacturing plan. lol. Wonder what the dude's marketing strategy was? What a loser. If he'd have applied his talents in a legal trade, this guy would be a millionaire.

  • Bill

    Burn him at the stake. Maximum sentence please!!! Meth has destroyed so many WV lives.

    • Roger 1

      Man with pitchfork spotted.....

  • tc

    Pretty stupid if you ask me! Great way to ruin your life and people whom you know.

  • Jim N Charleston

    84? That is what I call an Entrepreneur. Got to make a living.

    Props for going with the Ricky Bobby method to get your Meth on.

    All I got
    Jim N Daytona Beach

    • Hop'sHip

      It's a reflection of the improved business climate in the state.

  • Robert

    Welcome to Weston!


  • Roger

    Go Hard or Go Home... unless they catch you. Then you go to prison.

    • Ole Sasquatch

      Best one so far Roger.
      84 wow! Seeing 84, I first thought of 84 Lumber.
      Maybe he ahould get 84 yrs.

      • Nicole

        This guy is going to die in federal prison. He even paid his bond in cash, if that says anything.