KALE, W.Va. — The state Division of Highways is trying to decide whether it can repair or will have to replace a low water crossing in Mercer County. The concrete on the bridge-like structure on Kale Road across the Bluestone River has buckled.

“Over time the stone that is holding everything in place and supporting the concrete roadway has washed away and that concrete has nothing to support it so it’s cracked and buckled,” state DOH spokesperson Carrie Bly said.

Residents living beyond the crossing do have another way in and out of their community.

“It’s a little longer and a little (curvy) we’re just thankful there is another way out. We just hope they (the residents) will be patient,” Bly said.

More than a dozen families are believed impacted by the closure.

Bly said a low water crossing is technically not a bridge but is designed with concrete over stone and piping allowing the river to cover the bridge when the water level is high.

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  • John McClure

    Very similar to the low water bridge at Patterson Creek, WV!

  • mark

    I'm not seeing the problem here. The only thing missing is a bike lane.

  • Roger

    So the concrete buckled and dropped. Can it drop anymore? If not then it looks like a load of concrete would bring the road surface back up to where it was... Its a low water bridge anyway and designed for the water to flow over the road way when the river rises. So what if they lost a small amount of culvert flow, it can still serve the purpose if the offset the road way was re-concreted..

    • Tim C

      Roger, you make way too much sense. This is our beloved government. They will completely rebuild a bigger, better bridge. The only problem is an extensive fund exhausting environmental impact statement to make sure we don't harm some minnow.

      • Roger

        Tim, I agree with you 100%. First they will need to send out about 7 or 8 engineers...(All of them driving individual state vehicles, even if they work out of the same office)...Then the big question is where oh where will we find the money for a new bridge....(we only need $2 million). What will happen to the minnows and salamanders and maybe flying squirrels? Make a big deal out of the situation, thats normal operating procedure....

  • Voter

    I think they need bigger bolder cones.

  • Roger

    So the pictures shows us the bridge is falling apart and there is obvious structure issues going on. So what does the locals do?

    They stand on top of it.

    What could go wrong?

  • gnarly dude

    Solicit Russia for foreign aid $$.

    • Far Eastern Expert

      Or China...They love to lend us money.