CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two major groups of the Boy Scouts of America in West Virginia will be merged. The Buckskin Council will expand to take over the administrative duties of the Tri-State Council.

“As times change, opportunities change,” said Scout Executive Jeff Purdy of the Buckskin Council. “Local scouting has determined the best course of action is to merge those two councils.”

The result will be the largest scout council in West Virginia which encompasses half the state. Smaller councils are still in place in Fairmont, Wheeling and Parkersburg, but Purdy said the new council, which will still be known as the Buckskin Council, will encompass 32 counties in four states.

“Nothing really changes for our local scout leaders,” said Purdy. “On a local level scouts in Ashland, Kentucky or in Ohio or in Virginia nothing really changes other than we’ve merged a couple of corporate offices. Scouting is still done on a local level and that’s not going to change.”

Purdy said the change will give scouts in the region more opportunities. The new council will have six separate camps as well as having the Summit Reserve in Fayette County in the middle of their region. Although a national camp, Purdy said efforts are being made to allow local scouts to use the Summit at times when there is less going on there from a national level.

“Just being a larger Boy Scout Council geographically gives us a larger footprint,” Purdy said. “It gives us a chance to have a larger impact on youth in our communities.”

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  • Dumb Liberals

    Such a gay extravaganza. Come one and all (if you're that type).

    • Shadow

      I have always heard that those that are most concerned about homosexuals are those most concerned about their own sexuality. Is that true?

      • Wilber Stone

        Not at all, it's just the only thing immature h o m o s could think of to say to keep people in fear of speaking out and to keep the focus off their disgusting behaviors. And seeing as how everyone is bending over backwards for s o d o m y, clearly they've had a lot of success!

      • I'm honest at least


    • wv_hick

      Scouting has worked for 100+ years to help grow boys into men. It's such a shame that a wrong decision at the national level - which is simply a reflection of where our country is at right now - allows boneheads like you to falsely label millions of boys and leaders. Scouting is an avenue for thousands of leaders to influence boys and families for Christ each year. Lay off the labeling.

      • Shadow

        Your comment is right on. The Dumb Liberals doesn't know the difference between Pedophiles and homosexuals. At that age, I never knew what either was but I enjoyed Scouting. It is the leaders that must be vetted, not the kids.

      • Dumb Liberals

        Just like what occurred in Charlotte, NC when the liberals threw GOD & CHRIST under the bus, the liberal leadership of the Gay Scouts threw all the Christian boys under the bus. They, the BSA, created the label. Maybe they'll even create a "merit badge" for their perversion. Abnormal is not Normal.

        • Wilber Stone

          Yes, "Human Toilet" badges are already in production.
          If your little boy comes home with a messy face, it probably ain't chocolate cookies, and you might go have his stomach pumped.
          People will think, "that's so gross!" "Why do you talk about such things?"
          Well all you "tolerant" folks, because it's EXACTLY what these "gays" do and PRECISELY what they don't want you knowing, until little Johnny is fully recruited!

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    The Summit wasn't designed for the was designed for the BSA...It was never intended for the public...I worked with the design teams that drafted the plans and worked with the various teams that completed the project...that was something that they talked about...that it was a retreat for the BSA and noone else...

  • will

    This is going to be great. Camp Arrowhead is wonderful. Still hope the Summit opens up more to the locals.