PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — A spokesman for Mon Power and Potomac Edison said Tuesday evening it would likely take several days to restore service to more than 90,000 customers in West Virginia following severe thunderstorms that moved through the state Tuesday afternoon and evening.

“We’re looking at a multiple day restoration,” spokesman Todd Meyers said as crews began assessing the damage.

Meyers stopped short of comparing the force of the storms to the derecho of two years ago but said there were some similarities.

“It’s that same type of wall wind that comes through, very severe, it’s not there very long, but it doesn’t take long to create a lot of damage,” he said.

The American Red Cross said Parkersburg was hit hard with the storms and the agency set up a shelter for residents at South Parkersburg Baptist Church Tuesday evening. The storm also did damage in Harrison, Barbour, Upshur and Taylor counties. Martinsburg and areas of Berkeley County also were knocked around by the storms.

The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh at one point issued a tornado warning for Monongalia County after a spotting some rotation in the Everettville area but there were no initial reports of significant damage.

Residents along Smithtown Road in Monongalia County were clearing downed trees a few minutes after the storm passed through.

A line of storms also moved through central and southern counties. Areas in and around Ripley in Jackson County took the brunt of a severe thunderstorm.

Appalachian Power reported 11,000 of its customers in southern West Virginia without service Tuesday evening.

But it’s the FirstEnergy companies, Mon Power and Potomac Edison, that have the most work to do in the coming days.

“There are 10 electric companies that FirstEnergy owns and we’ll be reaching out to get crews in from other areas across the company. There’s even the potential that we may reach out to other companies completely,” Meyers said.

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  • stophating

    Quick--Mon Power--amend the PSC request to double the requested raise.....

  • Roger

    Be prepared people....

    Bad storms during the summer? Who would have thought.

  • Evan S

    Here in Washington, WV, we got hammered. This storm puts the Derecho of 2012 to shame. Lots of property damage... old trees that made it easily through that storm were completely taken out by this one. I lost four trees that were well over 50 feet tall, and unfortunately, at least two of them hit my house and did major damage.

    But, nobody seriously injured in our area that I have heard of yet. Everything damaged can be fixed! We are blessed in that it could have been a lot worse... and everyone has been working together to help each other out.

  • ViennaGuy

    That was a fast-moving storm. It was in and out in less than 15 minutes. At one point, there were 14,000 Monongahela customers without power in Wood County alone.

  • meathook

    2 is 1, 1 is none. Be prepared

  • Richard

    This is part of living in West Virginia if you are going to live in West Virginia be prepared. You will learn quick we can get 3 feet of snow in the winter and storms in the summer quit complaining and help out. Every one who has a lived here any length of time know you help your neighbor I have cut many a tree out that was across a road and know to call my neighbors to see if they are ok when ever we have a storm of any kind that is what being a West Virginian give us over other states.

    • William

      Well said Richard. Just help anyone you can. That's what makes our state great during these times. No power and trees down in most of Berkeley County

    • Adam


    • GRIFF

      Amen, well said