CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Capitol Building Commission gave approval Wednesday to plans to renovate the Holly Grove mansion on the capitol complex in Charleston.

The building, constructed in 1815, hasn’t been used for 10 years according to commission member Steve Canterbury.

“It hasn’t been used for decades and it’s just a waste (in its current condition),” Canterbury, who supports the renovation, said. “At a time when we have people in state government spread in Charleston and beyond you could have a few state offices there if nothing else.”

The state Department of Administration and state Department of Education and the Arts are promoting the project, which already has a $2 million commitment.

Canterbury said the mansion is a “wonderful cornerstone” for the capitol complex.

“It’s a remarkable building and it has an interesting history,” he said.

Architects unveiled their plans to building commission members Wednesday and Canterbury said he was impressed. He anticipates, however, it will be a slow-moving project.

“This isn’t the typical construction project where you go in with bulldozers, digging holes and knocking things every which way. This has to be done rather gently and extremely carefully.

The Holly Grove mansion sits adjacent to the governor’s mansion facing Kanawha Boulevard in Charleston.

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  • Roger

    But wait! Renovations to this state owned building would be fine, however we forget so quickly that the state is running a big deficit each year, and that money from the Rainy Day fund had to be used to balance the budget. It never ceases to amaze me that there are not sufficient funds to cover expenses, even to the point of cutting the senior citizen programs $1.2 million dollars, but then some pet project like this comes along and presto, money is found...Must be some sort of magic! This is exactly why I don't trust politicians, from the Governor on down.

  • Bix


    We'd look at the monkey, as you implore us to do, but you didn't provide your picture.

    Eat a banana and chill.

    • mark

      Bixy, do you really need the picture, you've never seen the trunk monkey?

      As for your request of the dinner date, are you expecting the tax payers to pay for that too? After dinner it won't be any fun for you because I'm just going to lay there and laugh.

  • mark

    Beautiful structure and a true architecture master piece. Yes I agree it should be preserved, but the same money could be used to fill a lot of potholes, or to create a uncompromising public water supply. Ask yourself, what is the greatest need, the biggest bang for the buck? Restoration of a structure which will certainly have limited public access, or improving our deteriorating infrastructure. That's a hefty cost to tax payers when it hasn't been occupied for the past ten years. Perhaps Manchin can use it for a dance hall upon his return, once it's broken in perhaps the state could sell it for a nickel on the dollar. I hope once its finished I can drive up and see it without causing damage to my vehicle and get a nice cold drink of water from the public water fountain. Look at the monkey, look at the monkey. Wake up WV.

  • golfnutwv

    A beautiful building. I remember all the years visiting the staff of the WV Commission on Aging when they occupied this wonderful site. It needs to be preserved.

  • Robert

    Excellent. Nice to see it's not going to be left to deteriorate and be demolished.