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SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — It’s a neck and neck Internet battle between the West Virginia State Police and the Ohio Highway Patrol. The contest is for the nations best looking state police cruiser. West Virginia State Police Spokesman Mike Baylous says they are hoping Mountain State residents will lift their chances.

“At this point in time, Ohio State Highway Patrol and us have separated from the pack a little bit,” Baylous said. “We just need to get a lot of votes out there and move that Ohio cruiser out of the left lane.”

The contest is sponsored by the American Association of State Troopers. Voting is happening on the Association’s Facebook page. Cruisers of 49 states are featured. Hawaii doesn’t have a state police agency.

“The winner gets their cruiser featured on the cover of the next newsletter of the American Association of State Troopers,” said Baylous. “That would help us with recruiting and give us some great exposure.”

Baylous said you can get involved in the contest by going to the West Virginia State Police Facebook page or searching the American Association of State Troopers Page. To vote simply “like” the cruiser of your choice. Voting continues through July 15.

“They can go there and get a look at all of the cruisers involved in the contest and vote for the best looking one, which is our blue and gold cruiser,” Baylous said.

The West Virginia State Police adopted the blue and gold color scheme on their cruisers in 1963 as part of the state’s Centennial Celebration and have kept the colors ever since.


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  • Against WV Patrol

    This is the only thing that WV could ever be first in. Everything else the state is dead last in. Sorry I forget about corruption.

    • Karma

      You are 100% correct. Sad -

    • WV Hillbilly

      "AGAINST.." MOVE your A.. to OHIO!

  • WVU 74

    Just voted for WVSP .... ôô

  • Steven Stiltner

    No contest WV is absolutely THE best. OH really pretty dull and drab.

  • Jonus Grumby

    A might sharp looking cruiser WV has. The winner in my book. I hope not to see one in my rear-view anytime soon with the blues on. Good luck WVSP!

  • Jason412

    I voted for Michigan. They're the only one I saw that was really unique. The old school light, and the "stop" fin on the front sealed the deal for me.

  • norma Cowley

    West Virginia always looks better because of the gold and blue.

  • Richard and Shona

    West Virginia by far!!!

  • KT

    You can NEVER get an Ohio driver out of the left lane. WV cruisers are prettier...hands down. The Troopers are too!

    • Trooper

      That WV Cruiser with its blues on will get an Ohio driver out of the left lane, only problem is that they will probably end up in the median instead of the right shoulder like they should be!

      • hailey

        Trooper, I have seen it first hand... Ohio was driver clogging the fast lane , trooper pulled up behind after following this oaf for 5 miles flashed lights and the Ohio driver pulled left into the median .

  • Arely Ghigliotty

    West Virginia ♥ It

  • mike petry

    wv hands down but it should be the chevy one sorry had to say it

  • Rob belcher jr

    West Virginia cruiser hands down !!!!

  • James Thomas

    WVSP rules #1

  • Mountaineer

    we have the best looking ones out there I have looked at them all and they don't Match up to ours..We have West Virginia Pride!!!

  • Susan

    ",,,move that OH cruiser out of the left lane" made me laugh, because you KNOW they're going 5 mph under the speed limit and clogging up traffic.

  • Against WV Patrol

    Who cares. Go do your job in the cruiser. I will vote for Ohio. LOL.

    • Dispatcher

      Unless you know what these guys face and do on a daily basis you need to think before you speak. Let's see you go scrape the body of a dead child off the road. Or go into a meth house to get babies out while they are screaming and crying. Or how about pull over someone for minor traffic violation only to be met with gun fire. How about leaving their wives and babies each day and not knowing if they will ever see them again. Don't be an a**. How about giving them some respect

    • WVSP Supporter

      Seriously?!?! Unless you put on a uniform and risk your life every day to protect ungrateful jerks like yourself, SHUT UP!

    • WVU

      I'm sure you'll be the first to call them when someone is breaking down your door or beating on your ass!

      • Mountaineer

        you got that right then wh is going to be the Ass..