SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — South Charleston police were still looking Friday for a 19-year-old woman who they allege has been using the promise of sex to operate a robbery scheme.

A warrant was issued Thursday for the arrest of Cortney Cain after detectives spoke separately with two men they had also charged with robbery. Brandy Bandy and Zachary Harrison allegedly robbed a man that Cain had befriended. They told detectives Cain was using the internet to get men to come to her home with a promise for sex and then the men would be robbed.

Detective Aaron Cook examined Cain’s meet-me profile and found more than 170 conversations.

“It doesn’t appear that it’s an isolated incident but we only have one victim but everybody has only been charged with one robbery at this time,” he said.

The detective said paying for sex is illegal and if there are more victims, if they were robbed, may be less likely to report the crimes.

For now, Cook has one victim from one case but believes there could be more.

“She actually just offered the guy sex to lure him over to the house. Some of the other ones she was doing more of a prostitution thing saying ‘money for sex,'” the detective said.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    "The detective said paying for sex is illegal ..... "? Apparently the defective has never been married, nor divorced. Mines are the only thing in WV with shafts.

  • Randy

    So I'm not getting laid after all?

  • Savage

    Give that working girl a tax ID number, and nominate her for the Jefferson Award for cleaning up the community.

    As for the victim he should thank God that she wasn't a guy and got raped when he showed up.

    Think about it if she doesn't post online, no crime would have occurred. If he's not trying to free willey, no crime would have occurred.

    Classic example of two wrongs won't make it right.