CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The high stakes of an open Senate seat election will be plainly evident in West Virginia Monday when two nationally known figures come to the Mountain State to campaign on behalf of the two candidates seeking the position.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) will be at the Shepherdstown Train Station Monday afternoon alongside Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, the Democratic Party’s nominee for the seat being vacated by longtime U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller.

Warren champions education legislation in the Senate. She’s introduced a number of student loan bills which remain stalled.  Tennant is expected to reveal much of her education platform during the visit to Jefferson County. The plank is expected to reflect strong support for some of the bills Warren has been frustrated in moving forward.

While Tennant and Warren are courting voters in the state’s eastern panhandle, Republican Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito will be in Charleston backed by a visit from Republican Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  Ryan was the Republican vice-presidential nominee in 2012.

Ryan and Capito are expected to talk about fiscal policy and to denounce President Obama’s handling of the economy during a roundtable discussion Monday afternoon. The rhetoric is expected to be particularly sharp when it comes to West Virginia’s coal industry which is on the ropes amid proposed EPA policy which would virtually eliminate burning coal to produce electricity in the United States.

Both campaigns have criticized the other for bringing in the surrogates—the topics of criticism have been Obamacare and budget cuts.

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  • Gary

    We don't need another Obama puppet like Rockefeller but don't worry Tennant's not giving up her secretary of state job to run so she'll still have a job.

  • Dave

    West Virginia voters would be shooting themselves in the foot by voting for Tennant. That would provide Obama an ardent supporter in his bid to ban guns and West Virginia coal. He doesn't need any help to screw us.

  • Independent View

    Addendum to previous email:
    Ms. Warren supports "green technology" and decries what she labels as "old technology" such as coal.
    Further she is a strong, almost rabid gun control advocate. Don't believe it? View her own statements at:

  • Independent View

    Elizabeth Warren? You have got to be kidding me!!!! She's even more Liberal than Hillary Clinton!!
    This again proves that Tennant not only has little if any judgment, but contrary to her statements--she IS NOT in tune with West Virginians or she would not have accepted the DNC's offer to send Warren here.
    Tennant is an empty pant suit! And, a big one too. A resume' that until SOS, consisted of news reader and mascot is very unimpressive!

    • ViennaGuy

      The arrival of Elizabeth Warren is, to me, a rather clear sign that the Tennant campaign is fearful of the Democratic party base staying away from the ballot box in November. Warren's presence is red meat for the base, or at least the Tennant campaign hopes it is. Given how Warren is opposed to so many things that West Virginians support, there's simply no other way to explain it.

      • Aaron

        I don't think it's the base she's worried about staying away, I think it's the money from national democrats as she knows she can't raise the money SMC can.

        • ViennaGuy

          Good point.

        • The bookman


  • Fred

    I am voting against Capito because she is anti-environment and her dad stole millions from the citizens of this state.

    • scottyakzo

      Is Arch on the ballot box? Not this time.

      Judge Ms. Capito vs Ms. Tennant AND those that will benefit from a particular winner. Whether you like Ms. Capito or not, you can suggest that a victory by Ms. Tennant IS a victory for Majority Leader Reid and President Obama. No matter how much you dislike Ms. Capito, the people of WV have shown time and again how fond they are of President Obama and Mr. Reid.

      A vote for Ms. Tennant IS a vote for Democratic control of the government. Count me out on that one!

    • stophating

      The Manchins and Moores have stolen more from this state than all other crooked politicians added together

      • The Real Truth

        Moore paid for his crimes. Manchin hasn't.

    • Guardian

      And her dad did his time for his crime. And her dad was arguably one of the best governors WV had in the 20th century - else why would our state's democratic registered voters have elected him 3 times as governor and multiple terms to Congress before that???

      • richard

        One of the best governors? Are you kidding? Exactly how was that..??Please explain.

  • George

    With the shape this country is in, I do not see how any Democrat from Washington would even be welcome in this State.........

  • thornton

    Nat will make a swell tour guide for Warren....I'm jealous.

  • Bill

    Tennant is just a female clone of obama!

  • Ole Sasquatch

    While Tennant may carry a little weight, Warren in WV.? - Tee, tee he, tee he he he.

  • David Kennedy

    What a joke this is...spending money for nothing.
    I saw the numbers last week. Capito at 61%.
    For Tennant to win, she would need JFK to campaign for her.
    Tennant could have had a great career in politics but the game changes and the changes that we see are not at all positive for those entrenched in the old socialist ideas.
    West Virginia has always been conservative because it's people have been church-going people.
    Liberalism has never fit in very well because we are free people who want to stay that way.
    With Rockefeller gone now, the people are waking up from the Rip Van Winkle dream and are seeing that they have been sold a bill of un- american goods.
    The smart politico's are on the conservative side this time but they will still pad their pockets with the public's free money.
    I hope West Virginia and the USA can be rescued from the tide of socialism and anti constitutional control...
    I wish Senator R.C. Byrd was alive, he would be an out spoken voice in the fight to save our constitution and liberty.

    • Bold Talk for a One-Eyed Fat Man

      With or with out his hood?

  • Jason412

    I'll have trouble voting for either.

    • Aaron

      So long as we have a Democratic President, I'll bit Republican and hope for gridlock as that's the only way we're going to reduce spending.

  • Pickle Barrel

    All you need to know about Natalie Tennant is revealed by her bringing in Senator Fauxcahontas to stump for her. Elizabeth Warren is perhaps the most liberal Senator in DC…which is saying something considering the likes of Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer are there as well. Natalie is no different.

  • Harlan central

    Warren aka you didn't build that and gov is only reason why you survive wacko bird (native Indian name) which she falsely identifies with,,,,,,all needed to know not to vote for tennant.

  • Jim N Charleston

    If I were Capito, I would pay for Warren to stay a month and hopefully she will get into her environmental & social & 2nd Amendment beliefs.

    If I were Tennant, I would pay for Ryan to stay a month and talk about Social Security.

    Whoever is running these campaigns are total idiots.

    Montgomery Brewster (Richard Pryor movie character) could beat both these broads with common sense and booze.

    I'm Jim N Daytona Beach
    All I got

  • Dumb Liberals

    So Warren and Tennant are going to have a make-believe pow-wow and smoken’ peace pipe at the iron horse stop. Make sure the fire-water is put away, ‘cause make-believe Indian squaws can’t handle it.