CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The high stakes of an open Senate seat election will be plainly evident in West Virginia Monday when two nationally known figures come to the Mountain State to campaign on behalf of the two candidates seeking the position.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) will be at the Shepherdstown Train Station Monday afternoon alongside Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, the Democratic Party’s nominee for the seat being vacated by longtime U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller.

Warren champions education legislation in the Senate. She’s introduced a number of student loan bills which remain stalled.  Tennant is expected to reveal much of her education platform during the visit to Jefferson County. The plank is expected to reflect strong support for some of the bills Warren has been frustrated in moving forward.

While Tennant and Warren are courting voters in the state’s eastern panhandle, Republican Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito will be in Charleston backed by a visit from Republican Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  Ryan was the Republican vice-presidential nominee in 2012.

Ryan and Capito are expected to talk about fiscal policy and to denounce President Obama’s handling of the economy during a roundtable discussion Monday afternoon. The rhetoric is expected to be particularly sharp when it comes to West Virginia’s coal industry which is on the ropes amid proposed EPA policy which would virtually eliminate burning coal to produce electricity in the United States.

Both campaigns have criticized the other for bringing in the surrogates—the topics of criticism have been Obamacare and budget cuts.

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  • Glory


  • aww

    Bloomberg supports Tennant. He is so anti-gun. Us average folk shouldn't have guns. Only rich peoples body guards, police and military should have guns. If you believe what Walstreeter Bloomberg believes then vote Tennant. If you don't vote Capito.

  • aww

    I know that WV has typically voted Blue but now I think voters in WV are seeing Red. I believe WV voters are tired of poverty and being stepped on by big gov and will vote Red.

  • tom

    we veteran best get on the wagon a get Tennant in office if not we going to be big loser just look at Capito vote record

  • Todd

    Let's judge Capito by her record. Votes to shutdown gov. Votes to weaken water regulations. If I want to be able to drink clear water, I guess Tennant is the way to go. The rest of you have fun being given your sludge kool-aid.

  • Aaron

    The link to the news story regarding President Nixon's proposal and Kennedy's response.

  • Aaron

    Brian McCoy said "Even though this whole system called "Obamacare" was created by the Heritage Foundation - a Republican think tank, then first implemented by a Republican (Romney) - its evil because Obama's doing it."

    That's not quite true and Brian and long before Republicans opposed it because it is Obama's, Ted Kennedy shot it down when Richard Nixon proposed the forerunner to Obamacare.

    Said Kennedy, "The President's program as it was announced today as a national health partnership program I believe is really a partnership program that will provide billions of dollars to the health insurance companies. It's really a partnership between the administration and the insurance companies, it's not a partnership between the patients and doctors in this nation."

    Was Ted Kennedy wrong?

  • Chris

    Tennant was the first female Mountaineer which is probably all she needs in this state to get elected. It's her claim to fame. She is in the Good ole boy club with Manchin Rockefeller, Byrd etc.. And she will pretend to be on your side and be an automatic yes vote on the progressive Obama agenda.

  • Grey4449

    If America doesn't get control of the Senate and make the house and Senate republican. Coal jobs will be gone. Thank about suppliers and people who support coal. It will hurt towns hospitals and schools. If you care about West Virginia and your kids, friends and neighbors you better vote Republican. We the people need to stop Obama and the EPA. Vote for Capito and help save America. This isn't about Democrats or Republicans it's about saving our Country.

  • Brian McCoy

    Ask yourself why banksters give money. Easy answer, because they own who they give the money too. It's a great investment. Anyone know how much the banksters have spent trying to smear Elizabeth Warren? A lie travels around the world 5 times before the truth has left the barn. Don't be stupid and think.

  • Brian McCoy

    Income inequality is at an all time high in WV, people are struggling - I don't know how many do it. Get sick and get wiped out, and somehow getting help with healthcare is evil.

    Even though this whole system called "Obamacare" was created by the Heritage Foundation - a Republican think tank, then first implemented by a Republican (Romney) - its evil because Obama's doing it. It was system of responsibility - if you're 25 and run your dirt bike into a tree without healthcare - who is it exactly who's going to pay for you to be a vegetable for the next 50 years of your life? So when did personal responsibility become something the Republicans were against?

    We also have terrifying rates of obesity and diabetes - even with health care there's a good chance you're going to loose your legs or worse if you aren't getting meds. But government healthcare is evil - we should just break out our chain saws and do the deed now rather than be forced to receive government healthcare. Break out the chain oil!

    Most of our news is fed to us by giant news organizations owned by billionaires who use it as a megaphone to insure that they can continue watching huge numbers go up on their computer terminal while we watch our paychecks go down.

    I know that when you have banksters giving huge sums of money to a politician they are doing it because it's a good investment and that candidate is on the hook to them So who's on the hook for the working man? Hint: not the person taking Wall-street greenbacks.

  • Rah B

    60/40 is even eh...seems legit

  • Mountain Navy

    You did not answer my question what has Natalie done that makes her qualified?

    But here. Shelly Moore Capito represents her constituents on two important committees in the House of Representatives. Shelley is a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which will lead the way on a new highway bill during the 113th Congress. She is also a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee, where she is the chairwoman of the Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee.

    So raging moderate what has Tennant accomplished? Never mind we already nothing.

  • Raging Moderate

    Great non-answers, guys. You didn't name one thing Ms. Capito did that varies one iota from what the House leadership wanted her to do. Still waiting on that one. As for Ms. Tennant, did I defend her I any way? And I've never posted about guns, how so you know my views? Just for your info, my view is this: the People are the modern Militia, and therefore have a right to bear arms, as long as the People/Militia are well-regulated. A pretty typical moderate view, but I certainly wouldn't expect you to understand the concept of political moderation, judging by your rants.

  • DP

    2014 General Election Results:
    Shelley-55% (At Least)
    Natalie-45% (At Most)

    I might have to deduct .0005% from Shelley's vote total as Elizabeth Warren's appearance on behalf of NT will guarantee that MOST of those in WV of Native American Ancestry will vote for NT.

    NT is obviously extremely desperate to bring in to WV such a FAR LEFT WACKJOB to stump for her! Warren is at least as Socialist as Obummer and certainly as crazed as Dingy Harry and Nutty Nancy. I was amused (terrified) by the latest gaffe by Dingy Harry when he referred to the Hobby Lobby decision decided by the SCOTUS and the 5 WHITE Justices whom he disagreed with. Harry, what about Clarence Thomas? The majority leader of the Senate is obviously losing it very quickly and it's imperative Republicans regain the Senate! How frightening for the Country if the Far Left Dem Lemmings retain it!!!

    JMR-You are a raging lunatic! Obviously you did not take the advice I gave you on my post of 7/9. If you did not read it (or have already forgotten), let me repeat it: You definitely need to GET BACK ON YOUR MEDS and/or seek Professional Help ASAP!!!!! JMR, I'm just trying to be a friend!!!

  • hosa


  • Mountain Navy

    So called raging moderate is. He is as bad as he anti gun nut Tennant is. You watch she will pose with a gun or some stupid stuff like what Manchin did with Obamacare. This time WV will not buy it.

  • Mountain Navy

    Name any legislation that Tennant has or stance that differs from the standard party line of democrats. Tennant is an full fledged anti gun nut and anti coal nut. Keep pushing what you are selling no one is buying it.

  • hosa


  • Buck

    We've had the last 6 years to witness the damage a socialist/inexperienced lightweight can inflict on the country. Why would anyone intentionally wish for more of the same?

  • Raging Moderate

    If Tennant is a clone of Obama, Capito is a clone of Eric Cantor
    (Oops!) or whatever right winger happens to be in power. Ms. Capito has never done any thing in the House to indicate otherwise. Name any legislation or stance that differs one iota from the standard party line. In the past, she has tried to sell us a bill of goods about her moderate views.

  • Mountain Navy

    I bet she cannot even speak her alleged own language.

  • Mountain Navy

    No one is buying your propaganda.

  • Mountain Navy

    You are sounding hateful yourself. I think you need to look in the mirror. Or better yet just move to New York you would fit in well there.

  • Mountain Navy

    Well to be fair 6,000 troops fought for the north and 4,000 for the south. So really it was split.

  • Paul Smathers

    For someone who complains about Republoican hate you sure have more than your share. I have seen no post from the Republicans that come close to rhe hate expressed by you and your fellow Democrats.

  • joeybiden

    "great people such as Sen Warren" Obviously a devotee of Mr. 1600 and his far left views on "transforming" (i.e., destroying America).
    Warren, a great person....the laugh of the day. Go back to MSNBC.

  • Jim V

    Democrat for Capito. Good bye Tennant.

  • Jim V

    What are you on? She is for keeping poor people poor and voting for democrats. That is her agenda. You like that?? Wow wake up.

  • Mike

    I wonder if Warren will make reference to her alleged Native American heritage while in WV. Just another carpetbagger on the circuit.

  • Sammy

    This is truly unbelievable. Bringing a candidate to WV that is backed by Obama for a Presidential run against Hillary. Warren, stay in the Northeast where you belong and leave our state alone!

    Capito has my democratic vote.

  • John

    Elizabeth Warren coming to West Virginia to campaign and bringing with her the liberal agenda.....supports taking away our guns....
    supports abortions
    supports gay marriage
    . Supports Obama Health Care

    Was a registered REPUBLICAN up until 1995!

    Whoa......I don't think her road is one that we, mountaineers wantM

  • JMR

    Coal and guns are going to be the final nails in the coffin for West Virginia. Coal is dying and NO ONE, NOWHERE can stop this from happening. AND people voting for "gun rights" (even though no gun rights have been taken away or are going to be taken away) INSTEAD of their own economic self-interests is going to obliterate what's left of the middle class in West Virginia. Coal and guns. It's like deciding which method to commit suicide by: Poison or the bullet.

  • JMR

    james, you are expecting right-wingers to 1) Read. 2) Actually comprehend what they are reading. And 3) admit the facts of what they just read and comprehended. This is a Herculean task for today's right-wingers and something that they simply ARE NOT equipped to do.

  • JMR

    Natalie Tennant for U.S. Senate. A REAL West Virginian who cares about working families on Main Street. Not Wall Street.

  • Docbegone

    Capito in 2014.

  • JMR

    This comments section is usually filled up with comments from old, bitter, right-wing cranks who are poorly educated, Fox News fed fools. We're talking old, bitter white men with nothing to do except post hateful comments on this website and wait to die. So I'm not surprised to see such libelous comments about Senator Warren on here this morning. Shelley Moore-Crapito is an absolute disgrace to West Virginia. She does not represent working West Virginians, but rather, Crapito represents the filthy rich fat cats on Wall Street and supports the middle class destroying economic policies of the failed vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan. Sec. Tennant is a good and decent West Virginian who grew up as the daughter of a farmer and who understands hard work. She cares about this state and its people. Not a bunch of millionaires on Wall Street. Speaking of Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren knows the dirty games that are played there. Sen. Warren understands the trials and travails of working American families, and it's wonderful that she is coming to West Virginia to support Sec. Tennant. There is an old, ugly, bitter remnant that wants Ms. Moore-Crapito to win this November's election purely out of spite towards the Democratic party and without concern for what's best for West Virginia. Don't let these poisonous people win. Vote from your heart and you will realize that Sec. Tennant, along with great people such as Sen. Warren, are who are best to support and defend hard working West Virginians. Remember, Capito is Crap-ito!

  • Rah B

    I can already tell by the comments that there will definitely be more teeth in the crowd in Shepherdstown. Still screaming "Socialists" and "Anti-coal" from chopped off mountain tops smh. Wake up folks, oh and the South lost, and WV was a part of the Union.

  • Tim C

    This is more of an audition for Warren than it is for Tennant. She is testing the waters for a Presidental run against Hillary. Obama would love nothing more than to have Warren succeed him in DC. This would guarantee his policies into the next term which will most definitely result in the destruction of our country. Tennant is merely a facilitator and a guaranteed vote for the destruction of Coal, the 2nd Amendment, freedom of speech, destruction of our military, and private property rights. You Dems go right ahead and support Tennant, Warren, and those like them. As for me.....I'm not that stupid.

  • The Real Truth

    Moore paid for his crimes. Manchin hasn't.

  • The Real Truth

    You sir are an idiot!!

  • Pt

    I'm for the former Mountaineer!

  • ViennaGuy

    Good point.

  • William

    This is total BS! Tenant is not qualified. Period.

  • Unbelievable

    Tenant is not even close to being qualified to represent this state at this level. End of story.

  • David

    Tennant supports all this illegal immigration going on folks!!!!!!

    She is an Obama clone that's why she has Warren coming instead of Hilliary " hide the ambassador " Clinton ..

  • The bookman


  • The bookman

    The argument was about the rise in mining jobs, not the loss. World demand and supply led to the increase, not Obama's policy.

  • winston

    A post that Obama has nothing to do with the lose of coal jobs Aaron must be living under a rock!

  • Dave

    Every time Obama's EPA puts out new rules the amount of West Virginia coal that can used is reduced. In addition the price of electricity goes up. A bad combination for the citizens of our state.

  • Aaron

    So long as we have a Democratic President, I'll bit Republican and hope for gridlock as that's the only way we're going to reduce spending.

  • Aaron

    B team? Don't be surprised if Senator Warren isn't the party nominee in November, 2016.

  • Aaron

    Obama has nothing to do with the number of coal mining jobs, unless you think he controls flooding in Australia and cold in Northern Europe.

  • Aaron

    I don't think it's the base she's worried about staying away, I think it's the money from national democrats as she knows she can't raise the money SMC can.

  • Big Johnson

    Anyone stupid enough to be seen with Liz the Liberal Warren let alone invite her to WV deserves to lose. That kind of decision making says it all...two socialist on one's the cattle car and the other is the caboose

  • jschmoe

    Tennant is bringing a liberal democrat to a grow area of the state that is mostly conservative. go figure

  • Bold Talk for a One-Eyed Fat Man

    With or with out his hood?

  • scottyakzo

    The real interesting question may be what happens if Senator Manchin decides to run for governor again. Could WV select Republicans for both senate seats? Unless the Dems come up with a moderate like Senator Manchin, the answer may very well be yes.

  • Mountain Navy

    I am still baffled why she would bring Warren to WV. Is Tennant trying to lose the election? I think Tennant should bring Obama also.

  • sunnycal

    come on Truth lets tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. She stands beside a woman who is anti coal, anti second amendment ,and pro abortion. Sounds like who West Virginians want representing us in D.C doesn't it ? I think Natalie Tennant is NOT the right choice in this battle.

  • Mountain Navy

    Tennant is an anti coal anti gun nutbag enough said.

  • Mountain Navy

    Hey truth Warren lied about being an Indian to get free stuff. Ya she is a real role model.

  • Mountain Navy

    Tennant bringing in the biggest anti coal person on the planet to campaign for her. You couldn't write this if you wanted to.

  • scottyakzo

    Is Arch on the ballot box? Not this time.

    Judge Ms. Capito vs Ms. Tennant AND those that will benefit from a particular winner. Whether you like Ms. Capito or not, you can suggest that a victory by Ms. Tennant IS a victory for Majority Leader Reid and President Obama. No matter how much you dislike Ms. Capito, the people of WV have shown time and again how fond they are of President Obama and Mr. Reid.

    A vote for Ms. Tennant IS a vote for Democratic control of the government. Count me out on that one!

  • El Supremo

    Elizabeth Warren wants to make the USA a socialist state similar to Europe and can best described as Obama's "Mini-Me."

  • stophating

    The Manchins and Moores have stolen more from this state than all other crooked politicians added together

  • sunnycal

    hey Truth, your right, you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. Natalie is keeping company with someone who is anti-coal , anti - second amendment and pro- abortion . A woman that stands firmly in the corner of the left wing agenda. I think Natalie is NOT the right choice in this battle. Tell it like it is Truth, but swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God.

  • Robin

    If Elizabeth Warren is coming that means the liberals have sent the "B Team" in so as to claim upon defeat that Tennant was never a strong candidate.

    Capito may not be the most conservative, but she is better than anything WV has sent to Washington in the past fifty years.

  • Truth

    There is an old West Virginia saying... You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.
    Natalie Tennant choses to stand beside Senator Elizabeth Warren. A woman that stands firmly in the corner with the little guy and against big bad Wall Street. She a crusader in the Senate against self-serving elitist who champion corporate welfare and policies that burden the working class.
    Shelley Moore Capito choses to stand beside a man named Congressman Paul Ryan who champions massive tax breaks for corporations, Wall Street bail outs, turning Medicare and Social Security over to Charles Schwab and the Wall Street gang and could care less about widows and orphans. And does not give a hoot about average West Virginians. Pssst..... they just want your votes to advance their right-wing agenda financed with the Upper East Side (NYC) elite.
    I think Natalie Tennant is the right choice in this battle.

  • james hicks

    All you right wingers for Capito please look up her record. She has voted against workers and for the owners on every thing. She only votes party line never coming up with anything of her own. She even voted to cut off overtime for people on Salary even the lowest paid. She has done nothing for WV. Also all who cry foul on coal if you would check their is 15.3% more coal mining jobs than under Bush. Facts hurt the right.

  • McCallister

    I hoped this day would never come, but it has. For the first time this democrat will be voting for Capito, a republican for US Senate. Tennant is undeserving and a snake. She targeted political opponents for "election fraud" to bolster her resume. The smokescreen didn't work with this voter Natalie.

  • Gary

    We don't need another Obama puppet like Rockefeller but don't worry Tennant's not giving up her secretary of state job to run so she'll still have a job.

  • richard

    One of the best governors? Are you kidding? Exactly how was that..??Please explain.

  • ViennaGuy

    The arrival of Elizabeth Warren is, to me, a rather clear sign that the Tennant campaign is fearful of the Democratic party base staying away from the ballot box in November. Warren's presence is red meat for the base, or at least the Tennant campaign hopes it is. Given how Warren is opposed to so many things that West Virginians support, there's simply no other way to explain it.

  • Dave

    West Virginia voters would be shooting themselves in the foot by voting for Tennant. That would provide Obama an ardent supporter in his bid to ban guns and West Virginia coal. He doesn't need any help to screw us.

  • Independent View

    Addendum to previous email:
    Ms. Warren supports "green technology" and decries what she labels as "old technology" such as coal.
    Further she is a strong, almost rabid gun control advocate. Don't believe it? View her own statements at:

  • Independent View

    Elizabeth Warren? You have got to be kidding me!!!! She's even more Liberal than Hillary Clinton!!
    This again proves that Tennant not only has little if any judgment, but contrary to her statements--she IS NOT in tune with West Virginians or she would not have accepted the DNC's offer to send Warren here.
    Tennant is an empty pant suit! And, a big one too. A resume' that until SOS, consisted of news reader and mascot is very unimpressive!

  • Guardian

    And her dad did his time for his crime. And her dad was arguably one of the best governors WV had in the 20th century - else why would our state's democratic registered voters have elected him 3 times as governor and multiple terms to Congress before that???

  • Fred

    I am voting against Capito because she is anti-environment and her dad stole millions from the citizens of this state.

  • George

    With the shape this country is in, I do not see how any Democrat from Washington would even be welcome in this State.........

  • thornton

    Nat will make a swell tour guide for Warren....I'm jealous.

  • Bill

    Tennant is just a female clone of obama!

  • Ole Sasquatch

    While Tennant may carry a little weight, Warren in WV.? - Tee, tee he, tee he he he.

  • David Kennedy

    What a joke this is...spending money for nothing.
    I saw the numbers last week. Capito at 61%.
    For Tennant to win, she would need JFK to campaign for her.
    Tennant could have had a great career in politics but the game changes and the changes that we see are not at all positive for those entrenched in the old socialist ideas.
    West Virginia has always been conservative because it's people have been church-going people.
    Liberalism has never fit in very well because we are free people who want to stay that way.
    With Rockefeller gone now, the people are waking up from the Rip Van Winkle dream and are seeing that they have been sold a bill of un- american goods.
    The smart politico's are on the conservative side this time but they will still pad their pockets with the public's free money.
    I hope West Virginia and the USA can be rescued from the tide of socialism and anti constitutional control...
    I wish Senator R.C. Byrd was alive, he would be an out spoken voice in the fight to save our constitution and liberty.

  • Jason412

    I'll have trouble voting for either.

  • Pickle Barrel

    All you need to know about Natalie Tennant is revealed by her bringing in Senator Fauxcahontas to stump for her. Elizabeth Warren is perhaps the most liberal Senator in DC…which is saying something considering the likes of Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer are there as well. Natalie is no different.

  • Harlan central

    Warren aka you didn't build that and gov is only reason why you survive wacko bird (native Indian name) which she falsely identifies with,,,,,,all needed to know not to vote for tennant.

  • Jim N Charleston

    If I were Capito, I would pay for Warren to stay a month and hopefully she will get into her environmental & social & 2nd Amendment beliefs.

    If I were Tennant, I would pay for Ryan to stay a month and talk about Social Security.

    Whoever is running these campaigns are total idiots.

    Montgomery Brewster (Richard Pryor movie character) could beat both these broads with common sense and booze.

    I'm Jim N Daytona Beach
    All I got

  • Dumb Liberals

    So Warren and Tennant are going to have a make-believe pow-wow and smoken’ peace pipe at the iron horse stop. Make sure the fire-water is put away, ‘cause make-believe Indian squaws can’t handle it.