MANNINGTON, W.Va. — An ATV benefit ride turned tragic over the weekend in Marion County. Sheriff’s detectives say a Mannington man was killed when the side-by-side he was driving tipped over and rolled over top of him.

Detective Jeanette Williamson said John Stalls, 31, of Mannington, was killed in the Saturday afternoon accident on Mods Run Road just north of Mannington.

Four people were in the ATV and were trying to traverse a steep hill. Detectives said the ATV hit a rock and flipped back. Stalls not wearing a seat belt. He was thrown from the vehicle and it rolled over top of him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Detectives said three passengers were buckled in and suffered only minor bumps and bruises.


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  • dont judge

    This was a freak accident. He was an incredible man. He lived and loved what he was doing. Regardless if he was buckled or not the same result could of happened. U weren't there's so u dont know. My sister (his fiance) was one of the passengers and saw the whole thing happened. He lived his life to the fullest and died doing what he loved.

  • concerned

    If you weren't there then you don't know what happened. This report is wrong, he wasn't pinned under the vehicle. He was a devoted father, a loving fiancee, a considerate friend, and an amazing person. Please keep your comments to yourself if you don't know what you're talking about. Don't you think his family has been through enough? His fiance was in the vehicle with him. His dad saw the accident happen. Two of his friends were in the vehicle with him and another friend witnessed the accident. Let them mourn and shut up.

  • Inconsiderate

    How cruel can you people be? Do you not think that maybe this young life was someone's son, someone's brother, or possibly a young father? Hopefully karma doesn't kick in on you both and you experience a horrible tragedy of your own!

    • GRIFF

      Inconsiderate - It was a tragic loss of life. I believe the seat belts are there for a reason. Considering the 3 passengers were using seat belts & received just bumps & bruises. How can you not believe that someone's son, maybe a brother or even a father could still be living today if he has just taken a second to buckle up

  • leroy

    what a tragic waste of life.

    • In da stickes

      Or is he up for a Darwin award?