CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston police are looking for a person of interest in connection with a weekend shooting death.


Marlon Dixon is wanted for questioning in connection with Charleston murder.

Detectives announced Sunday they want to question Marlon “ICE” Dixon, 37, involving the murder of Branda Basham.  They said Dixon currently has an outstanding warrant for selling heroin.

The body of the 22-year-old Basham was found at around 10:30 Saturday morning near railroad tracks off Madison Street on Charleston’s West Side.

Lt. Steve Cooper, chief of detectives for Charleston Police, said the only information investigators had initially was that gunshots were heard in that same area around 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

Detectives spent the weekend talking with those who reported hearing the gunshots and those who knew Basham.

“Anytime that we have a case where someone’s life is taken, that is our highest priority case and we’re going to work around the clock until we get to the bottom of it,” Cooper told WCHS Television in Charleston.

Basham’s murder marks the second homicide in Charleston in the last week.  Martin Snodgrass, 51, of Charleston was attacked and killed on Magic Island on July 5.  Three people are charged with roles in his murder.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    Ms. Basham was well known to the authorities of the Kanawha valley. Seems she is a regular (at least 4x) at the SCRJ with her last visit being 6/18/14. It appears she is a know felon. I do believe her "lifestyle" may hold clues to her "obvious homicide". Yet another C'est la vie! Ashes to ashes - trash to trash.

  • I'm honest at least

    +1 why the name change

  • Connie

    Bill, if these people are so all knowing, why are they sitting around writing ugly stuff about Branda? Get up off your sorry butts and do some good for someone. If you have all this to say get out and change the things you do not like. You are no better than any other man, woman, or child out there. God does not make mistakes. If you are given life He has a purpose for that life. For all of you that have become judge and jury, I think you should ask the Lord's forgiveness on this one.

  • Connie

    Why are so many of you being so cruel to Branda's family? Since no one knows what really happened in this tragic situation you all have chosen to assume the worst. Do you know why this happened? If so should you not be talking to law enforcement? Brand's family is also my family. No I did not know Branda as her family in Charleston did. I knew that she had great parents and family there that loved her unconditionally. That is the meaning of true family love. Someone mentioned polishing Branda's halo, no doubt in my mind that she has one. How about you, when it is your time, will there be one waiting for you. My brother made bad choices and was murdered in WV. Did those choices cost him his life? We will never know because law enforcement did not think his life was worth their time.. Still no one had the right to take his life. If any of you can not express a little comfort and sympathy to Branda's family. Please find a life other than setting around condemning a families lost child. One day this may be you.

    • Bill Canterberry

      Amen Connie. These fruitcakes are the same ones that when the tradegy happened with the shooting at Va. Tech, said, that's what happens when you go there, you deserve it. Truth be known, these knuckleheads are sitting at home waiting on their free lunch to come.

  • Dave

    Dumb Liberals, I normally agree with your comments, but a little tact could be useful.

    This woman was not a victim of the govt failing to help her. Did the govt have her out at 3 am when she was shot?

    She made voluntary choices and engaged in an unhealthy lifestyle that lead to her death. It's tragic that she chose that path, but our lives are defined by the choices we make.

    Anyone reading this who is involved in the same situation, get out now while you can. YOU are responsible for your actions. It's not Obama's responsibility to take care of you. It's not anyone's responsibility but your own. Stop looking for a handout, stop making excuses . . . and go do something positive with your life.

    The path to the life you wish you had starts with a single step. Take the first one today.

    • sharon

      Dave - I am sorry -I did not specify that my comment was for "dumb liberal". The name stands for itself.

    • sharon

      you are a hater. I am a conservative - not a liberal - either way - this has nothing to do with politics. This has everything to do with common decency........I've always heard - don't stomp on them while their down - that is exactly what you are doing with your hateful comments..............give your opinion - not your hate.

  • Kory

    Throw this guy in jail anyway. Whether he's guilty or not. He must be guilty of something, look at what he's wearing. One way to stop crime around here, just arrest everyone that dresses like a thug. I guess that wouldn't leave anyone left on the west side....oh well

  • Roger

    Don't blame guns; they only do what you make them do....Until these idiots in the state put the death penalty back in force like it once was, this type thing is going to continue. But I guess as long as the state is controlled by bleeding heart liberals its not going to change, only get worse. Bring the electric chair back and put it to use!!

  • MOCO man

    The problem is not the guns........the problem is our lax judicial system. Until we get the bleeding hearted liberals out of the way and get serious with how these people are dealt will continue. Karstens stated that guns are used for the exact purpose of death. I know he is very uneducated but I shoot skeet and have targets set up in outback yard and my whole family enjoys the sport of shooting.

  • Silas Lynch

    What about the teen who was shot while in his own back yard by a west-side thug a couple of weeks ago? I haven't heard anything about that. Are they even looking to solve it? do they even care?

  • KarmaBlue

    Its so sad that someone can have that much hatred in their heart to talk so horribly about a 22 year old woman. I knew her and yes, she had issues JUST LIKE EVERYONE else. No matter what she did for a living or what she did out here, she was a human being and nothing in my eyes deserves dying the way she did. Wow. One day someone you know and love will suffer the same fate in this cold world and then you will know the pain and confusion.

    • lisa

      Her choices put her 8 the position she was in to be murdered. It's not the fault of anyone or anything but her choices. However she didn't deserve to die. I hope the thug is in a cell with bubba.

  • John

    Cars weren't made to kill people though. That's the problem with the whole "cars kill more people than guns" spiel .. IMO at least.

    I'm not against guns, so don't get me wrong... But to deny our country's fascination with firearms is to bury one's head in the sand. More guns equal more gun violence. Plain and simple. Whether it be on the west side, or some kid in a nice neighborhood finding an un-secure weapon & accidentally killing a friend.

    If you're going to talk about guns, leave swimming pools, hammers, cars, chairs, etc out of the conversation.

    My two cents on the problem: lock up your guns. All illegal firearms were legal at one point. A gun in a locked safe won't find its way onto the streets or into a child's hands. In no way is this a cure for our country's massive homicide rate, but it will trim down the accidental shootings and turn down the flow of illegal weapons.

  • me

    So glad I don't live in that **** hole. Feel sorry for the people that do

  • MOCO man you own a car? I sure hope not because we can compare the number of people killed every by vehicles versus the number of people killed ft what you say, vehicles are an instrument of death, therefore should be banned also.........yeesh!!!!

    • MOCO man

      By guns.......

  • Dumb Liberals

    It appears Ms. Basham was well known to the authorities of the Kanawha valley. Seems she is a regular (at least 4x) at the SCRJ with her last visit being 6/18/14. It appears she is a know felon. I do believe her "lifestyle" may hold clues to her "obvious homicide". Yet another C'est la vie! Ashes to ashes - trash to trash.

    • Jacki

      Dumb Liberals- you are an idiot. She was my niece! She wasn't trash, both her mother and father are respected members of the Charleston Area. She was GROOMED to have this lifestyle. She was a vulnerable young lady living in a place that offers NOTHING to youths but misplaced judgement. What has happened is the government has failed to protect her, she was used by drug dealing pimps hid all over the country and contemplated moving to Scotland to live with me, she was ALWAYS found by the filthy bastard that turned her to this life. When she FINALLY found a way out, the police were not there to protect her. YOU, Dumb Liberals, are an insensitive COWARD that hides behind anonymity of what has to be BY FAR the stupidest screen name. Before you continue to start calling someone trash and using judgement that is only reserved for God, think about their family first. And please, ask someone to pull the self servicing rod out of your backside that so obviously serves only you and your self riotous ideas.... On another note, just so you know who you're talking about, Branda Mae Basham was good student that graduated was raised in the Church and the absolute LIGHT of my life, my mom's. Her big brown puppy dog eyes were just like her momma's. She would tilt her head to the side and say, Aunt Jacki I love you! Now ALL I can see is those same big brown eyes filled with fear begging someone not to shoot her! Your words, Dumb, will forever resound in my ears when I think of this sad poor wee lass begging for her life. Who knows, the killer may have used the same words before he shot her.

      • Molon Labe

        "What has happened is the government has failed to protect her".

        -No, It's not the Govts job to raise her.

        -Yes, The Govt failed to protect HER and EVERYONE else because the Govt should have had this multi convicted Federal and State Felon locked under the prison a long time ago.

        • Jacki

          Now you all know, when I say they failed to protect her I freakin mean it! As for Dumb Liberal, eat your words jackhole, your precious government screwed up AGAIN. So does she deserve what you say now, knowing she's helped get scum off the street?

        • sharon

          I just saw an update this morning that this man was arrested previously on murder charges and let go - no one wanted to testify against him. That will not be the case this time. If he is arrested and proved to be the murderer.............he will be convicted. I serve a powerful God and through prayer and fasting - we will make sure that the killer will pay for this.

        • Jacki

          @Molon, I wasn't suggesting the government was responsible for raising her...... She has never in her short life lived of government benefit nor has her parents. But watch this space, you will soon learn how she was left exposed and unprotected. I have every intention of seeing this through, but for now the focus is on getting this scum.

      • Dumb Liberals

        #1 - mother and father are respected members of the Charleston area. - That makes them dumb liberals.
        #2 - She was GROOMED to have this lifestyle - What lifestyle was that? The one you envisioned or the reality that lived and died by?
        #3 - The government has failed to protect her - or she failed to follow the rules and your belief of entitlement. She failed, thus you failed.
        #4 - The police were not there to protect he? Maybe mommy, daddy and family failed to "protect" her and teach her right from wrong.

        Stop blaming everyone else for your all's failure! Take a real hard look at the reality you created for yourselves. No one but yourselves.

        • I'm honest at least

          You sir are an embarrassment to the human race. This young person has one up on you. Sounds like she will be missed by somebody.

      • Dumb Liberals

        Jacki, Guess what? She's still dead. Polishing her halo satisfies just you. Maybe you should have polished harder years ago.

        • Bill Canterberry

          Well it seems that anytime something happens, the short sighted "Tea Party" people come out and blame Obama. DL, why don't you give us your name, or would you like to hide behind this all day. Someone lost their life, someone's daughter, maybe sister, but someone is dead. She didn't deserve to die because she was on drugs and a prostitute. Our government did fail her, she should have been locked up, not back out on the street.

          DL, I would guess your family life sucks. You probably sit around and watch FOX News all day complain.

        • Rocko

          Hey DL...don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash!!!

        • Jacki

          You are a disgusting piece of work..... You seemed to have misplaced your halo. I absolutely DARE you to call and say this to my face
          +44 790 448 9483

          • Bill Canterberry

            Jackie Lee. I am working with someone who works for WV Metro to get this guys computer address.

          • sharon

            thank you, Bill

        • Jason412


          Your insolent comments satisfy just you. Maybe find another way to work on your self-esteem, your insecurities are glaring.

    • me

      YOu choose this life style this whats happens. Let them eliminate themselves! Works for me

      • sharon

        obviously you live in a world by yourself. No one chooses to die this way.....

      • Bill Canterberry

        Me, your life must suck. You have to place pain on everyone, because you have so much in your life.

    • kc

      What a cruel and unnecessary thing to say. Every life had value. She was a young girl who made some bad decisions. She was still someone's daughter and loved one and deserves respect.

    • Jesus

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

      • Dumb Liberals

        Nice to see you're awake this Sunday morning Jesus. Now if you could learn from your own statement.

        • scott

 that you?

        • Thecrow2123

          Man your a jerk!!!

  • Gary Karstens


    Another day and another person gunned down by these instruments that are used solely for the exact purpose of DEATH! YEESH!

    When does the destruction end? When will these instruments of death be banned in our society? YEESH!

    Now it is a young 22-year old woman put down by these merciless guns. 22 year old woman! YEESH! I am repulsed by this bu further repulsed with our society's fascination with guns. YEESH!

    • GRIFF

      Karstens or what ever your name is. I hope this isn't your true belief. I have never seen such a idiotic comment in my life. Families have owned a gun for centuries. They were used to put meat on their tables, shotgun or rifle matches for entertainment. The social life in the world now seems to focus on one thing - their self, No respect for parents, law enforcement, military or LIFE. Now, if they dont get what they want they just kill somebody. It doesn't matter if they use a gun, knife, rock, ball bat. Respect & values are out the door.

    • Scott

      Ban guns? Then what, ban knives, baseball bats, sharp sticks? Guns don't kill people, thugs and mentally unstable people kill people. Trust me, I see your point, but banning guns won't work. Besides, how are you going to deal with law abiding citizens that already have guns? Just take them, I don't think that will go over too well. YEESH!

    • WSR

      If he didn't have a gun, he would have killed her with whatever he had!! A knife, A club, A rock! Guns don't kill people by themselves. I have a lot of guns and they are home alone while I am at work, THEY HAVE NEVER WENT OUT AND KILLED ANYONE!!!!!!!!!! BLAME SOCIETY NOT THE GUNS!!!!!

    • Jonus Grumby

      Amazing power an inanimate object has, huh?

    • Thecrow2123

      Once again Gary,

      it's not the weapon of choice that is the problem but rather the choice to use it.

      Focus on the problem not the symptom.

    • Bottom feeder

      What the Hell is a yeesh?

    • Evan

      Move along, troll...

      • Scott

        I love this new technique that some people use now when they don't agree with someone, they call them a troll or a strawman and that's supposed to prove that they won the argument, when in fact it just proves that they can't have a mature debate, so they resort to name calling

        • Evan

          It's not a technique at all. Where did I try to debate anything?

          This poster uses situations like this to push an agenda. It's always the same, and its done by said poster to rile people up. That's all. He doesn't debate - he's a pot-stirrer and nothing more. That's trolling.

          I'll be happy to debate gun rights with anyone, in the proper place. But not on the story of a young person's murder. It was a low-class move by the poster--which is why I suggested that he move along.

    • Grant

      You seem to have some sort of morbid glee to have an opportunity to unintelligently attempt to prove a political view...a view point that is overly simplistic and falls apart whenever logic and common sense are applied.

    • Savage

      So what's your argument if the murder weapon would have been a hammer. 7 day waiting period and background check on all carpenter tool purchases. We'll call it the Karsten Bill. Be sensible.