CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Police are once again calling for a man wanted for questioning in a weekend murder to come forward.

“We’re hoping he will cooperate and come down and turn himself in on the heroin distribution warrant,” said Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper Monday morning.

They’re want to talk to 37-year-old Marlon “Ice” Dixon in connection to the shooting death of 22-year-old Branda Basham. Her body was found Saturday morning near the railroad tracks on Charleston West Side just off of Madison Street.


Marlon Dixon is wanted for questioning in connection with Charleston murder.

“We do not have a lead on his location. We do know he is aware we’re looking for him,” explained Cooper.

Dixon has not been named as a suspect in the murder of Basham but he is wanted on an outstanding warrant for selling heroin. The department spent much of Saturday and Sunday canvassing the neighborhood where the shooting took place, talking to witnesses and gathering other evidence.

Cooper said this is the last call for Dixon to voluntarily turn himself in.

“If he refuses to turn himself in, then we’ll just go after him.”

Cooper stressed if you see Dixon don’t confront him, call police and let them handle the situation.

Meanwhile, the Basham murder came one week after another murder in Charleston. Martin Snodgrass, 51, of Charleston was attacked and killed on Magic Island July 5. Three people are charged in that crime and behind bars. Cooper said the two murders are not connected. However, it’s disturbing.

“You hate to have two murders in a week. It’s happened before. It’s just been awhile since that happened,” explained Cooper. “Prior to this incident over the weekend, we hadn’t had any gun violence (in Charleston) in three months.”

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  • Gary Karstens

    Has then man with an instrument of death been found??? Will he use that gun to shoot more people???

    A 22-year old was killed. More gun violence continues in this state that worships instruments of death......YEESH!

    Bow down to the guns.....YEESH! Build an altar for these instruments of death......YEESH!

    • lee

      Gary ????????????????????

    • Jim Kinzer

      what a very ignorant "statement"

      WV is far, far below the national average for anything remotely-connected to gun violence...