CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A former Vice Presidential candidate says the current makeup of the U.S. Senate, with Democrats in control, does not reflect West Virginia’s best interests.

“If you want to stop the ‘War on Coal,’ you’ve got to have the United States Senate that is a (Republican) majority so that we can stop the ‘War on Coal.’ We can’t just do this from the House,” U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Ryan was a guest on the show ahead of a roundtable discussion in Charleston focused on jobs in, what he called, the “Obama economy.” It was a campaign event for Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), the Republican U.S. Senate candidate.


Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and West Virginia Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito talked about the economy during Ryan’s visit to Charleston Monday.

“Shelley needs to win this Senate race so that we can keep the philosophy that (Massachusetts Democratic Senator) Elizabeth Warren is trying to push on the country at bay,” said Ryan.

His visit to West Virginia came on the same day Sen. Warren stumped in Shepherdstown for Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate.

First elected to the U.S. House in 1998, Ryan has served as chairman of the House Budget Committee since 2011.

In multiple budget proposals, including the one most recently approved in the U.S. House, Ryan has pushed for massive changes to Medicare. Now a guaranteed benefit, he’s supported providing vouchers instead to seniors in the future, subsidies to help them buy health care coverage on the private market.

Capito has supported Ryan’s budget proposals which have limited government spending by, in part, making cuts to social programs like food stamps, college loan programs and health care for the poor.

“It actually balances the budget and pays off the debt. That’s something I think we need to do if we want to be prosperous and give our children and grandchildren a debt-free nation,” Ryan said in defense of the latest House budget.

“On Medicare, it doesn’t affect (today’s) senior citizens. The proposals that we have for Medicare are to save and strengthen it for the next generation and preserve it, as it currently is designed today, for people in and near retirement.”

In 2012, Ryan ran for vice president on the Republican ticket with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The Romney-Ryan ticket won all 55 West Virginia counties.

Both Ryan and Warren have been included on lists of possible Presidential candidates in 2016.

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  • Ted

    Please share this video to show your support of coal miners. No matter what people think of coal or coal mining, everyone should admire and respect the coal miner. God bless these unsung heroes.

  • DP

    Revised 2014 General Election Result:

    Shelley 56% (At Least)
    Natalie 44% (At Most)

    Both E.W. and N.T. SPEAK WITH FORKED TONGUE!!!!!

  • imgrill

    Another example of tell them anything, people in WV are too dumb to know. Paul Ryan has no clue about WV. He is a one issue guy. The problem is we have 100"s of issues. Don't tell me what your rival will do to America, tell me what your going to do and how your going to do it. Tell us how your going to bring good paying jobs into our state as we continue to lose jobs. What will people in southern WV do when you have cut all the programs to help them and coal has finally died? What is your plan for the situation in the middle east? Ukraine? Shelly can you tell me of something outstanding you have done to help the people who sent you to Washington? Can you offer us any reason to vote for you? Health Care reform seems to be working, insurance companies are making money, I haven't seen one death panel,and more and more people are signing up. Offer us a future not just I'm against everything because I don't like the president.

    • Aaron

      "Health Care reform seems to be working, insurance companies are making money, I haven't seen one death panel,and more and more people are signing up."

      Yes, people are signing up but at what cost, particularly given the changes made by the Administration that will only add to the cost? Between the lie of the year leading to increased cost combined with the lost revenue from both the public and private mandates, are any of the previous estimates even remotely accurate?

  • winston

    why do we need to unchain from coal it is a good cheep energy source that they are burning all over the world oh that is a different environment ok !

  • mickey

    Ryan is a loser, just like Capito and her old man.

  • Independent View

    As "Future" put it "West Virginia chaining itself to coal is like waiting around for the band to finish on the Titanic."
    I'd characterize Tennant, a Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate that has polarized the country coupled with 80 years of West Virginia Democrats' boots firmly planted on the neck of West Virginians presents a vision of Tennant arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic! Surely we can do better that a former news reader and mascot?? An empty pant suit!

  • JTc

    Corporate Capito is raking it in from Citicorp and US Chamber of Commerce, can you say Eric Cantor? Like father like daughter follow the money!

    • Aaron

      Citigroup was the 7th largest contributor to Barrack Obama.

      • Silas Lynch

        I am always astonished to how poorly informed, or intentionally misleading, democrats are about Wall Street. Liberals now run Wall Street, and profits are just as important as ever.

        • Mountain Navy

          That is how they fool the masses.

  • Savage

    When is the next bipartisan government shut down? Anyone want to suggest a write in for Senate.

  • Future

    West Virginia chaining itself to coal is like waiting around for the band to finish on the Titanic. WV needs to pursue different avenues for revenue and economic growth. Grow the natural gas industry. Think about the hemp market. West Virginia needs to slowly start moving its eggs People can scream "anti-coal!!" all they want but it is the truth. We cannot continue like this forever.

    • Future

      correction: eggs out of the coal basket*

  • arp

    Ryan is one of the smartest people in Washington today and, quite possibly, a future President. He understands economics, a knowledge which is rare these days. Sure is a contrast to that fake Indian, anti-coal, anti-2nd Amendment, left winger the Democrats are trotting into Shepherdstown today!

    • Ole Sasquatch

      You are right he is one of the smartest. What we saw as a candidate for Vice President though was a candidate who like Romney with reporters, debate moderators, and opposing candidates shifting subjects and getting in the last word. He could take a lesson from Ron Johnson the Senator from his state who does not allow these liberals to taint the end of these meeting. He gets the last word, logically upending their ending shots.

      • Michael Gray

        So smartest is the guy wielding a straight razor on Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and vet benefits?

        Got it.

        • Ole Sasquatch

          Not a straight razor but a life preserver so those programs stay alive for our children.
          Get it.

  • maude

    Paul Ryan and Shelley Moore Capito... birds of a feather flock together. Privatize Social Security and make Medicare a voucher program. They claim the right-wing changes championed will only strengthen the programs in the long run. By this they mean sending it to Wall Street and let the Charles Schwab invest your money. As for health care... their plan is to pass out band-aids to the sick and chronically ill. I just don't understand how two people that profess love for America hate Americans. Futhermore, these folks have voted over 55 times to take health insurance away from seriously ill children with cancer, diabetes, autism and major birth defects. Look at the Capito voting record and you will see. She even voted against equal pay for women. All she can do is run on fear. Sad day for West Virginia. Since Ryan is in town, I think its appropriate for him to get a little coal dust on his face. Both these frauds should take the trip to Boone County and enter a mine with their Prada suits and Gucci loafers on.

    • Silas Lynch

      Well Maudey,

      If Ryan takes you recommendation and heads for Boone County and enters a coal mine then he had better hurry because at the rate Obama is shutting them down he had better not wait until tomorrow...

      • Michael Gray

        Right... they aren't closing because they're killing people by the dozens, it's Obama... got it...

    • WVBlueBlood


    • Max you not understand that social security is a pyramid scheme and cannot be sustained into the future as it now operates. The government cannot invest money and get a decent return because no one trusts them to leave the money alone as invested and promised under the terms of the investment. I'll trust myself to invest my own money... Not a bunch of politicians regardless of party. You need to learn some economic facts and quit depending on the government and taxpayers. I'm 62 and applying for ss...I've been taxed plenty by the SSA, however, if I live 20 more years, I'll be paid much more than I and my employer paid into the scheme...taxpayers will then be responsible for my payments...that is not America as the founders intended.

      • Michael Gray

        SS was doing pretty good until Reagan raided it and never paid back the "loan".

      • Silas Lynch

        Maud understands little beyond the hate filled rhetoric her/his handlers have taught them.

      • Debra

        Social security has yet to miss one payment. But if you were to have privately invested your retirement savings in the stock market prior to 2008, well, you would have really lost out.

        • Shawn H

          The reason SS hasn't missed a payment is that they can print the money they need. The day is soon coming when that will not be possible. China and Russia are working on that. As far as investing SS in the market, It was a completely voluntary program. If you didn't want to do it, you didn't have to. Imagine that! Giving people an option to invest their money how they see fit. Unlike the Dems, who think people are too stupid to spend their own money.

        • Aaron

          I think that depends more on how you invested it, don't you agree.

      • WVBlueBlood

        You can give your SS money back, I'm keeping mine!

    • Aaron

      I'm curious, given that subsidies are essentially a voucher system, if it is good enough for everyone under 65, why not those over 65?

    • educatedVoter

      Since Obama has been in office Wall Street has never been better. Feel free to bash Republicans, but it is obvious that his Democratic policies are helping the wealthy more than ever. Yet he and Warren go on about the 1% like they are not proud card carrying members. As for your health insurance concern how many Americans lost their policies when Obamacare started this year? It cuts both ways Maude...

  • CaptainQ

    The 'War on Coal' is over, Obama and his EPA have already won. With the new, unrealistic regulations on coal burning power plants, the steadily declining WV coal industry will soon become a thing of the past. Obama's EPA won't even allow WV to sell it's coal overseas anymore! Countries like China could care less about clean air regulations (not a good thing, but they do have money to spend on coal) so at least our coal jobs COULD be safe if we were allowed to fully export coal.

    So make no mistake about it, the Democrats, Obama and his EPA have delivered the 'knock out punch' to WV's economy by all but killing the coal industry. Since there's NO chance that the GOP will reclaim the White House in 2016, the 'War on Coal' ends in defeat for the Mountain State.

    • chris

      Obama and the EPA have nothing to do with it. West Virginia coal is the most EXPENSIVE out there. Why spend all this money here when coal can be purchased less elsewhere. WV coal mines are shutting down because the market for coal is not there anymore. Furthermore, where is the talk about clean coal technology? Shelley sure did mention this during the early 2000s. She doesn't mention it anymore because there is not such thing. EPAs new rules and regulations do not go into operation until 2030. Get a clue and stop whining.

      • mark

        she don't have a clue.

      • Aaron

        i'm curious Chris, do you understand the various types of coal, the temperatures at which they burn and the need for metallurgical coal in steel production?

        • Oh Did Ya?

          You read the response. That is an obvious answer. I'll answer for you anyway - no he doesn't.

  • george

    better than the Democrats failed policies and destruction of wv...I'll take Ryan anyday..

  • Jethro

    After listening to Ryan, I now know what a talking rattler sounds like.

    I now need a shower to remove the taint of Ryans posion

    • mark

      i guess your not used to hearing the truth. sometimes the truth hurts, the democrats are destroying this state and country. it is not the party it was 40 yrs ago. just look who they stand up for now. it sure isn't working people. It is the party of gays and lesbions, abortion on demand. welfare deadbeats, more concerned about illegal aliens benifits and rights than american citizens. It's the party of spend it even if you don't have it. If you want more of this keep voting democrat! I didn't leave the democrat party it left me!

      • Michael Gray

        Politicians and lobbyists and the people who believe the puppet show is real are destroying this country.