CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Eleven people died in West Virginia from Saturday through early Monday morning in traffic accidents, fires and homicides.

Separate traffic accidents claimed seven lives in Berkeley, Kanawha, Wayne, Lewis, Marion and Monongalia counties. The state Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating deadly fires in Berkeley and Tyler counties while murder investigations are continuing in Charleston and Beckley.

The deadly crash in Marion County involved the operator of an ATV near Mannington Saturday morning. The Monongalia County fatal took place Sunday night on state Route 7 east of Morgantown.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    West Virginia has to maintain that #1 status in fire deaths. It one of the very few things WV is #1 at and we dare not let it slip away. The democrats are doing everything in their power to move WV up on the "Most Corrupt Politicians" list. The (d)'s are trying harder with great success.

    I really think the speed limit issue is directly related to teachers' unions failure to educate the state's residents. They apparently can't read and comprehend the signs. We might also want to consider make them bi-lingual to satisfy the current influx of illegals under the "open arms" illegal program of the m0r0n.

    Thank goodness common core isn't in place yet or they would still be ciphering the fatality total from the weekend.

    • Michael Gray

      Sad that someone old enough to reach the keyboard still believes there is a difference between the puppets in the system; whether on the right hand or the left, all are just puppets. Elect someone whose family has NO ties to gas, coal, timber, big pharmaceuticals or any other out-of-state lobby that has purchased a controlling interest in WV, and start applying the law equally to all persons, businesses and organizations, rich or poor, whether liberal or conservative, and you will have a start.

  • Jonus Grumby

    It would appear in many cases that speed limit signs are merely a suggestion.

  • Scott

    Begin forwarded message:

    Date: July 10, 2014
    Subject: "keep right law"
    I drive to and from Morgantown daily for my job, and it seems that since your piece the other day I have noticed that speeding , and tailgating have become even more of an issue. Since there's a high volume of large trucks on our highways that are not able to maintain the posted speed limits, and since drivers do not understand the concept of merging properly onto an interstate (they think you're supposed to move over for them) many times as I'm driving I run into the situation where I may need to quickly switch lanes. If someone is speeding and passing you it causes unsafe conditions for everyone. It seems to me that the focus should be on obeying the posted speed limits rather than promoting wreckless driving so they can be in front of you. Many of these drivers are in jacked up pickup Trucks from Texas, or passenger cars fro Pennsylvania. Have you driven in Pennsylvania lately? Most of them have no respect for the laws or their fellow drivers. They have no problem driving 65 in a 45 mph zone. More and more West Virginia drivers are picking up bad driving habits and I think its irresponsible for anyone to to encourage speeding by saying that we have a problem with a few drivers driving too slow


    • GRIFF

      I agree. Nowdays you just can't drive defensive, you either drive like the rest of the pack or you get blown off the road. But, people gripe if the cops are running radar. They can't do sobriety road checks without notifying the public. This is a sad world we live in

      • Webb

        +1 on a sad world we live in