JANE LEW, W. Va. — One person is dead following a head on style collision in Lewis County.

Timothy Brian Eckes, 34, is the deceased as a result of the two-vehicle accident, according to Lewis County Deputy J. R. Moran.

According to a release from the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, a Ford F-250 driven by Delmos Grahm, 27, was traveling south on Hackers Creek Road when a Chevrolet 1500, driven by Kyle Scott Wilson, 19, with Eckes in the passenger seat was traveling north just after 6 a.m. near the Plantation Inn on Sunday.

Wilson was passing another vehicle when he collided with Grahm’s truck.

Eckes was pronounced Dead on Scene by the state medical examiner, Wilson was flown to Ruby Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries and Grahm had no reported injuries.

Moran said no charges have been filed yet and the investigation is ongoing.

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  • Broken

    RIP sweet Timmy

  • spiicytuna

    Rest in peace Timmy.

  • maps

    how are they traveling north and south on a road than runs east and west?

    • Shadow

      I think the road runs N-S as it runs by the Plantation. It is parallel to I-79,

    • wow

      @maps, at the exact point where the crash happened the road does run north and south. The road runs east and west after it passes lifes run. someone always trying to be a wise guy on here.

  • Karl

    And Eckes was a passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist?

    • SCOTT

      "with Eckes in the passenger seat"

    • wow

      The story says Eckes was in the passenger seat of the truck driven by Wilson.

      • Also Wondering

        The original story was very vague and gave no info as to which vehicle he was in. That part was added AFTER Karl's comment.

        • griff

          I read the article 2 or 3 times looking to see info about Eskes. There was nothing in original article to identify where he was