PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — The National Weather Service has put together some charts and graphs after it took a look at the damage in Wood County from the July 8 storm.

Meteorologist Nick Webb said straight-line winds developed in Ohio and crossed the Ohio River into the community of Washington, through Lubeck and into Parkersburg.

“Within that overall area there were a few areas of intense and concentrated wind damage that were deemed to be microbursts, both of which were near the community of Washington,” Webb said.

Meteorologists said the damage was consistent with straight-line winds.

“A general direction, the way were trees were lying from a southwest to a northeast orientation and this was generally found to be true throughout the whole area we surveyed,” Webb said.

The system that hit Wood County moved east and was the same system, although not the same storms, that produced tornadoes in Monongalia and Taylor counties.

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