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West Virginia defeated James Madison 42-12 at FedExField in 2012 and will be headed back to Landover for games against BYU in 2016 and Virginia Tech in 2017.


LANDOVER, Md. — West Virginia will renew its highly charged rivalry against Virginia Tech with a neutral-site season opener at FedExField in 2017.

The announcement came Tuesday from the Washington Redskins—who may or may not be named the Redskins by the time that game is staged—and will mark WVU’s third game at the NFL stadium in a six-year span. The Mountaineers defeated James Madison 42-12 at FedEx in 2012 and will meet BYU there in 2016.

Former Big East counterparts, West Virginia and Virginia Tech remain slated to play a home-and-home series in 2021 and 2022, but this fast-forwards the rejuvenation of a series that had fans on both sides jonsing. (It also could mark the dawn of William Crest’s senior season.)

Though Redskins season ticketholders will receive first chance at tickets to the game slated for Sept. 2, 2017, the NFL’s largest stadium features a seating capacity of 85,000, meaning there should be plenty of quality spots for fans of the Mountaineers and Hokies. WVU’s win over James Madison drew 45,511 fans, a total somewhat in line with facing an FCS opponent.

“West Virginia University had a great experience at FedExField in 2012, and we are looking forward to playing there again against Virginia Tech,” said West Virginia athletics director Oliver Luck. “Not only do our players enjoy playing in NFL stadiums, West Virginia has a lot of alumni living in the Washington, D.C., metro area and playing at a great venue like FedExField gives our fans a road game that is in close proximity.”

West Virginia’s only other confirmed nonconference opponent for 2017 is East Carolina, meaning one spot remains open. That presumably will feature a money game in Morgantown against an FCS or lower-FBS team.

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  • Shadow

    At least, the playing is close to WV, not in the Mid-West.

  • true mountaineer

    True mountaineers fans cheer and promote the team regardless of the record. Stop bashing the coaches and AD's! The Big 12 is a MUCH tougher conference than the Big Least, so we should have expected a rough start. Really good recruits are coming to WVU and things are going to get better. Hold your heads up and have a little Mountaineer Faith! And on a side note, who took us to a Final Four spot? Oh yeah, that was Huggins!

  • Aaron

    Was I listening to Chuck Landon or Allan Taylor on Talkline this morning?

  • C.H

    Bottom Line, if WVU wins games all the negitive goes away the Coach will be loved and everyone back on board everything is all good. If you dont win Nothing else falls in line because people in WV get no joy in going just for the experience of going to the game.

    • BH

      A winning record would be nice, considering the money and resources the WVU program requires.


    This is a good game to play and a good location , nice job to everyone that made this happen...

    We need not forget who was against us joining the ACC and who felt we have become a thorn in there side... VT.

    I understand we might be playing Tennessse in Charlotte, that would be nice game as well but not as good as VT in DC but good none the less. it would be nice to play this game.

    I would like to see us play one of the four teams Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State or Syracuse at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

    Maybe a Missouri in Cincinnati ... or South Carolina in Nashville , sorry I am just having fun with you.... We need to take care of business at hand Alabama in Atlanta (backyard of Alabama) Boys and Girls it is time to start punching these big boys in the nose again... it is not the size of the dog but the size of the fight in the dog.....

  • jay zoom

    well looks like 2017 will be a 4-8 season again depending on who wver fills the last slot. why not Clemson then we can go 3-9 THANKS OLLIE

  • Big Larry

    Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen whether you like him or not...should be admired, respected, lifted up and praised.

    Taking his lead from Bob Huggins, Holgorsen has shown every West Virginian how successful a true con man can become.

    While most West Virginians are barely able to make ends meet, Holgorsen is raking in Millions an with his extended contract...thanks to Ollie's Follies.

    The Athletic Department can not afford to get rid of him. Holgorsen conned Oliver Luck into believing he could take WVU to the promise land and Luck fell for it gave him the extended contract.

    WVU's "Three Ring Circus" of Luck, Holgorsen and Huggins should be greatly admired and recognized at every opportunity. These three amigos have successfully taken a once prominent & nationally respected athletic program down into the Abyss.

    Yes, it is hard to believe, but these three West Virginia icons are all still going strong with the continued support of WVU officials, boosters, fans & sports writers.

    If you are a youngster and have admirations of someday being a professional conman, you can learn much from closely observing Holgorsen, Huggins and Oliver Luck. They are three of the greatest conmen to ever live and work in the state of West Virginia...

    • Billly

      Let me guess OL Stew worked for free....good thing to know your dumb post will never change

    • rekterx

      While I am not a fan of Bob Huggins and I think the jury is still out on Holgorsen I will go ahead and say that your comment is out of line as it has nothing to do with the announcement of this game. Unless, of course, you want to praise Ollie for helping to make this happen.

      • Jephre

        +1, rek. All the ugly negative comments on these threads do nothing to benefit the team, coaches, fans, the university, or the state.

        • william

          Some WVU fans can't take the TRUTH!
          The truth hurts sometimes.

  • Randy

    I guess our best chance of winning that game will be our coach facing off against the recently fired Holgerson (nee WVU) after VA Tech says "what the hay? $181 plus beer a week. Let's give him a shot."

  • Mountain Navy

    Doc Holliday will be coaching this game.

  • Mountain Navy

    Cool they are playing at Redskin park.

  • TruthTeller

    Well by that time Crest will be the QB and WVU should be ready to give them a beat down.

  • Hop'sHip

    All we need is a Washington Generals type opponent to travel with us, someone we can beat up on.

    • Hop'sHip

      Was suppose to be a reply to GregG


    Oliver Luck, best gosh darn AD in America!

    • Randy

      I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And dog gone it. People like me. That's what I learned at the Self Esteem For Failures conference I went to. Thanks Randy!

  • GregG

    Well hell, lets just stop playing in our own stadium and play all our games where Oliver all about the $ Luck can make the most profit.

  • william

    Great 2017 -
    Dana "The Man in Black" will not be the head coach at WVU
    He is not a Mountaineer, and NEVER WILL BE