CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two men are trying to get their message of eco-stewardship across by fasting.

Mike Roselle of Rock Creek, Raleigh County, and Roland Micklem, of Wolcott, NY, were on day 10 of their vigil against mountaintop mining removal on Wednesday. Micklem, 85, said he’s drinking lots of water and coffee as well as fruit and vegetable drinks to keep up his strength. He stressed he’s in this fast for the long haul.

“It is a non-confrontative but very, very determined action,” Micklem explained.

Jennifer Smith/MetroNews

New York resident Roland Micklem has been fasting over mountaintop removal mining.

He and Roselle began their fast last week. Micklem made it clear this is not a protest or a hunger strike, but rather a spiritual journey.

“The goal is very undefined. I’m trying to listen to my inner-voice which is speaking to me through divine providence, if you want to call it that,” said Micklem.

The octogenarian is seriously concerned about the health of the planet and considers mountaintop mining a crime against the earth. He’s hoping his fast will draw attention to the issue and convince people to speak out about the practice.

Roselle is a friend and follower of Micklem’s message.

“Communities are being destroyed, people are being displaced and the land is literally being poisoned,” stressed Roselle.

Both men said they’re feeling fine 10-days into the fast and they will continue as long as possible.

Micklem said their journey is not about tearing down others and he won’t engage in angry confrontations with mountaintop supporters. However, according to Micklem, he is willing to go to great lengths to get his message out.

“If we have to violate man-made laws, to counter crimes that are against God’s law, we’re very open and ready to do so.”

You can follow Micklem on his journey on Facebook. Others have joined he and Roselle on their fast, some for a couple of days others for the full 10-days.

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  • willieintn

    You may think these people are crack pots, but they are willing to stand up for what they believe. I hope their message reaches people who can make a difference. More power to them. I hope they don't harm their health.

  • Rooster

    More grandstanding from those who eat tree bark and grub worms. These people are weird.....very weird.

  • thornton

    I believe this character was arrested with Darryl Hannah a few years ago.

    I dislike MTR but this old fella likely has a skewed view of forest management, as well his stance on mining, his hunger strike frees up a seat at some Bingo hall.

    More ho-hum than hmmm.

  • Shawn H

    Don't these guys know that all they have to do is tweet tweet tweet! Hashtag "no more mining". That is the most powerful statement you can make. Look what it did for all of those kidnapped girls that boko haram kidnapped.

  • FungoJoe

    Typical liberal stunt. Symbolism instead of substance. Go back to New York you commie.
    His comment is very telling of liberals and very humerous. “If we have to violate man-made laws, to counter crimes that are against God’s law, we’re very open and ready to do so.”
    What liberal invokes God's law into their mantra? They do not believe in a God. Remember the 2012 liberal Demoncratic National Convention when they removed references to God from their party platform? Give them some MCMH to drink and fill up on.

  • JustaFan

    God put the coal in the ground for a reason--for us to use. Mine it all!

  • Nobama

    Hope they starve, then there will be two less idiots in the world.

  • charlie atkins

    mike and Rolland don't allow anything to change you. spiritually speaking;)))) i am sure there are lots of the system people that have been bought off with food stamps and a check that is so meager i doubt their food and lodging is much more than the fasting your doing .. pure poison in the food and water... teh mountain top removal is for sure genocide and it is amazing how easily a person can be bought by poison..

  • Pickle Barrel

    Nothing but a circus stunt.

  • arp

    Maybe they can give the food they're not eating to laid off coal miners and their families, who are victims of Obama's War on Coal.

  • RogerD

    Proof that wisdom doesn't always come with age.

  • Matt

    Doesn't matter. Mining will be done in a few years any way!

  • Voter