Rodolfo Villagomez Correa

BUCKHANNON, W. Va. — In light of recent information, the trial of an Upshur County man accused of hiring the murderer of his wife’s lover has been delayed.

The motion for a continuance submitted by Rodolfo Villagomez Correa’s lawyers was granted Wednesday by Upshur County Circuit Judge Kurt Hall.

Part of the reasoning behind the decision was the defense recently receiving new discovery which identifies new witnesses in the case.

Correa, a Mexican national unlawfully in the United States, is alleged to have conspired with Jessie Lee Heater, of Buckhannon, and Robert Eugene Siron III, of Weston, to kill Joshua Oberg in January 2012.

During Heater’s trail, Siron claimed Correa paid Heater $5,000 dollars to kill Oberg because he was having an affair with Correa’s wife.

Siron was given $500 to not say anything.

Olberg’s body was found off of Bull Run Road in 2012 after six months of searching.

Siron is currently serving 15 years for his involvement with the case.

Heater was found guilty of his involvement in the crime in June and his sentencing is tentatively scheduled for August 14, pending a pre-sentence investigation. He faces life in prison.

Correa’s original trial date was set for July 28, but with the continuance, this day will be used to go over several motions presented to the court and to potentially set a new date to begin the trail, according to the Law Clerk from Judge Hall’s office.

In 2012, he pleaded guilty of being in the country illegally and to owning 16 firearms to a federal judge and was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison.

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    rights & lawyers - Why should he have any rights? Is his lawyers being paid by the taxpayers?? He should not even have right to a lawyer

  • WVU1

    He used to serve me dinner at two Mexican restaurants in Buckhannon. Seemed like a good guy...good at his job. I guess you never know who is around you.

  • jss

    Please read the Constitution. You will be a better citizen.

    • Shadow

      Which paragraph?

      • Shadow

        I don't think he could find his Constitution as he has been silent for so long. The dog ate it.

  • Roger

    If this guys was here illegally,what rights does he have to begin with? I thought only legitimate United States citizens had these rights, but I guess I'm wrong about that.

    • RogerD

      Welcome to Obama's America.