BECKLEY, W.Va. — Beckley Police have identified a man wanted for a murder that happened on July 12. The victim, Chester Hayes, was shot and killed at the Willbrian Apartment Complex in Beckley.

Desean Farley

On Friday, Beckley Police were searching for Desean Farley, 24, who was named as a suspect in the murder.

Few other details were immediately available about what may have lead up to the shooting.

On a separate matter, Beckley Police said Friday they believed the sound a reporter at WVVA Television heard while filming at the murder scene earlier in the week was not a gunshot, as originally reported by multiple witnesses. Instead, they said it was most likely the sound of truck backfiring.

Investigators had been talking with the driver of the truck, captured on the reporter’s video, and were planning to test the truck for gunshot residue to make sure.

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  • Jason412

    Amazing it took them that long to realize that truck didn't shoot at that reporter, it just backfired. I always thought all West Virginian's knew what a truck backfiring sounds like.

  • Good times

    Ol he got what he had coming to him for 12 yrs now. Just give him the key to the city and be done with it he saved us all a bunch of money to house him like we basically have for the last 16 yrs.

  • The Answer

    Hey Gary why don't you grow a pair and man up if you really are man.

  • Gary Karstens

    My God......MY GOD.....YEESH!

    How much more can this country support a failed gun policy??? How much I ask??? YEESH!

    Yet another day and yet another murder by an instrument designed for DEATH! YEESH!

    Barack, please ban these instruments of death and darkness from our society. YEESH!!!!!!!

    • yea right

      Come and get them!!!!!!!

    • WestByGod

      Gary lives in a fantasy land like most libs

    • Thecrow2123

      You make me ill with your pro gun confiscation, pro Obama dribble anti-rights slobber.

      It's not a failed gun policy idiot. It's a failure of culture and society as a whole. It's a failure of parenting to instill proper morals and virtues. It's a failure of our government and laws that have been written that has made illegal the correction of our children and removed the various sources of influence via media, print, schools and what not that could assist with instilling these things in our children rather than the violence and lawlessness they allow instead. It's a failure of community's and people that allowed and continue to allow it to go on rather than bring about a reset to once tried and true policy's and leadership. It's a failure of people like you Gary that call for more erosion of our rights and freedoms because that is the simple and easy road even though it's the wrong road.

      It's not the weapon of choice simpleton, it's the choice to use it. That is the problem Gary and until you see the truth in that and do something to change that it won't matter what you do. They will simply choose to use a different weapon. The killing will continue unabated.

    • william

      I never go out without my two buddies -