MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Eastern Christian Academy football coach Dwayne Thomas says quarterback David Sills plans to enroll at West Virginia in January with hopes of winning the starting job immediately.

“His goal has always been to be a starter as a freshman,” Thomas said.

Sills, whose astonishing four-year commitment to USC began in seventh grade and ended last month when he re-opened his recruitment, committed to West Virginia on Wednesday.

The Mountaineers, who previously received a commitment from three-star prospect Chris Chugunov, were in desperate need to add a second quarterback to the 2015 class, considering the depth chart is topped by three seniors: Clint Trickett, Paul Millard and Logan Moore.

A pair of 2014 signees—four-star recruit William Crest and junior college transfer Skyler Howard—are waiting for their shots. That means Sills could arrive to a wide-open race next spring.

“The roster fits well for him,” Thomas told MetroNews “Sportsline” on Thursday night. “West Virginia has three quarterbacks that are seniors right now, and barring injury, the younger guys won’t play. David will report in January and have as good an opportunity to earn a starting job as anyone else.”

While recruiting analysts say Sills hasn’t lived up to the stratospheric expectations heaped upon him  as a middle-schooler, Thomas thinks his quarterback’s career trajectory has been special nonetheless.

“He’s been a starter for me since eighth grade. He’s been a captain for me since ninth grade.
He has run all my offseason training programs,” Thomas said. “He’s well prepared. I think you get a kid who’s a student of the game, has a high IQ and an extraordinary work ethic.”

With Eastern Christian planning to install several WVU-style sets this fall, the coach said Sills’ versatility will be on display.

“Most people think of David as a statuesque, sit-in-the-pocket type quarterback, but he really is quite the opposite. He is a dual-threat quarterback.”

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  • Holgie

    I like this kid's attitude.


    This kid is the real deal, just like Crest and Howard, I believe Dana and Shannon booth understand that we/ WVU has been struggling at the QB situation after Geno Smith graduated.

    WVU will play better this year offensively ( as long as we don't turn the ball over) and Defensively I pray that Gibby is the answer,of course that is a lot to ask but our Defense staff looks good and if they all pull together and play wide open, who knows?

  • Storm

    We better pray this kid is not starting in 2015. Even if he still had the hype from back when Kiffin offered him as a publicity stunt, you never want to start a true freshman. If that happens it means 2015 is down the tubes too.

    It cracks me up that a week ago Crest was the future and now and now this kid is the next guy who is going to save Dana before anyone has ever seen either one take a snap in practice.

    At least it stops people from talking about Skyler Howard as if he has ANY chance to ever play at WVU or any major program. I saw the Chaz practice and the spring game and Howard is by far the worst QB I have ever seen at WVU. the only caveat here is I never saw Bobby Sabelhaus play because we let him go before I had a chance.

  • Chef Camille

    Crest will not only prevent cavities but whiten your teeth. I also think Booth and Carte recommend this as do 4-5 dentists.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Don't write the quick feet and spirit of Skyler Howard off just yet. Ole Sasquatch can sense something there.

  • WVU / Marshall Fan

    I wonder if this kid will excel as well as the other WVU quarterbacks recruited by Holgorsen?

  • VaultHunter

    Who did Marshall sign?

    Oh the one star qb from nowhereville that's right.

    Come on Herd fans read about another big time recruit for WVU and tell us how Dana is gone and Luck is Hitler and blah blah blah.

    • Marcus

      I'm not a Marshall fan but if Doc was at the the helm at wvu we would of had 2 or 3 4star quarterbacks ready to step in after the New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith graduated that Doc Recruited. We would not of suffered through the Millard/Childress debockle!!

    • WVU / Marshall Fan

      I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about Marshall if I were you, they will be just fine.

      • Jabo

        With a pee wee schedule like that, who wouldn't be. Concord has a tougher schedule.

        • WV Proud

          Maryland Terps, Enough Said

          • Jabo

            12-0 against Marsha. Enough said : )

        • WVU / Marshall Fan


          I look at the Marshall schedule and say...

          "It will be fun to win them all, have a national ranking and go to a major bowl"

          I look at the WVU schedule and say...

          "It will not be any fun to lose them all and not receive a bowl bid"

          It is what it is...get used to it and move on!

          • Aaron

            I've seen predictions for Marshall any Citrus Bowl, the Heart of Dallas Bowl, and the New Mexico bowl and while I have seen predictions of an undefeated season for Marshall, I have yet to see one prediction of the Thundering Herd going to a BCS bowl.

            Your comments though leave me to wonder whether you're more excited about the fact that Marshall will likely go Bowling or the possibility of WVU will not.

            Sorry dude but that's kind of sad.

          • GoEers

            that sounds like something Big Larry larry Jeffords would say...wait a minuted WVU/Marshall fan is Big Larry...hahahahahaha Big larry the jealous marshall fan loser has another screen name...hahahahaha what a loser!

  • VaultHunter

    Wait I though Dana failed at recruiting quarterbacks??

    What happened?

    Recruiting is at an all time sure he's getting fired?

  • Ridgerunner

    I hope he can bulk up by about 20-25lbs, I don't know how old these pics of him are but he looks a little lean and less beefy than someone who wants to start as a freshman. I'm sure it can/will be done cause he definitely appears to have the frame for it. I'm interested to see how Chugs comes around this year as a senior should be a good competition btwn Sills, Chugs, Crest and Howard (if he stays).

  • WVU Fan

    Good luck to the young man. It will be a battle with Crest. Although Crest is a different type player.

  • any major dude

    I assume Crest will have the inside track in 2015, whether he is redshirted or not, having been through at least 2014 practices. But Sills sounds like an ultra-competitive guy and you never know how a Crest/ Sills/ Howard competition might turn out. Yesterday Sills was called a pocket passer who could step out of the pocket to pass if pressured. Today his coach called him a dual-threat QB. Perhaps that's a distinction without a difference.

    • Diaspora

      Crest may have an inside track for 2014. I will be surprised if he is red shorted, with Teickett's history of injury am Millard's inconsistency.

    • notorious

      Crest or Sills.

  • Art in Ohio

    Two 4 star QB'S going at it next year for the starting position plus a solid backfield coming back. Are turning the corner???

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    Truly looking forward to having an all around great team, starting with the QB.
    This year, however, I am really looking forward to Trickett being a lot better and leading the rest of the team. No one man is an entire team. Surely we learned that with Geno. By the way I am looking forward to seeing Geno light up the field for the Jets. Best of luck to Geno and Austin.

  • Steve

    I wish this kid the best of luck and am excited that he's chosen to wear the Gold and Blue! Welcome to the Mountaineer family!

  • Mike

    May the best QB take control!!