CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A limited number of resources from bankrupted Freedom Industries are part of the momentum behind a proposed $2.9 million settlement for the 24 civil lawsuits filed in the water emergency case.

The proposal, announced Friday, would take care of the cases filed in federal court directly against Freedom in the days after the Jan. 9 leak of the chemical crude MCHM into the Elk River in Charleston. The spill touched off a water emergency for some 300,000 residents in parts of nine counties.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Anthony Majestro said it’s possible money from the settlement could help fund larger projects like medical monitoring and water testing.

“The reason we reached this settlement is because Freedom’s limited assets wouldn’t allow any real compensation to anyone,” Majestro told the Charleston Daily Mail. “Instead, we thought the best thing to do was reach a settlement that would allow benefit to the class in other ways.”

Majestro added all money is going to the class.

“We’re not taking any of it,” he said.

A formal filing of the proposal is the next step.

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  • business as usual

    Americans have become stupid, complacent consumer robots, hypnotized by their electronic devices, manipulated by corporate controlled media and good cop/bad cop bought and paid for politicians. They'll take this like they take every other outrage. In Communist China these corporate guys would get the death penalty, here they get a nod and a wink and their next corporate appointment. It ain't gonna be better when the Republicans take over WV, it'll get even worse.

  • Aaron

    And now you know why Freedom Industries executives waived their Constitutionally guaranteed Due Process rights to adhere to Governor Tomblin's ORDER that the tanks be removed.

    This company was responsible for a catastrophe that cost the area hundreds of millions of dollars, affected hundreds of thousands of citizens and they're going to pay an amount that will allow them to remain in business. This decision ranks right up there with Arch Moore's settlement with Pittson Coal.

    This is outrageous.

    • John

      Caused millions of dollars in damages and propose 2.9 million settlement. When will Americans wake up to the corruption of corporations, people like the Koch brothers and the politicians they bought from the Supreme Court, to congress and state governments?

      • Aaron

        How on earth can you blame this corruption on a corporation when the shortcomings ate clearly from the side of government?

        • Big Bob-E

          Please elaborate...this ought to be interesting!!

          • Aaron

            This case is about Freedom Industries and the fact that despite their actions, as a result of complying with with government mandates is being given a free pass. To lump this situation in the manner you did so generically is irresponsible at best.

          • Big-Bob-E

            Corporation'S Aaron...notice I capitalized the S for you...reading comprehension is a struggle for some youth these days!!

          • Aaron

            You'll have to elaborate on how Freedom has spent "billions" Big Bob. This should be interesting.

          • Big Bob-E

            How you separate corporations and government?? In today's America they one in the same and they spend billions of dollars to keep it that way!!! So maybe you won't elaborate....

          • Aaron

            By deflecting, not to deflect.

          • Aaron

            How should I elaborate on the question I ask? Do you not understand if or are are you trying to avoid answering to deflecting the question?

    • jss

      Koch Brothers funded it , they should pay for it.