CLARKSBURG, W. Va. — A former Shinnston police officer will serve up to 16 years in the state penitentiary for drug crimes.

Charles Roscoe Henning III, of Salem was sentenced to between one and four years for each count against him, to be served consecutively, by Harrison County Circuit Court Judge J. Lewis Marks on Monday morning.

Henning was arrested in March 2013 on four counts of obtaining a controlled substance by misrepresentation by fraud, forgery, deception or subterfuge.

According to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, Henning confiscated around 100 pills of hydrocodone for himself from several people while working as a Shinnston police officer before putting the bottles into the evidence locker.

Henning was sent to North Central Regional jail to await transportation to the state penitentiary. He has earned 468 days credit for time served in home confinement and will be eligible for parole in four years.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    He should have been sentenced to 16 years + 1 day.

  • Randy

    shocked that he got what he deserved.

  • David

    To bad he's not the governors brother his punishment would be considerably less if at all.

    Wasn't the governors brother actually a drug dealer who had sold 1000'sof pills?

    And he is on home confinement!

    What a joke the West Virginia justice system is!