CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Charleston man pleaded guilty Monday to killing a 90-year-old man that he had previously done some odd jobs for. 


Anthony Caldwell

Anthony Caldwell, 39, said he used a hammer to take the life of George Molle back in January. Caldwell took a cigar box of cash and a jar of change after the attack.

Caldwell pleaded guilty to murder, charges of breaking and entering, burglary and robbery were dismissed as part of the plea deal.

Kanawha County Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey will decide if Caldwell will have a chance for parole after 15 years at his Sept. 19 sentencing.

Molle’s family agreed with prosecutors on the terms of the plea bargain. Caldwell was set to go to trial beginning Monday.

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  • bimjob1

    Honestly, there are way too many hammers out there. As long as we as a society allow everyone to own a hammer things like this are going to continue to happen. You would think we would have learned by now. Seriously, how many people have to die before we put a stop to this.

  • Will

    I’m appalled that anyone might think since this VETERAN lived to 90-years, it somehow lessens the severity of this crime. Somebody that fought for our freedoms died for a few dollars, and some change in a jar. What has our society become, a crappy version of “Clockwork Orange”. Political correctness is BS. I’m glad this guy cannot get the death penalty. It would be far more humane to die by any approved method than the brutality he inflicted against his victim. He can rot in prison with whatever torment awaits him. There will be no solace for Mr. Molle's family, that will never have visitation, other than a graveyard.

  • Gary Karstens

    I never said he shouldn't serve time.....maybe even life. YEESH! The article says he has a chance at parole after 15 years under this deal. The judge of law will determine that in September for the love of yeesh! These type of sentences are often done in plea deals so that no chances are taken during the trial. It is a terrible crime.....YEESH!

    • Wow

      You are still a stupid loser. YEESH, this post does not make up for the first one. YEESH.

  • Tom

    Hey Jeff,

    How about a period after murder and begin a new sentence.

    • Wow

      What do you want, a medal ?

  • Dumb Liberals

    I've never seen a repeat offender who has had had his death sentence carried out. It is very effective.

  • Gary Karstens

    The man cooperated in this trial and received a 15-year sentence at an institution of rehabilitation. This is a fair sentence. The victim lived 90 quality years. That has to be taken into account. I believe that taxpayers were spared the cost of money with this man's plea. The family now has closure.


      a life is a it newborn or 90,, this criminal deserves to die

    • BH

      Life is sacred. What a wretched double standard you have Mr. Karstens.

    • ViennaGuy

      So the murderer's sentence should be ameliorated based on the age of the victim?

      Gary, do you engage in moral equivocation much?


    • Todd

      Well Gary, maybe this fellow could have killed you with a hammer and let go scot free, that seems fair. I'm confident you've also lived a "quality life", I'm sure the court would have taken that into account too. To top it off, the taxpayers wouldn't pay much, if anything. This would be a win, win for everybody involved.

    • Thecrow2123

      Another day another Hammer related death! YEESH!!!
      Please Mr. Obama use your Executive Power and removed these devices of death from Society.

      Seriously Gary, your an idiot! So since the guy was 90 it really wasn't such a bad MURDER?

      Is that your contention?

      No, that doesn't and shouldn't be taken into account anal port!


      What an imbecilic thing to say!

    • Mitch

      @ Gary Karstens,

      Gee, why don't we give him a cookie, while we're at it?

    • Mitch

      @ Karstens,

      The family will NEVER have "closure".

    • mitch

      @ Karstens,
      The family will NEVER have "closure".

    • wow

      Sometimes I believe you try as hard as you can to be more stupid with every post. This post has raised the stupid bar pretty high, good job.


    DEATH!!! to the low life murder he took a life for a box of money. this 90 year old man has rights & the right to live & this scum low life now has lost all rights to live as I see it. it's high time we start exciting this kind of trash. & when this murder get out in 15yrs who will he kill because he sure got away with killing this 90 year old man. you judges & court system you disgust me with your plea deals!!!

  • griff

    A 39 yr old man who takes advantage of a 90 yr old man. What a "big man" he must think he is. Taking a mans life. WAKE UP WEST VIRGINIA. THE DEATH PENALTY NEEDS REINSTATED ASAP. THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL SLOW DOWN THE TRASH ON THE STREETS. There is no punishment now. Not even in jail. you get food 3 times daily, free medical (don't even have to go to the welfare office to sign up)education, then released to roam the streets again. I pray that the judge will not allow ANY chance of parole.

  • wsr

    Where are all of the gun haters????? They should be on here starting a rally for background checks or maybe even a "ban" on buying a hammer!!!

    • Brian

      Yes absolutely! We need Gary Karstens to lead the charge against hammer violence, re- using needles at the Marshall County pain clinic and all other weaponized violence.

  • Roger

    I still say we need to get "Ole Sparky" the electric chair out of moth balls and put it to good use like frying this piece of no good humanity... Oh! but wait, that would be against his rights, what about the rights of that poor ole guy that he murdered for a few dollars, where's his rights? Already talking about parole....Thats the reason these murders happen...the consequences are not that great!!

  • mineralcounty

    Guess we should ban hammers. Yeesh!!!

  • ViennaGuy

    No parole! Lock him up for life!

  • Jethro

    How about life with no parole and doing hard labor 6 days a week?

    • steve

      Life without is a possibility. Hard labor is out of the question-it should roll like that but it don't.

  • David

    This guy will probably be out in 5 years or less to kill some else!