McMECHEN, W.Va. — The state Department of Health and Human Resources announced Monday patients who received injections at a Marshall County pain clinic for a three-year period may need to be tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

The agency said Valley Pain Management in McMechen reused syringes to enter vials and saline bags that had been used for more than one patient. The practice took place from when the clinic opened in 2010 to Nov. 1, 2013.

“Our primary responsibility in public health is to protect the public.  While we cannot determine if these procedures caused any illnesses, it is possible this practice may have exposed Valley Pain Management patients to infections” State Health Officer Dr. Letitia Tierney said Monday in a news release from the agency.

DHHR has been trying to get a patient list from clinic but so far Valley Pain Management has refused those attempts. Dr. Tierney said they need to be able to properly notify those who were patients at the clinic during the time. DHHR has issued an administrative subpoena and has promised more legal action if necessary.

“The West Virginia Bureau for Public Health has worked very hard with our local public health partners, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the CDC to understand the risk of hepatitis B, C or HIV for patients at Valley Pain Management, which is why access to the patient list is critical,” Tierney said.

The DHHR said testing is available for patients until Oct. 21 at the following locations:


Hancock County Health Department                         (304) 564-3343


Brooke County Health Department                            (304) 737-3665


Wheeling – Ohio Health Department                          (304) 234-3682


Marshall County Health Department                          (304) 845-7840


Wetzel – Tyler Health Department                              (304) 337-2001


Ohio residents should call 1-844-593-5184 for additional information.


Pennsylvania residents should call 877-PA HEALTH (877-724-3258) to make arrangements for testing.


Patients should call the clinics first to set up an appointment according to the DHHR.

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  • mt

    In med industry for over 20 yrs, whoever is in charge needs to banned from ever taking care of patients again. Some people are just to stupid!

  • Randy

    If this was intentional (and not an inexcusable mistake), the guilty need to pay so dearly. Life in prison would be just. But that will never happen.

    • ViennaGuy

      How could it NOT be intentional? How do you "accidentally" reuse syringes?

      • The bookman

        Absolutely correct. Words still mean things.

  • wv4evah

    "...may need tested.."

    who writes these headlines and is English their second language?

  • Mountain Navy

    Every person in that clinic needs to go to jail.


    dr. chalafaux should pay dearly for this. May be with his neck! I always thought he was evil.