CRYSTAL SPRINGS, W. Va. — A two-vehicle accident on Friday resulted in a fatality.

Betty L. Ramsey, 85, passed away from chest trauma after a vehicle ran into the back of the Cadillac STS she was a passenger in.

According to the State Police, at 12:35 p.m. on Friday, the Cadillac was stopped at a new stoplight on Route 33 WB in Crystal Springs when a Mazda travelling west rammed into the back of the stopped vehicle.

As a result, the Cadillac caught fire and the two occupants of the vehicle were able to escape before it was fully ablaze and eventually burned itself out.

The driver of the Cadillac, Colleen Bartlett, 70, and the driver of the Mazda, John Cave, 32, were treated for minor injuries and released from Davis Medical Center.

The passenger in the Mazda, Katrina Sherman, 22, was flown from the scene to Ruby Memorial Hospital, where she is listed as in stable condition.

Ramsey was transported from the scene to Davis, then flown to Ruby, where she passed away on Saturday.

The investigation by the State Police is ongoing.

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  • WV Hillbilly

    All these intersections, starting with Brushy Fork, Childer's Run and Kesling Mill near Buckhannon, 250 exit to Belington and now this one should be reconstructed as full interchanges, but they never will because it costs money and it is easier to do the job half-way. At a minimum, install the high intensity white strobe lights across the red lights to draw attention. I'm sure they will drop the speed limit and the next thing you know, the "high-speed" efficient Corridor H is just another slow-speed, high-accident zone-mess! Our WV DOH is too political and SO UNRESPONSIVE! People need to find a way to file suits against the Commissioner personally and maybe they will wake up.

  • JMB

    Go through there all the time. First thing I thought when I heard about the new light was "how long until someone dies". It is a sad day when the WVDOH acknowledges there is a safety issue with an intersection, which there was prior, but does nothing but make the problem worse.
    Same a few miles away with the 250/33 interchange. Should have been built as a ramp interchange. But it's more important to say Corridor H is getting done and cheap out.

    I notice in my travels they are doing the same thing on Rt. 50 at West Union. Should be no time before a frac truck creams a motorist there as well.

    • Shadow

      WV DOT had flashers on some lights that work all the time to warn you a Stop Light is ahead. In the more progressive States. The flashers come on to indicate that the light will be yellow or red when you get there. This method is great when you are towing a trailer as you can reduce your speed slowly and, frequently, not have to come to a complete stop. As done by DOT, it is just another distraction on the road but they claim their method is safer. Go figure! As a note, they continue to use a 5 second Yellow on these high speed roads (55 or 65) and a 3 second Yellow on city limit roads (25 or 35). The worst part of this is that they call themselves Safety Engineers. Measure the Yellow yourself to see how they are set.
      PS Don't panic stop at one of these lights with an 18-wheeler behind you.

  • chambers

    Drive that way a lot. No need for a light. Another DOH brainstorm

  • Chambers

    Drive that way a lot. Big mistake for a light. Why not keep it the way it was? Another DOH brainstorm.

  • Mountain Navy

    I drive through there now and than and the worst thing they did was put a stop light there. Either make an on off ramp or take the stop light out.

  • Woodchuck

    One of the worst places for a stop light.

    Need a warning light. Probably will get one after someone died. Good job Doh.

    Try seeing that light on a dark foggy night. I never did get stopped. And I kinda know the road.

  • Jon

    I drove through there on Saturday pulling a camper when the light turned yellow and coming down the mountain it's not the easiest place to get stopped. Luckily I could see the light from a long way but thought at the time that it could be dangerous

    • WV Gal

      My husband and I passed thru there a couple weeks ago and had the same is a dangerous light. Bad place to get stopped..especially if u r not familiar with the area