DALLAS, Texas — Dana Holgorsen, explaining his midsummer appointment of Clint Trickett as West Virginia’s starting quarterback, said he was trying to combat the team’s leadership void.

“The leadership aspect of it is something that we were missing,” Holgorsen said Tuesday at Big 12 media days. “We had a bunch of guys coming back that played a lot of football but there wasn’t any leadership that was present at the quarterback spot, at the skill spot.

“(Trickett) will be able to take that to another level. People follow him. He understands what it takes to be successful.”

A fifth-year senior transfer coming off an underwhelming debut season at WVU, Trickett reportedly has recovered after missing spring practice with shoulder surgery.

“He’s healthy, 100 percent,” Holgorsen said. “Arm strength is awesome, body weight is good.”

Even before sustaining a labrum injury in the upset win over Oklahoma State, Trickett was hampered last season by communication obstacles with his coach. Holgorsen expects Trickett’s first full offseason with the team to create better on-field chemistry and timing.

“He’s been out there working with our guys all summer,” Holgorsen said. “There’s a rapport that needs to exist with him and the receivers in order to be successful. They need to understand each and every one of their little nuances when it comes to being able to get open and sign language and a nod here and a cut‑off there. And all that’s starting to exist with him right now with him and the rest of the guys.”

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  • jim tucci

    trickett is an ass and he throws floaters and gets knock w very easily. I don't think he is division I material.

  • MountieFan16

    I still like and support Holgerson. That said, I am more optimistic about our record for the '14 season than do the "pundits". If, and a big if, Trickett can stay healthy, our offense should be able to score against anyone. Except for the defensive line, which is a question to me, the linebackers and defensive backfield should be one of the better defensive units in the conference. Mark my word, this team will compete and be competitive each and every game.

  • Bob Holland

    I for one look and hope for BIG THING"S from Rich , my only concern is or seems like it was his size, and being able to hold up for the long haul. What i think we really need is for our OFF. line to do a much beter job of blocking and keeping him safe. SO LET'S GOOOOO LINE !! AND LET'S GOOOOOOO MOUNTAINEER'SSSS

  • jay zoom

    when all is said and done it will be "WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR" (THANKS OLLIE)
    who is our back up to start after the Alabama game. Just have a bad feeling

  • Harpers Ferry

    Yeah, check out Trickett's latest tweet that is available on Deadspin. What a leader! You wouldn't see Pat White make a comment or tweet like that. The kid is a loser! If you care to argue, please tell me what it is exactly he has won.

    • JustaFan

      I'm female and LOVE football. His tweet was obviously a joke. What's the difference in what he said and you calling him a loser? It's ok for you to call him names on the internet, but it's not ok for him to crack a joke about women? People are WAY too sensitive these days.

      • PhotoBoothe

        Well said. It was obviously a joke on Trickett's part. The lead of this article might have to be amended though... "People follow him - on Twitter!"
        All jokes aside, Trickett is a competitor and a very viable QB, not a "loser." (Ask OK St if he's a loser!) The only real concern is that we don't have much of a Plan B if Trickett gets hurt.

  • Chris

    Trickett is a very good quarterback. You don't play for Florida State if you Aren't.

    • DonnieB

      Please, he's a FSU castoff. Because he ate up a scholarship and wore the jersey doesn't make him any good.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    What else do you expect DH to say in July about our starting qb ? I know this - he understands the playbook back and forth . 100 per cent improvement over last year . Now its still tough to throw a pass on your back but I also think the O line has improved . Trickett seem to have just enough confidence to allow him to overcome his deficiencies . Just enough , with a team clamoring for success , to get to 7 wins .

    • Drama Queen Conservative Troll

      Are you going to be the only one calling the IMG talk shows again this season?

      • Ron - from Morgantown

        Actually I only called (and tex) WVradio talk shows before and after football games last year . I think they are more interesting . I plan on doing it again this year . Perhaps you are confusing me with " Jim from Annapolis ".

  • slapmeimsilly

    No such thing as fate and no time like the present, but for people to be so negative and at the same time still watch every game regardless; I call you sirs hypocrites. Can you do a better job? NOPE! Start at midget league and tell me how good you are!

    • slapmeimsilly

      And to ducks in a row Mountaineers!

  • pat

    I have a feeling tricky trick is going to be just fine. He's not going to take a big hit this year unless it's blind sided. Three seconds then throw away and live to play another down is going to be the rule. I hope!

    • uncle phil

      Better put that excitement on cold ice. It's Holgorsen's job to get everyone all excited to spend money and buy tickets. Do I hope we perform well this year? Of course. But, I also believe it's difficult (not impossible) to change "who" you are as a team in one year. And in case you forget - we were a lousy, awful team last year.

      In the interest of self-preservation, taper that enthusiasm a tad.

      Good luck.


      • pat

        I'm a fan. Can't help but believe good things will happen. We'll see how I feel in November lol.

  • Mister Man

    Clint, hopefully, will show something against Alabama to give the Mountaineer fans an inkling of what to expect the rest of the season. I realize, however, he could have a bad game and pick it up the rest of the season.

  • Rick A.

    Check last year's statistics-turnovers. Eliminate them and we'll have a chance.

  • Chris

    Listen up. The 2014 Mountaineer team is going to look very different from last year. Clint is healthy and understands the system. Bradley is going to vastly improve the D. We have skill guys in skill positions.
    O line is solid. We finally have some depth. Take WVU and the points vs. Alabama and expect 9 wins.

    • Jason

      EXPECT 5 or 6 "moral" victories at most.

      • Art in Ohio

        I will take the 6 and hope for a bowl victory.

        • Aaron

          I would love to see some bowl match a bowl eligible WVU against Marshall.

  • cutty77

    If Dana stays with Clint he will leave with him to. OUT THE DOOR.

    • pirate

      Please get a life

      • Mike

        Pirate, go back to East Carolina, wherever that is.

  • David

    Sasquatch, you're an idiot.

    • Ole Sasquatch

      I got 2 dollar shoes on my feet and I ain't gonna be treated this a way!

      Song # 20
      Coming to Morgantown soon.

    • Aaron

      I don't agree with Sasquatch very often but to label him an idiot for expressing his opinion reflects more on you then it does him.

      • Mister Man


  • Ducks In A Row

    Clint will do fine. A backup to two Heisman candidates, one winning it, says enough. How many college QB's sit behind, and relieve upon injury as Clint did at FSU, a Heisman winning QB? He was injured for goodness sakes. He produced three good quarters of football along with the upset win over oSu. I think we'll all be surprised at his ability, and capability, as he is healthy this year. Let's Go!!!!!!!