CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Second District congressional candidate Ed Rabel dismissed the notion Tuesday during an appearance on MetroNews Talkline that his campaign in the November election is that of spoiler.

“I do hear that argument out there but I think it’s passe,” the West Virginia native and former CBS and NBC television newsman said. “This is a new year, people are demanding change and I think, honestly, it’s an insult to me and the people supporting me to suggest I can’t win.”

Rabel, of Alum Creek, gathered nearly 2,300 signatures to be on the ballot as an independent. The race already features Democrat Nick Casey, Republican Alex Mooney and Libertarian Davy Jones. The seat is open with the decision by Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito to run for U.S. Senate.

Rabel said a recent Gallup Poll showed independents can win.

“Two-thirds of those surveyed want a change, want a third choice, want an independent to choose from,” he said. “Because they are sick and tired and disgusted with what the Democrats and Republicans have not been doing in Washington. Then you know there’s a chance, that there’s hope.”

Rabel is a critic of the coal industry. He said it’s disingenuous for candidates to portray getting rid of Obama’s EPA will change things.

“Those who evoke the idea that coal can come bounding back and the jobs of miners can be saved if we simply get rid of the EPA—we know that’s pandering and is both deceitful and dishonest and politicians in our state do that,” he said.

Rabel said West Virginia’s economy should be diversified. He said projects like a regional airport and alternative energy jobs, like solar, would help. He said Tuesday on Talkline that he believes there should be a moratorium on Mountaintop Removal mining and hydraulic fracturing used in the natural gas industry.

Rabel said given everything that’s happened, he believes 2014 is a different year and a year in which an independent can win.

“The spoiler argument is not relative this year. I honestly believe that,” Rabel said. “People I talk to really do want change and they want to be able to vote for an independent and that’s why I’m in this race.”

The Mountain Party has endorsed Rabel’s candidacy.

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  • Richard

    Doesn't Rabel realize that there is a 3rd party candidate in this race? DAVY JONES is a Libertarian. If your like the rest of us and don't want to vote for the same-old-idiots, vote Libertarian. It seems to me Rabel just couldn't get on the Democrat primary ballot. The only thing I can agree on Rabel with is the need to not elect a Republican or Democrat. That is an easy choice in this election, Davy Jones agrees we should use alternate energy sources, but not until they are viable. Jones also understands West Virginian families rely on Coal for a living. His grandfathers were both coal miners. Davy Jones is the clear choice here!

  • H.

    Where do we get these people from? I mean really, he is against coal, he is against drilling and fracking. How does he expect WV families to make a living? Sounds to me like he is a liberal running as an Independent.

  • Aaron

    Rabel is a native Lincoln Countian. Of course he wants to bring out the regional Airport that was proposed for Lincoln County in the 90s. The problem is Yeager is in the process of eliminating that need.

  • Aaron

    Fossil fuels provide over 70% of our electrical generation. What is going to replace that?

  • Aaron

    The problem with your statement is that Mr. Rabel is indeed asking us to abort sources that provide at the very least, 1/3 of our electricity, unless of course you can explain how to get gas out of the Marcella and Utica Shales without fracking.

    Next, you can explain how he is going to address the use of coal, a source for another 1/3 of our electricity.

    And once you finish with those explanations, you can enlighten us all on what alternatives will replace fossil fuels.

    Consider it all a part of a healthy debate.

  • jackS

    Great we have a leftwing whacko (Rabel) and a teaparty whacko (Mooney)...I don't love Casey but he certainly looks like the rational choice in this race. At least he was raised here and spent his career here

  • David

    Sorry to offend the left wing nutjob but you don't have a snowballs chance..


    Regional airport? ..... Double LOL...

    Why not an inland port on the Tygart river..

  • Jephre

    A regional airport? Didn't that idea get squashed in 1968?

  • Jim N Charleston

    For no matter how ridiculous the idea of this quack running for US Congress is, as WVians, we must be respectful and courteous.

    Still, This deep voiced dome is bald and running against 2 more well funded candidates with each having more hair. He has no chance to win.

    I'm Jim N So Charleston
    All I got

  • bibi

    Nobody is telling you to turn off the coal. But it's not going to be around forever. Climate change is real. It's time to start phasing out fossil fuels.

  • bibi

    Go Ed Go! Anybody disturbed by the fact that politics is overtly influenced by big money -- most of it from out of state -- should be getting on Ed's bandwagon. The Koch Brothers are telling Mooney what to do. He doesn't know what to do b/c he's not even from WV. Casey has received fracking money. Mr Rabel has been all over the world, and decided to come home. He is far from "naive and blissful." And nobody is suggesting we "halt" our current electrical sources; but we must get moving on alternatives. Anybody who doesn't believe climate change is a thing is blissfully ignorant. Anybody who believes that future jobs lie in the coal mines is also blissfully naive. It's time, people. Get on board!

  • DP

    I absolutely could/would vote for a TRUE Independent-one beholden to neither party. However, after listening to Rabel on Talkline this a.m., it's VERY obvious he is EXTREMELY Liberal. If Casey weren't running on the Democratic ticket, there's NO DOUBT Rabel would be. Just what this Country needs-Another Liberal Lemming! Thankfully, he (and hopefully Casey) has no chance!!!

  • thornton

    I reckon I could have said...Eddie, in one manner of measure, sports a median strip....or maybe, a dotted yellow line.

  • thornton

    In truth, most places are if we let them be.....moreso when they are seen over a birddog's tail, imho.

    Photo ops....part and parcel to building an image or feeding a choir.

  • Aaron

    Perhaps you can begin this debate by explaining where we get electricity from if two thirds of generating sources that currently provide electricity is halted?

    Perhaps John can help you if you have trouble while he is explaining where these new found jobs he speaks of are going to come from.

  • The bookman

    I can accept an intelligent conversation about the myriad reasons for the decline in demand for eastern coal. Calling for a moratorium on hydraulic fracking is a bit too far. When you diversify, you build on your strengths, using them as a platform for new sources of economic development. We have a great opportunity with NG. Extraction requires fracking. A regional airport and some solar isn't a future.

  • Aaron

    I agree that citizens want an independent, third choice as an option in many campaigns. They just prefer that the candidate have both feet planted firmly on the ground.

    While many may agree with the stance to end mountaintop mining and some may even agree with the ban on Fracking, with out providing an energy plan to replace two thirds of our electrical generation, Mr. Rable shows either inexperienced, naïveté willful bliss in his comments.

    With the viewpoints he has put forth, quite simply, he can not win!

  • Aaron

    She may not be liberal enough for Mr. Rable.

  • John

    No bookman, he is just being realistic. Coal jobs were leaving by design of the coal industry well before Obama took office and Rabel seems willing to speak the truth and ask tough questions like where will the future jobs be created in wv? With or without EPA rules they will not come from the coal industry. West Virginians need to ban together and make sure the future jobs are of good quality that a family can be raised and lives can be improved. An independent voice is very refreshing.

  • The bookman

    He looks like he posed for a picture at Big Spruce Overlook or Williams River along the Highland Scenic Highway. On a miserably cold rainy day it is still a beautiful place to be.

  • WVU 74

    West Virginia voters should be asking Mr. Rabel, "Would you vote for Nancy Pelosi as the next Speaker of the House?"

  • thornton

    He looks like he enjoys a good, therefore, the more the harm will befall.
    Welcome home, Ed.

  • The bookman

    And without coal and natural gas he will have us living in the 18th Century. Oh well, he only hurts Nick Casey, so have the debate.

  • wv4evah

    Rabel's positions, as referenced here, should be the basis for a spirited public debate during the campaign. At the very least, he's living in the 21st century.

  • The bookman

    Coal is dead and the source of the surge in available NG, hydraulic fracking, should cease. Now there is a winning platform. I pass a candle shop on my way home. I think I'll stop and stock up. Just in case.

    Does anyone read anymore?