Last week, my son Hank and I traveled north of the border to Lost Lake Wilderness Lodge in northern Ontario to enjoy a remote fishing experience.   As you can tell, it was a trip neither of us will ever forget. Here are some of the highlights in pictures.

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  • Wowbagger


    On the culture issue read "Inventing Freedom: How the English Speaking People Invented the Modern World" by Daniel Hannan. We, in what Hannan and others call the Anglosphere are all culturally pretty much the same and natural allies.

  • Wowbagger


    A long time ago I realized that controlling exchange rates involved only using coin of the realm. ATMs have made this much easier.
    I used to just buy a handful of Canadian dollar denominated travelers checks when they were cheapest at AAA, but they quit carrying them. These never worked well in the cities but were welcome at tourist spots in rural Canada. Now I use a credit card without foreign exchange (mostly Chase cards) and stop at big bank's ATMs. I generally stop at Scotia Bank (near Walmart at Barrie) or Royal Bank of Canada ( other side of the hill near MEC) and get CAD cash at the ATM. They don't seem to charge much if anything for the exchange.

    Gasoline is always more expensive than in the US. You pretty much have to accept that going to Canada. Gas gets a lot more expensive as you get away from civilization. On your trip I would have filled up at Barrie, possibly Perry Sound, assuming you went that way, and Sudbury minimizing more rural purchases.

  • Jeff Riggs

    Thnks Chris. Great pictures .one of these days will get to go.

  • sunnycal

    Went hunting last year at nearby Gowganda , got a nice black bear. Can't wait for August 15th to get here to go again. Very remote area for hunting, great fishing, friendly locals. Unspoiled area and I hope it stays that way. Great pics Chris, you and your son will have a lifetime of memories, great show on Saturdays keep up the good work.

  • Ritchie county guy

    Nothing better than a father and son fishing trip until u throw in that scenery what a combo

  • any major dude

    Gorgeous scenery, pretty fish, and time spent with your son. Thanks for sharing!

  • Drama Queen Conservative Troll

    Great pics Chris. The next time you head to the Northwoods for catch-and-release Pike, try it via Kayak. It is awesome.

  • Chris Lawrence

    You're correct about the culture. Also, I was always baffled when I'd give them a $20 and got change in Canadian. NEver knew for sure--but figured I was getting shafted. Plus when they sell gas by the litre--priced in Canadian money...who knows LOL

  • Wowbagger

    I go to the same general area mostly to paddle sea kayaks more than fish, but this part of the Canadian Shield is spectacular country year around, quite different than West Virginia and not so far away.

    A guy I know, who was one of the real pioneers in the tourism business in the region (in his 90s and planning to retire at this point) claims that Canada has finally realized that a strong Canadian dollar is hard on tourism and is doing what they can to get the exchange rate back to around $.90 US per $1 CAD, so it is once again a bargain.

    Rural Ontario's culture is remarkably like rural West Virginia so this is a truly great place to visit.

  • cameldew

    Great pics. Check out sudbury aviation. Very affordable. Remote fly-in, will be only person on lake. Go every year with my dad, and they are trips that you will never forget.

  • Buck

    Thanks for the stories and pictures.

  • Allen

    Great pics, love those big "brown" fish. Those smallies had to be fun!