CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Charleston Police Department doesn’t dispute a decision made by a Kanawha County circuit judge this week to dismiss attempted murder and shooting charges against former attorney Mark Bramble.


Mark Bramble

Three psychiatrists told Judge Carrie Webster Bramble was not “criminally responsible” when he opened fire from his South Hills neighborhood home last Aug. 12.

Charleston PD Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said it was a scary incident but the decision makes sense.

“It’s one (the incident) I’ll never forget but as far as the decisions and the opinions of these psychiatrists–there’s nothing that leaves us to believe that they’re not exactly right,” Cooper said on MetroNews Talkline Wednesday.

Bramble, 50, was bipolar at the time. He’s been in jail and spent some time at a state mental hospital.

Lt. Cooper said one of the psychiatrists who said Bramble was not criminally responsible was the prosecution’s own witness, Dr. David Clayman.

“I consider him to be the best in the business. We don’t disagree with anything the doctors have said. That’s their area of expertise,” Cooper said.

The charges were dismissed prejudice which means they cannot be filed again.

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  • sammy

    He did the crime. He should be punished. His mental status should have been taken into consideration during sentencing in terms of mental hospital or jail. This is a total injustice.

  • The Answer

    Fred, +1

  • Dumb Liberals

    Is Looney Tunes still in possession of ANY firearms? Based on the history I've seen, why wasn't he charged for falsifying a (or several) federal firearm's form? Could this be a case of sharks not eating their own?

  • Independent View

    And this joker had a history of jail, mental hospital and he's bipolar and he had a firearm?
    No charges??? This is an insult--nah, a slap in the face to law-abiding gun owners that follow the rules.
    This clearly demonstrates that there differing sets of rules based on class or station in society..
    Reprehensible and disgusting!

  • Fred

    If this happened on the west side of Charleston or if he was black the cops would have shot him on sight.

  • johnny

    Another slap on the wrist. Question now is WHO will he shoot. But it won't be his fault because he's mentally ill. It will be the guns I'm sure