MADISON, W.Va. — Construction work could start as soon as next month on a replacement facility for the existing Boone Memorial Hospital in Madison.

Earlier this week, hospital officials announced a $31.8 million loan from the USDA had been secured for the new hospital.  It’s being called the largest direct loan ever in West Virginia from the USDA.

Officials with Boone Memorial Hospital said they’ve been working for eight years to secure funding for the replacement hospital project.  “The USDA loan has made the construction of the new hospital feasible,” said Tommy Mullins, Boone Memorial Hospital CEO.

The current hospital was built in 1964.

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  • Ticked Contractor

    Sad thing is with all of the public money involved, they have elected to award the contract to the general contractor who was 3rd in the bidding process. If they knew who they wanted to do the job, why waste everyone else's time and thousands of dollars in estimating costs? Sounds to me like some serious shenanigans are taking place. Who would have thought of such a thing in Boone County? Just another case of good old boy network gone bad and costing the public hundreds of thousands of dollars!!!