CHARLESTON, W.Va. — If you were planning to participate in this weekend’s Dirty Girl Mud Run not only has it been canceled, you won’t be getting any of your money back from the company. Dirty Girl released the following statement Wednesday morning on its Facebook page:

“Charleston Dirty Girls-

It is with great regret we inform you that the Dirty Girl Mud Run will not be held this weekend in Charleston, WV. While the city of Charleston worked diligently and closely with Dirty Girl Mud Run to take all possible steps to put on the event, it can not be held due to circumstances out of our control. We would like to thank the city of Charleston as well as the city officials for all the assistance they’ve provided. Per our policy, we will not be issuing refunds under any circumstances.”

Registration fees ranged from $65 all the way up to $95, depending on when you signed up for the event.

Charleston pulled the plug on the mud run after Dirty Girl and Human Movement, the company that produces the event, were unable to come to an agreement on who should pay to bus participants to and from the site, port-a-potties and remediation after the event was over.

April Hickman Williams posted on the site, “I will be filing a complaint with the attorney general and better business bureau immediately. I will also be filing a negative review with the bbb. This was not “beyond your control” – you didn’t pay the vendors who were contracted for the event.”

Tracy Seirfert McVeigh commented, “This year will be my third DG race. You already have my money for an upcoming race this year, but if you do not issue refunds to the Charleston girls I will not be returning for a fourth year, nor will my team or anyone I reach via word of mouth. And as your marketing team should know, word of mouth is the most influential form of marketing.”

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  • Jeff

    The Dirty Girl website says no refunds BUT a paid fee can be used for another DG event.

  • Natalie Cinalli

    I was signed up for this run and I will never sign up again for anything that this company is involved in. This is an outrage and I am taking legal action. I have filed a complaint with the ATTORNEY GENERAL and I believe everyone should file a claim as well. There is no reason why they should pocket any of this money.

  • Loretta Bennett

    This is so unfare pkans already made.motels booked ect....should bever been canceles this many days before I knew something was up when they rescheduled it from june.if they r not refunding money r names should all b kept to do another run when we want but the way this was done it was my first mudrun but I wouldnt sign up again..just not organized and done correctly to b such a big outfit..very disappointed

    • Zach H

      I bet language arts teachers shutter when they see people use the letter "R" to represent the words "are" and "our" in one sentence. Just goes to show you the slang and twanged accent from our region really has no boundaries or shame.

      • mynameo

        I bet they shuDDer when they see you using shuTTER.

    • Mason County Contrarian

      I hear there's a "Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar Demolition Derby" at Cato Park this weekend.

      • Shawn H

        I think Loretta already had a "Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar Demolition Derby" in that post. I have a migraine after reading that.

  • Jeff

    The problem is that the City "pulled the plug." Not sure what that means but if the City prevented performance of the contract and/or called off the event then it would seem the City is responsible for refunds. Just sayin'.

  • MudRunner

    There are plenty of other runs in the state that are held by nonprofits and not a big chain events. A couple worth mentioning would be the Chestnut Mountain Mud Run to benefit the Chestnut Mountain Ranch or the Buckhannon Fire Departments Five Alarm Mud Run.

    • mud dauber

      Thank you runner, for mentioning our run.

      that is the link to our run in Buckhannon next month. It was truly loved by all that participated last year. This year promises to be even bigger and better. It should be even muddier too..............

      And we will not be canceling ours. We are a reputable member of the community, and hope to make this run the absolute biggest in the state. This is the second annual, so come on out and join us for the fun.

  • Loyal Mountaineer

    I suspect the attorney general is ready to step in. Not only is keeping the money wrong, it is just stupid. The negative publicity and ill feelings will kill this race for good.

  • Jeff

    Item 12 of the Dirty Girl Waiver, signed by each entrant, says all entries are final and, the important part, no refunds.

  • CaptainQ

    No refunds for Dirty Girls? What a dirty trick!

  • Jeff

    Item 12 in the Dirty Girl Waiver, signed by each entrant, says that all entries are final and, the important part, no refunds. Buyer beware!

    • Beatice

      Jeff, the party taking the money still has to take reasonable steps to fulfill their side of the deal. It looks like they stiffed someone who was material in making this event go on as planned. The no refund language would not apply if Dirty Girl did that intentionally or recklessly.

  • Lee

    Can The State Attorney General not step and do something about this..

    This seems like something right up the offices alley

  • thornton

    I saw that another Buckwild lass was recently dinged for possible grand larceny, all the way up at Parkersburg.

  • Jennifer Smith

    Would anyone who signed up for the run be willing to do a quick telephone interview to talk about the cancellation? The number here at MetroNews is 304-342-0580. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Scam

    This has scam written all over it. Are these promoters located in Benin Africa or Nigeria?
    How can there not be a refund when there were no costs?

    • Dumb Liberals

      A blind man could see this. But alas, the near sighted running fools didn't. Now their money has parted. LMAO!!!!!!! Oh, BTW, the Nigerian prince even scammed the Kanawha King and his court.

  • Fransisco Scaramanga

    I hope this organization gets sued into bankruptcy. Several of these so called not for profit organizations take in millions and only spend a a small percentage on actual research. The majority of their budgets go toward marketing and overhead costs. Komen race for the cure is another prime example. You are better off just donating the money directly to hospitals and independet centers of research.

    • StarInWV

      ...or in the case of LiveStrong, right into Lance Armstrong's veins and out through his urine.

  • wvu999

    Hope they enjoyed the few years they had in Charleston because I'm sure this just killed it. What a scam. Paging Patrick Morrissey