BARTOW, W.Va. — The driver of a tanker truck is hospitalized after a spectacular crash of a fuel truck on Tuesday afternoon.  The tanker hauling nearly  8,000 gallons of diesel fuel overturned about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday near the Bartow Intersection.  The crash sent flames high into the air as the fuel tank ruptured.

A unknown amount of the diesel fuel spilled into the Greenbrier River.  Environmental inspectors were on hand to monitor the leak and try to control the fuel.  Officials say they do not believe the spill posed any threat to water treatment plants downstream.

A cause for the crash remained under investigation.


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  • Lisa

    The driver was not injured at all, he walked away without a mark on him and he was not found to be at fault for the wreck. He was not even ticketed for anything. It wasa trick malfunction.

  • Flaghorse

    That bridge being out of commission is going to put a big hurt on area business. There is an alternate route for car traffic, but NONE for trucks.

    • Marion

      Who's truck was it ?


    Really? Somone was injured and you are worried about the price of diesel fuel going up? Prayers tor all involved.


    Now the price will go up on diesel fuel!!! knowing all the crooks looking for any excess to rob drivers!!